Dragon Ball Z: The 25 Craziest Fusions From The Video Games

Introduced about halfway through the Majin Buu arc, the concept of fusion completely turned Dragon Ball on its head. The entire latter half of the arc was dedicated to the concept of fusion. Majin Buu fused with others by absorbing them; Goten and Trunks trained to fuse into Gotenks; and Goku needed to fuse with Vegeta to gain an upper hand against Buuhan. Going into GT, the series once again used fusion for a climatic moment, bringing Gogeta in to fight off Omega Shenron. Following the end of GT, however, the series went quiet and it would be roughly a decade and a half until Battle of Gods would revive the franchise.

That doesn’t mean Dragon Ball was lacking content, however. In the meantime, fusions were still thriving through spin-offs and video games. If you’ve ever caught wind of odd looking characters online, you can be sure they’re probably from Dragon Ball Heroes or, more recently, Dragon Ball Fusions. While the series was resting, the video games kept fusion alive to the point where spin-offs arguably make fusion appear more prominent than it actually was. On top of that, the non-canon fusions we get tend to be utterly ridiculous, playing up the wildest pairings in the series for seemingly no reason. These are just 25 of the craziest fusions from the Dragon Ball video games.

25 Tiencha (Tien And Yamcha)

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Easily the most prolific of the video game fusions, Tiencha is the long-awaited merging of Tien Shinhan and Yamcha using the Fusion Dance together in Budokai 2. What makes Tiencha all the more interesting, however, is just how bizarre his design is. Yamcha and Tien are fairly unique characters as far as their appearances go, so merging them together results in someone less savory to say the least.

Who doesn't love Tiencha? 

With three eyes, an exceptionally round head, a scar over his right eye, and spiky hair exclusively on the back of his head, Tiencha is… ugly. To make matters a bit more awkward, the Fusion Dance requires both participants to be roughly on the same power scale, but Tien is leagues stronger than Yamcha. Logically and aesthetically, Tiencha is a bit of a mess.

24 Natz (Nappa And Raditz)

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It perhaps doesn’t need to be said, but the majority of fusions on this list will be coming from Dragon Ball Fusions. The first of those fusions was one that was actually featured in the Dragon Ball Fusions manga adaptation: Natz. The result of Nappa and Raditz using the Fusion Dance together, Natz, like Tiencha, is a bit of an oddity.

For starters, Natz, despite being a full-blooded Saiyan, lacks a tail. On top of that, he’s wearing Raditz’ scouter making this the first real instance of a Fusion Dance character carrying over accessories. To tie a bow on the weird package, Natz looks almost exactly like Nappa from the Bardock TV special, bringing over virtually no visual cues from Raditz.

23 Gulce (Guldo And Jeice)

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For as strange as they are, there is some logic to creating characters like Tiencha and Natz. Tien and Yamcha have always had a fairly interesting dynamic in the context of the series, and Raditz and Nappa both serve as secondary antagonists to Vegeta during the Saiyan arc. Fusing them together makes sense. What doesn’t make sense, however, is fusing Guldo and Jeice together.

Gulce has green skin like Guldo and red hair styled after Jeice’s white. Honestly, he looks more like Guldo with a bad perm than anything. The worst part about a fusion like Gulce is that his only real abilities have to come from Guldo. Jeice never had any unique moves in the series meaning Gulce may as well just be Guldo after joining a Hair Band.

22 Yamta (Yamcha And Vegeta)

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Have you ever felt Yamcha was just too soft? Or that Vegeta was just too darn hard? Have you ever wanted to combine both Yamcha and Vegeta together into the perfect man? If you’re Bulma, chances are you’d answer “yes” to all these questions.

The dream man to end all dream men, Yamta is actually kind of a stud. Taking characteristics from both characters depictions in the Saiyan arc, Yamta has long hair, a tail, and Yamcha’s signature scares. He looks more like Vegeta than anyone to be quite honest, but Yamta’s smug aura captures both characters at their very best.

21 Karoly (Goku And Broly)

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Arguably the current face of non-canon fusions, Karoly was featured heavily in the marketing for Dragon Ball Fusions. The result of Goku and Broly fusing together via EX-Fusion, it’s heavily implied that Karoly is one of the strongest characters in the entire franchise. At least as far as non-canon spin-offs are confirmed.

Fanservice in its purest form. 

In an issue of V-Jump leading up to Fusions’ release, it was speculated that Karoly would actually be stronger than Vegetto. The very same issue has Towa, one of Heroes’ major players, commenting on how Karoly could likely do battle with Beerus on equal footing. Given that Karoly was first and foremost created to push copies of Fusions, it’s not out of the question for him to be so absurdly powerful.

