SDCC 2019: Dragon Prince Season Three Is Just The Tip Of The Iceberg For The Series

The creators and voice actors of the show The Dragon Prince held a panel during San Diego Comic-Con talking about the highly anticipated new season. The show has gained acclaim due to its interesting lore, characters, and an incredibly diverse cast. Some of the minds behind hits like Avatar: The Last Airbender and League of Legends are also responsible for The Dragon Prince, so fans are excited to see that incredible work at play in this series.


The point of the panel was to give fans an inside look at the future of the show, as well as a discussion about how everything fits into this grand, emerging visionary saga.” Creators Aaron Ehasz and Justin Richmond gave a lot of information about the world of The Dragon PrinceThe voices of Rayla (Paula Burrows) and Callum (Jack De Sena) were also in attendance and performed skits that teased at season three happenings.

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The first bit of news is that it’s been confirmed that the series will have four more seasons after the premiere of season three. They also revealed some of the names of the upcoming seasons:

  • Books 1 - 3: Moon, Sky, Sun
  • Books 4 - 5: Earth, ????
  • Books 6 - 7: ????, ????

We don’t have an official release date for the newest season (or even a trailer), but Wonderstorm, the studio behind the show, already has plans to publish books with Scholastic. The books will dive deeper into the lore of Xadia and the characters. So far, the series will be getting a graphic novel, a guide book, and a book that delves into the origins of the series.


Fans were also shown a sneak peek in the form of a flashback. The clip featured Sol Regem, the sun dragon, confronting Ziard, a mage, for his usage of dark magics. Ziard fires back, fully believing that it’s dark magic that put humans on the playing field in a world that's inhabited by dragons, elves, and other mythical creatures.

The cast also promised that we’ll be hearing more of Rayla’s backstory and the Callum will continue to learn more about magic.

Wonderstorm has always been pretty open with the possibility of a game centered around The Dragon Prince, so that’s another piece of media that fans can anticipate. While it’s been said that it won’t follow the narrative of the show closely, it will still include the characters we know and love from the series.

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