Dragon Ball: 25 Things That Make No Sense About The Z Fighters

Dragon Ball Z has been around for over 20 years and has spanned many seasons and movies. I first got into it when it played on Cartoon Network's anime block on Toonami and have loved it ever since. I have only recently read parts and bits of the manga, so when I was growing up, I never questioned some of the finer details of the show because I assumed one of two things. Either it was explained in the manga, or it would be categorized under the 'cartoon logic' umbrella. You know the one, it's the thing that you don't apply logic to because it's a cartoon and some realities have to be given a suspension of disbelief.

But after doing some research, it's kind of crazy the things we as viewers give a pass for. There are so many aspects of the Z Fighters' lives and actions that we don't tend to think about because honestly, the fight scenes are so intense that their personal lives are far from the point of the show.

Later seasons did a good job of showcasing what the lives of the Z fighters are like when the world isn't in peril. Unfortunately, that only gives the viewers more reason to question why they do what they do. Things like Goku and Chi-Chi's marriage and why the individual fighters' attack history are all included on this list. If you've ever wondered what logic would do to the series, you've come to the right place.

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25 Are There Taxes On That?

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Call it comic book logic or a mundane task, but whatever you call it, don't apply too much logic. We know that Goku's family doesn't have much, living in a little house in the woods. They live off of their small farm and hunting whatever game they can catch. But have you ever wondered where all the rest of their necessities come from? Because Goku doesn't really do tournaments anymore, most fans agree it's because the Ox King (Chi-Chi's dad) is rich that they are able to afford what they need.

24 How Can The Non-Saiyans Fly?

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As a kid, one of the biggest wishes I had was that I could fly. These days I don't care for it, but those were simpler times. In the Dragon Ball Z universe, humans can fly. We see Gohan flying from a very young age almost without thought.

They use Ki to fly.

You could chalk that up to his Saiyan heritage, but that doesn't explain the human Z fighters. Daoist beliefs pin the ability on ki (inner energy found in everything). Now the question is how they utilize it and if we can get a piece of that action.

23 Whatever Happened To Master Roshi?

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He was one of Earth's greatest fighters, as well as teacher to Goku, Krillin, and Yamcha. In the prequel series Dragon Ball, Master Roshi was a force to be reckoned with. Once Goku took his place as Earth's strongest fighter though, he sort of fell by the wayside. Gone were the episodes where he turned the tide of battle. It makes sense in the fact that Goku needed the spotlight, but it doesn't mean he can't help at all anymore.

22 How Do Their Tails Work?

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You'll notice a couple of times in the series that one trait in particular has a habit of disappearing and reappearing. By this I mean the tails of the Saiyans. It seemed like the tails should always reappear whenever someone gets wished back by the dragon balls, as that's part of the original physiology of Goku, Vegeta, and Gohan. Yet they never seem to come back. One theory (found here) states that you return in the same state you were when you are wished back by the dragon balls. Either way, it'd be nice to know more about the Saiyans.

21 Why Does He Tag Along?

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In the series Dragon Ball, Yamcha was a superb fighter and even pretty interesting as far as character development goes. All of that changed however, once Dragon Ball Z started and Goku became the main character.

Yamcha was only useful when Goku wasn't a threat.

Like Master Roshi, Yamcha became useless. What makes him different though is the fact that he has become the laughing stock. He tries to join in on battles he won't be able to fight. Talk all you like about courage; it only gets him hurt in the end, and writes him out of the show.

20 How Did They Beat Goku?

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Goku is a formidable opponent. So it makes sense that he would have an impressive list of losses behind him. But two of the people who have beaten him that make no sense is Yamcha and Tien. We'll put the caviat here and remind you both of these were in sponsored tournament fights. But still, a win is a win, and these two will take any help they can get. Not many people can claim they've beaten Goku, so it's a wonder how these two have done it.

19 How Does Trunks Make More Than One Trip?

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Time travel is always a hard thing to write around because there is still so much we don't know about it. Trunks is a prime examples for this. While his time travel is based on as much fact as we understand, some of the rules don't apply and worse, sometimes even contradict themselves. His timeline is an alternate timeline, but the question is how he's able to go between the two without finding a third one? Best not to think too hard on it.