20 Colohan (Piccolo And Gohan)

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Colohan, incorrectly translated as Kallohan for Dragon Ball Fusions’ English release, is what happens when, for whatever ungodly reason, you decide to fuse Piccolo and Gohan together. Colohan is, quite frankly, terrifying. His body looks like Piccolo, but his face is heavily modeled after Gohan’s. Colohan’s mere existence is almost perverse in nature. Should a student really be fusing with his master? Honestly, the longer you look at Colohan, the more uncomfortable you’re bound to get.

19 Demon King Daccolo (Dabra And King Piccolo)

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You know who’s an awesome idea for a fused fighter? Demon King Daccolo. Taking the series’ two main demon lord, Demon King Daccolo blends Dabra and Demon King Piccolo into one of the most inspired fused characters to make an appearance in Dragon Ball Fusions.

Daccolo is pure evil personified, especially since he carries over Dabra’s Majin power-up making him all the more ferocious. As far as designs go, he’s easily one of the best fusions on this list. The green and blue pair off each other spectacularly, and using Dabra’s body as a base allows Daccolo to stand out next to other Namekian based fusions.

18 Cellin (Cell And Krillin)

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The original Budokai featured some of the most original What-If scenarios in the franchise. What if Vegeta turned Super Saiyan after fighting Goku for the first time? What if Frieza gained immortality on Namek? What if Cell accidentally absorbed Krillin and turned into an orange Cell Jr. named Cellin who Yamcha and Tien had to fight?

Thank you for giving us Cellin, Budokai. 

Apparently, Krillin is so weak that Cell powers down to around Ginyu Force levels of Battle Power. Yamcha and Tien are able to trounce him with really no issue. Just the idea of a fusion being weaker than two individual fighters is honestly hilariously ridiculous. You have to give Budokai props for getting creative.

17 Janembuu (Janemba And Kid Buu)

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Considering Janemba’s design is directly based off of Majin Buu’s, it’s only fitting Dragon Ball Fusions pair the two characters together. Interestingly, however, Janemba isn’t paired with Fat Buu or Super Buu, the versions of Buu he’s most inspired by, but rather Kid Buu. This results in a truly demonic appearance for Janembuu.

His red body type comes off legitimately satanic and Kid Buu’s malicious face makes an already conceptually horrifying fusion all the more terrifying. If that wasn’t enough, both Janemba and Kid Buu are basically devoid of intelligent thought meaning Janembuu is one of the most theoretically dangerous characters in the franchise.

16 Cellza (Cell And Frieza)

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Cellza, erroneously translated as Celluza for Dragon Ball Fusions, is one of the only video games fusions on this list to actually use assets from both characters to create a fusion that looks like a genuine mix of both participants. With that in mind, Cellza might actually be the single greatest fusion on the spin off side of things.

Let's not kid ourselves: Cellza's the coolest villain in the franchise. 

With Cell’s body, Frieza’s face, and pure malice that can be tied back to either character, Cellza actually manages to feel both like Cell and Frieza all at once. It certainly helps that Cell shares DNA with Frieza in canon, meaning there’s already some overlap there, but their designs are worlds apart. The fact someone can look at Cellza and immediately deduce he’s the result of Cell and Frieza fusing is a triumph in character design.

15 Chiaoldo (Chaozu And Guldo)

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Chaozu and Guldo seems like a rather silly fusion combo given the two characters only ever interact during a stretch of filler episodes at the tail end of the Frieza saga, but, personalities and relationship aside, there’s quite a bit of sense in creating a character like Chiaoldo.

Easily the biggest justification for this fusion is the fact that Chaozu and Guldo are two of only three characters in the entire franchise who show proficiency with telekinesis or psychic abilities. In that sense, and that sense alone, they are the perfect candidates for a fusion. With the ability to stop time, freeze opponents in place, and blow himself up, Chiaoldo is actually a fearsome opponent.

14 Reguldo (Recoome And Guldo)

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Guldo sure gets to be a part of a lot of weird fusions, doesn’t he? If you thought his fusion with Jeice was unnerving, get ready to see what happens when you merge Guldo and Recoome together. Known only as Reguldo, this fused fighter has Guldo’s body, Recoome’s face, and white skin. Also, he has hair.

He’s about as terrifying as he looks and he’s not particularly powerful either considering Guldo and Recoome don’t really play off each other properly. Reguldo’s more of a bootleg action figure than he is a worthwhile fused fighter. You’re best off just ignoring his existence for the rest of your days.

