Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Release Date Announced, Buu Saga Confirmed

The upcoming Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot game has finally received a release date, and players can expect to see it hit store shelves and digital stores on January 17, 2020. On top of that, the Majin Buu saga of the popular anime tv show has been confirmed to be included in the game, meaning that it will contain each and every story arc covered by the show.

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot promises to be an in-depth Dragon Ball RPG, allowing players to play as popular characters from the show as they progress through its iconic storylines. It will also supposedly have nonlinear, open-world elements, allowing players to explore the Dragon Ball world unlike they've ever been able to before. On top of that, the game promises to further expand the show's storylines, adding more context and depth to the story we all know and love.

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With the addition of the Buu saga, the game will now contain all four main villains from the classic anime series: Vegeta, Frieza, Cell, and Majin Buu. Each of these four villains serve as an antagonist of Goku and friends, who must defeat them throughout the show's four main sagas in order to stop the destruction of earth and save the human race.

Along with this announcement, Bandai Namco confirmed preorder bonuses for the game, as well as a special edition version that will be available for purchase. Those who preorder Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot will gain early access to Bonyu's training, an additional item used for cooking, and a special sub-quest called, "A Competitive Party With Friends". The game's special edition will include a hardcover artbook, a special figure, and an exclusive steelbook case for the game.

Although Dragon Ball Z has established itself as one of the most popular anime series of all time, its past video games have been mostly lackluster. The franchise's poor track record came to an end with the release of the 2017 fighting game, Dragon Ball Fighterz. Fans of the game are hoping that Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot can capitalize on that game's success and bring fans of the series a great Dragon Ball RPG. Expect to see it on Xbox One, PS4, and Steam in January.

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