18 Why Don't They Utilize Moves They Have?

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The solar flare is an excellent move for when you need a quick getaway. It uses the power of the sun to blind your opponent, giving you a few minutes to regroup and get the heck out of dodge.

The solar flare is much more useful than people give it credit for.

But it's only sparsely used, even though it is quite the useful attack. What's more, Gohan never seems to learn it while still a child, although he gets taken more often than any other character. Guess they don't like to be flashy.

17 How Many Are There?

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Like its western counterpart the Kryptonians, it seems the Saiyan race has a hard time being completely finished. As the story progresses, we come to meet more and more surviving saiyans who have been living on whatever world they were conquering at the time Planet Vegeta was destroyed. Granted, the Saiyans are the type to go forth and conquer new planets, but the timing that they meet more survivors really is quite convenient. The Saiyans have a hard time fading to time.

16 How Do Goku And Chi-Chi Make It Work?

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We all know that Goku and Chi-Chi's marriage is far from ideal. Whatever time Goku isn't spending training, more often than not is spent in the afterlife. Gohan treats Piccolo as his father because Goku wasn't there. But here's the question: if Goku has admitted to never kissing anyone before, how on earth are both Gohan and Goten in existance? It's possible, sure, but with Chi-Chi as his wife, it's less plausible. This thread has a decent explanation as to whether we should be reading between the lines.

15 Why Don't They Utilize Their Wishes?

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To save everyone some time, it would certainly be nice if the Z fighters would use their brains for once and think outside the box. Instead of wishing everyone back when they've lost a fight, they should be wishing for instant resurrection whenever they lose so that they can be right there. This wouldn't grant them immortality (they'd still get old and stuff), but would be safe from their battles. Reddit user Eager_Beiber gives a decent explanation. I think at this point, even Shenron would be happy with that idea.

14 How Do The Senzu Beans Work?

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Okay, can we agree that the senzu beans are a large deus ex machina and don't leave much room for worry or anxiety if a fight gets dire. Senzu beans are never far away when the Z fighters need them.

Senzu beans instantly heal and reinvigorate.

A fan over at a blog called The Dao of Dragon Ball goes over a ton of stuff in regards to the show and is quite thorough in all of it. While there is no canon explanation as to how or why they work, this article takes a crack at it.

13 Is Heritage Where Gohan Gets His Powers?

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Vegeta spends most of his time training and fuming that he isn't as strong as Goku. However, there may be one other group of people that might out do him if he's not careful- the half Saiyans.

Half-Saiyans have more potential.

I'm speaking solely of Gohan, Trunks, and Goten here. There is a theory that states they're inherently stronger because of the human side of them. The use of emotions gives them strength. Raditz even mentioned something like this when he first met Gohan. If Goku weren't the star, Vegeta would have quite the run for his money.

12 Where Was The Hyperbolic Chamber Before Frieza?

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There are a few times that really make you wonder about the Z fighters. Like for example, why they don't use the hyperbolic time chamber to train more often. The hyperbolic time chamber allows you to enter for a day, but it feels like a year has passed. It is only really used a couple of times, but given the tough enemies they have to keep fighting, you'd think they would be smart about the tools they have at their fingertips.

11 Why Would You End It That Way?

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Before you grab your torches and pitchforks to drive me out of town for talking about Dragon Ball GT, here's something to think about. How would you have ended this long-running franchise? Probably not with Goku leaving everything to go train the next mightiest warrior. And yet that's the ending we got for that non-canon arc that many people (myself included) were dissatisfied with. Sure, Goku is a restless spirit who likes to train and fight difficult opponents. There's just a lot of questions surrounding his choice of pupil.

10 What Makes The Difference In Fusion?

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Fusion is one concept that I don't really care for in the Dragon Ball Z franchise. There are a couple of ways to do it, but it will give you different results. For example, by doing the fusion dance with Goku and Vegeta, you'll get Gogeta. If they're wearing the earrings, they turn into Vegito. Either way, the creation is one of awesome power. The way that fusion works in this show makes no sense and neither do the end results.