13 Bulpan (Bulla And Pan)

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In large part due to her appearance in Dokkan Battle, Bulpan has quickly become one of the most popular What-If fusions in the franchise. It certainly helps her case that she’s the rare female fusion, and a rather likable one at that. Taking Pan and Bulla (Bra for purists) from Dragon Ball GT, Bulpan gives more than a few fans what they’ve been clamoring for for years.

Bulpan: Giving GT some much-needed love. 

In general, Dragon Ball GT tends to get little love. It’s far from the highest point in the franchise's history, but it does have its fans and most can agree that it handles its characters relatively well as far as personalities go. Bulpan gives Bulla and Pan something to actually do while forging a connection between the two, something sorely missing in GT.

12 Towale (Towa And Arale)

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Towale’s the kind of character who’s only going to be able to please a very niche group of fans, but boy are those fans going to be excited about seeing her. A fusion consisting of Towa, one of Heroes’ and Xenoverse’s main antagonists, and Arale, the protagonist of Dr. Slump and frequent Dragon Ball cameo maker, Towale bridges two worlds that almost seem impossible to connect.

For starters, Arale is a little girl while Towa is a full grown demon woman. On that level, Towale seems impossible as a realistic fusion. More pressingly, they’re just two wildly different characters. Arale is a gag character whereas Towa is your typical villain with magical powers. They’re a genuinely bizarre combo, but it’s so extreme where you can’t help but find it endearing.

11 Gorillin (Krillin And Goku)

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It makes perfect sense to fuse Goku and Krillin together all things considered. They’ve been best friends since the beginning of the series’ second arc and their bond is directly tied to arguably the biggest moment in all of Dragon Ball: Goku turning Super Saiyan. In many ways, Goku’s friendship with Krillin is a defining aspect of Dragon Ball. What doesn’t make sense, however, is fusing Krillin and Kid Goku together.

Always fuse with people your age. 

Gorillin isn’t the result of two adults fusing together. Rather, it’s a young Goku and an older Krillin. In a way, this almost ruins Gorillin. It’s no longer a fusion based off two peers who respect one another as equals, but a weird twisted fusion where an older Krillin takes a younger Goku under his wing. It’s cute conceptually, but it feels like a waste. Especially since Gorillin has one of the better designs on this list.

10 Ginyuman (Captain Ginyu And Great Saiyaman)

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Considering how brutal his fight with the Ginyu Force ended up on Namek, many fans have taken the Great Saiyaman as Gohan’s way of coping with almost losing his life at the hands of a Super Sentai parody group. Great Saiyaman’s costume, poses, and general mannerisms lift heavily from the Ginyu Force. So why not pair him off with Captain Ginyu himself?

Ginyuman might actually be the single goofiest fusion in the series. His mere existence is so self-aware that it’s hard not to love him. The only real downside about Ginyuman is that his fighting style lifts heavily from Ginyu, meaning his signature attack is, once again, body changing. A fusion’s not as fun if he’s just going to switch bodies with someone else.

9 Pandel (Pan And Videl)

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There’s something… unsavory about a mother and a daughter fusing together. Pandel, the result of Pan and Videl making use of EX-Fusion, is certainly a cute and charming character, but her existence is nonetheless quite strange. It’s not too dissimilar to when Goku realized he might have to fuse with Gohan during the Buu saga. He knows it’s weird and we know it’s weird.

Poor Gohan. 

The difference with Pandel is that there’s no apparent self-awareness. She exists in a vacuum without context meaning nobody gets a chance to comment on the oddity of the fusion and bring it down to Earth. If nothing else, Pandel looks genuinely great, combining Pan and Videl’s best qualities into quite the skilled fighter.

8 Vegeks (Vegeta And Future Trunks)

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Speaking of mother-daughter fusions, how about those father-son fusions? Introduced in Dragon Ball Heroes, because where else are you going to get a fusion like this, Vegeks is a potara fusion between Vegeta and Future Trunks. It’s not as weird nowadays considering the potara fusion wears off after an hour, but it’s still a bit creepy. Interestingly, his hair is incredibly similar to Gotenks’. Maybe fusing with Trunks just make your hair turn purple on the sides.

7 Gorus (Goku And Beerus)

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When Goku, the strongest mortal alive, and Beerus, the strongest God of Destruction in the series, fuse, you end up with Gorus. Equal parts Goku and Beerus, Gorus is insanely dangerous. His signature move is an Ultra Genki Dama and he can even theoretically use Ultra Instinct given how Goku and Beerus can both use it, at least as far as the manga’s continuity is concerned.

Gorus is too overpowered for his own good. 

