20 Things Only True Fans Remember About Drake & Josh

Nickelodeon might be the place where memorable cartoons aired like Rugrats, SpongeBob SquarePants, and more, but the sitcoms that aired in the 2000s were truly something special. They have brought clever jokes, fun characters, and memorable quotes that stand by for a lot of people who grew up watching the shows. One sitcom in particular that happens to be the most beloved on Nickelodeon is Drake & Josh. Created by Dan Schneider, this show brings us to the lives of two stepbrothers named Drake Parker and Josh Nichols. They are complete opposites, but their interactions and chemistry make the sitcom hilarious and one of the greatest of all time.

Drake is the absent-minded teenager who is a musician and absolutely loves girls, while Josh is more down-to-earth and an honor student at their high school. Sometimes they get into crazy scenarios that involve their sister Megan, who always knows how to mess with them. Then there are their parents, who have their cleverly funny moments when the show focuses on them. Even after nearly eleven years after the show ended, fans still can’t get enough of this amazing sitcom.

Those that watch the show religiously can point out some interesting facts that make the show more thought-provoking or see it in a different light. Even references to Drake & Josh make their way to other shows, proving how much of an impact it brought. Here are twenty facts that true fans remember about Nickelodeon’s most beloved sitcom Drake & Josh!

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20 Out Of Order

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Having your favorite show end is always the worst. What else would you watch to pass the time? If the network is willing, they do reruns of shows that already ended, and Drake & Josh is no exception with its airing on TeenNick. During its run on Nickelodeon, you noticed that the episode “Really Big Shrimp” felt like a series finale.

It turns out to be true, but then…

Two more episodes aired right after titled “Helicopter” and “Dance Contest.” Apparently, Nickelodeon aired the episodes in the incorrect order, which is why after watching “Really Big Shrimp,” it felt as if the episode never took place after those two episodes. It is strange that Nickelodeon did this, but at least it spared the heartbreak of saying goodbye to a beloved sitcom.

19 Epic Special Guest Star

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Seeing celebrities appear on a TV show can not only bring in a lot of viewers but also get people hyped for what their role will be. Sometimes, having them appear in a cameo is all we need to get us excited to see someone we recognize. The first ever TV movie for Drake & Josh, Drake & Josh Go Hollywood, Megan was supposed to go to Denver, Colorado to stay with a friend while Walter and Audrey go on a cruise ship.

Drake and Josh get mixed up with the plane Megan has to go on, and when she actually heads to Los Angeles, the two brothers traveled there immediately. After getting involved with the villains of the movie, to escape, Drake and Josh took Tony Hawk’s car. For a little bit, we do see the famous skateboarder, and it was something we did not expect at all.

18 Nice Contribution

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As actors, their job is to perform the characters written for a show, movie, and more. The directors always make sure that they carry out their roles in their way. In rare cases, there are episodes in a TV show that could be under the direction of an actor from said show.

Drake Bell and Josh Peck actually directed one episode each.

Drake directed part one of “Really Big Shrimp” and Josh directed “Battle of Panthatar.” Being able to see the actors contribute to the show by directing an episode impresses us with how fantastic each episode was. Both Drake and Josh had different takes in their own direction, but it still made the episodes funny and entertaining. They did a fantastic job in something that is not associated with their jobs.

17 For The Greater Good

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When you watch the first season of Drake & Josh and then the fourth season, you notice that over the years, Josh Peck improved on his weight. No one has really shamed him for his weight, but as you get older, your health is your top priority. We give Josh nothing but big props for improving his health and setting a good example for kids who watch the show.

Losing weight is difficult and it takes a lot of time and willpower to be able to have the body you want for yourself and your health. However, seeing Josh progress physically shows that it is not impossible, and he set a good example, making him a wonderful role model. He found a way and he will keep improving!

16 Crazy Rumor

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Sometimes as kids, we tend to think that some of the actors in the show are together, in the case of Drake and Josh’s parents Walter and Audrey. They do have great chemistry on and off the show, so it would make sense for fans to believe that actors Jonathan Goldstein and Nancy Sullivan are close.