9 What Happens To Those Who Are Absorbed?

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Namekians are a pretty interesting race. They've got a cool design, they can regrow limbs, and have some pretty neat attacks. (How useful would a clothes beam be in your life?)

Piccolo absorbed Kami and Nail to get a power boost.

One of the more unexplained powers though is the ability of Namekians to absorb others of their kind in order to get a power boost. This happens twice with Piccolo, and each time he is able to help more in a fight. But how or why it works is a complete mystery.

8 Would Wearing Weighted Clothes Help?

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Recently the YouTube channel Because Science has debunked this, but at one point in the series, both Goku and Piccolo remove their weighted clothing and gain a major boost to their speed and power. Weighted clothing is a real thing and it can help, if used properly. The way depicted is pure fantasy. Why it works for Goku though at this point may as well be chalked up to cartoon logic. It was found that using weighted clothing can cause some major injuries. Perhaps they should power up another way, Toriyama?

7 What's With Frieza's Timing?

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One of the saving graces on the planet Namek for the Z Fighters is that you need a Namekian in order to use the dragon balls. (Gotta love the language barrier). But turns out you need one protecting earth to use them as well. Sure, I'll believe it, but it seems fairly convenient that they go to Namek and make friends with Dende right about the time Kami's time comes. How Frieza knew they needed to save the Namekians was incredibly convenient.

6 What's In A Name?

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I'm sure it hasn't been lost on anyone by now, but the Saiyans LOVE food. So much so that many of their names are based on foods. You have Vegeta and Tarble (vegetable), Raditz (radish), Napa (Cabbage), and Pan.

The Saiyan's names are based on food.

It's a neat naming convention, but why it's chosen is far beyond me. Of all the things you can choose to name your fierce warriors, vegetables would not be the first thing I'd think of. Then again, I'm not the one who started such a successful cultural phenomenon.

5 Why Is The Great Saiyaman So Embarrassing?

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When you're burdened with a huge amount of power and a desire to do good, the only solution can be to summon your inner Ginyu and become a flamboyant super hero. Gohan (to many fans' dismay) does just that. As a teenager he decides to balance his high school career and a part time job as the great Saiyaman. Now it's not completely out of Gohan's personality to want to save the day. Why he does it so flashily is the bigger question.

4 Where Does It All Go?

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It's a common known fact that if you spend your time working out and fighting baddies, you're going to get hungry. Like many super heroes, Goku and Gohan love to eat. The way they shovel food in their mouths has nearly become iconic, racking up several plates in one sitting. We've already asked how Chi-Chi is able to feed them with such large appetites, but now it's just wondering how they're able to fit so much food in one stomach.

3 Who's A Friend?

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There have been many grueling fights over the years, and for the purpose of this list, we won't be asking how their enemies keep coming back after being defeated. (We're looking at you, Frieza!) Instead, the thing that doesn't make sense is how easily the baddies get turned into friends. Piccolo was menacing, but after a little time training Gohan he became a Z fighter. Vegeta got what he wanted from joining them once and stayed because he needed to prove he was stronger than Goku. Even Beerus and Buu became friends to the Z fighters almost without much thought.

2 Why Pick Gohan?

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Poor Gohan. He grows up largely without Goku. Thankfully Piccolo is there to act as his foster father. When it comes time to defeat Cell, Gohan finally gets to spend a whole year with Goku.

Gohan had to fight Cell alone because of Goku.

It's spent training for the upcoming battle, but that's of no importance. So imagine the betrayal when Goku volunteers Gohan to fight Cell! I get that Goku had a bit of a plan, but it wasn't really thought out at all.

1 Why Does He Wait?

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There are so many times when Goku could have prevented a lot of trouble if he had only started the match at full power. Being Saiyan drives him to fight as much as is possible. Because of this, he ends up toying with the big baddies and padding the run time because he wants to play. He understands the need to finish off the bad guys, he just likes to put himself first. And that's the thing that doesn't make sense the most.

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