To show off just how powerful he is, Gorus was actually only available in Dragon Ball Fusions by scanning a QR code. You can’t have all-powerful characters running rampant, after all. On a gameplay level, it is a bit disappointing to have such an interesting character locked behind real life means, but that’s the price you pay for a character who might actually rival Zeno.

6 Karoly Black (Goku Black And Broly)

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You didn’t think you were getting regular just Karoly, were you? For as long as Goku Black exists, we will likely always get alternative Goku based fusions featuring his doppelganger. Karoly Black is one such fusion. Interestingly, however, he’s more than just a color swap. I mean, he absolutely is that primarily, but his main new color has some interesting implications.

With regular Karoly, his hair is gold implying that he’s in his Super Saiyan state. With Karoly Black, though, his hair is pink meaning that his base form is that of Super Saiyan Rose. On a base level, Karoly Black is actually stronger than regular Karoly and Karoly is already incredibly strong. Do with that information what you will.

5 Janks (Jaco And Future Trunks)

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Janks it the long-awaited fusion of everybody’s two favorite characters: Future Trunks and… Jaco? I mean, Jaco’s probably somebody’s favorite character, right? Most likely not yours, but somebody’s. Jokes about Janks aside, what seems like a random fusion actually makes quite a deal of sense when you get into the finer details of Future Trunks’ depictions in the video games.

He's surprisingly handsome considering he's half Jaco. 

Where Jaco is a Galactic Patroller, Future Trunks, at least in the Xenoverse and Heroes canon, is a Time Patroller. This means Janks is the perfect candidate to oversee both time and space in the Dragon Ball cosmos. Granted, Fusions makes no mention of Trunks being a Time Patroller so it’s still odd in context, but super fans will understand immediately why these two were paired together.

4 Majin Satan (Majin Buu And Mr. Satan)

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First thing’s first: Majin Satan is an awesome name. Seriously, this is up there with Demon King Daccolo as far as cool fusion names go. Secondly, his design is exactly what a mix between Fat Buu and Mr. Satan should be. You’ve got Buu’s body, Mr. Satan’s hair, Buu’s face, and Mr. Satan’s clothes all working together to create a plump, lovable fused fighter.

Of course, a fusion like Majin Satan does kind of show the problems in fusing off characters willy-nilly. As fitting as his design is, Majin Satan is very much more Majin Buu than he is Mr. Satan. When you compare a character like Majin Satan to a canon fusion like Vegetto, you see that most video game fusions don’t have the same level of care Toriyama uses when designing his own characters. Majin Satan is still great, mind you. Just flawed.

3 Chiaoman (Chaozu And Saibaiman)

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As utterly insane as Chaozu’s fusion with Guldo is, there is some logic in pairing the two characters together. They’re both psychic type martial artists so, for gameplay purposes if nothing else, they should naturally play off each other. Chaozu and a Saibaiman, though?

As if just being Chaozu wasn't bad enough. 

Honestly, there are only two reasons as two why these characters are paired together and they’re both equally ridiculous. The first: they’re both short. The second: they both use kamikaze attacks during the Saiyan arc. If you’re ever in need of an incredibly short-fused fighter with a lust for blowing himself up, Chiaoman’s your man.

2 Great Satanman (Mr. Satan And Great Saiyaman)

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What do you get when you combine the two greatest heroes in the world into one warrior? The Great Satanman of course! In what is arguably the most inspired fusion on this list, Great Satanman is what you get when Mr. Satan and the Great Saiyaman fuse together. With Gohan’s body and Mr. Satan’s face, you’re basically getting the best of both worlds.

Obviously, this probably isn’t an ideal situation for Videl considering the fused party includes both her husband and her father, but for the rest of us? It’s hard not to find Great Satanman anything but endlessly endearing. His big Mr. Satan grin is enough to cheer up anyone feeling down. The world is a better place because Great Satanman is in it.

1 Whirus (Beerus And Whis)

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The very concept of a character like Whirus is so overpowered that just mentioning his name would be enough to shatter the cosmology of Dragon Ball into pieces. Beerus, in both the anime and manga, is the single strongest God of Destruction in the series, and Whis is heavily implied to be the strongest Angel after the Grand Priest. Together, Whirus would be unstoppable.

Who needs an Omni Kin when you have Whirus? 

To put this into perspective, Beerus is most likely the fifth strongest character in the series with Whis as the seventh. Fusions are supposed to amplify Battle Power like crazy. It’s entirely possible that Whirus would end up leagues stronger than Zeno, the strongest being in the multiverse. Let’s be grateful Whirus is little more than a What-If character for a video game spin-off.

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