A rumor spread like wildfire of them being married in real life.

The tweet, now deleted due to the account’s suspension on Twitter, claimed that the two were together, adding the Instagram post Jonathan Goldstein made when reuniting with Nancy Sullivan as proof of them being a real-life couple. However, Josh replied to the tweet and confirmed that Nancy and Jonathan are not together. Despite that, fans had fun reminiscing the moment by quoting lines from the show.

15 Catering To Bookworms

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Strangely enough, during the 2000s, there were novelizations of TV shows catering to kids. That way, they would have a reason to read in general. Even Drake & Josh got the book treatment. There is a total of seven books that are based on the episodes, and there are still copies being sold on websites such as Amazon.

If a book has to do with a TV show kids watch, then it is smart from a marketing standpoint to gain their attention. Some reviews from one of the books were surprisingly quite positive, and for an adaptation, that is really good. Sure the books won’t get as much attention compared to the show, but if parents needed their children to at least read something, then the Drake & Josh books can play a part.

14 Characters Returning

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One of the memorable side characters in Drake & Josh is no other than Helen Dubois, Josh’s boss from his job at the Premiere Theater. She really does not like him but enjoys Drake’s company. She is one of the funniest and sassiest characters who can make us laugh and even surprise us as well.

One of those surprises was her appearance on Victorious.

After divorcing her ex-husband, she moved on from San Diego to Los Angeles to become the principal for Hollywood Arts. She was a joy to watch as the actress Yvette Nicole Brown managed to retain the likable charm she had throughout the years of Drake & Josh. The references she made from the show were also nice to listen to, especially mentioning her former employee Crazy Steve.

13 The Master Of Jokes

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Whenever you watch a show created by Dan Schneider, you can always expect some jokes that even adults would snicker at. The show has one of the best innuendos a fan can ever think of. Whether it is intentional or not, we would always laugh at the ones that are subtle or in your face. It can be anything ranging from making up words that sound like swear words, referring to a body part, or saying family-friendly versions of not-so-nice phrases.

The innuendos are also timed perfectly, making the jokes hit the nail without having to rely too much on the laugh tracks the show uses. Many fans have a different sense of humor, so their answers might not be the same. What are some of your favorite innuendos from Drake & Josh?

12 Love For A Talk Show Host

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To make a character stand out above the others, they would have to have a quirk. Sometimes their quirk is for the sake of making them hilariously crazy, and this one is no exception. For example, Josh has a crush on Oprah and admires her greatly. From time to time, we would hear his love for Oprah on a number of occasions.

If someone were to even insult her, you bet that Josh would rebuttal like no tomorrow.

Seeing him get so excited when Drake gave him a seating to see Oprah and have backstage passes brought comedic gold. Even if Josh will never be near her due to an accident that happened in the episode "Josh Runs Into Oprah." We wonder how he felt when Oprah ended her talk show?

11 Spiritual Successor

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Comparisons to TV shows are common among watchers. In most cases, the similarities or references are there. In short, Kenan & Kel, a Nickelodeon sitcom in the 90s, sort of has a similar premise to Drake & Josh. Both shows start with the two main leads breaking the fourth wall, talking to the viewers, but with a slight difference. In fact, these shows being compared makes a lot of sense.

After all, Dan Schneider was the executive producer of Kenan & Kel and later went on to create Drake & Josh years later. Kenan is similar to Josh since they are relatively smart and both have jobs. Kel and Drake are both absent-minded, but likable at the same time. Just imagine how awesome it would be if these two shows did a crossover!

10 Celebrities From The Other Network

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Sometimes when we watch TV shows, some actors might not have been big at the time. By the time we watch a TV show or movie that features a peculiar actor, we get the feeling that we have seen them before. Drake & Josh brought us actors that did not even become huge yet! There are two actresses who would make their way into Disney Channel, becoming huge stars.

Do the names Vanessa Hudgens and Alyson Stoner ring a bell?

They should since the former went on to be one of the main leads in High School Musical, and the latter did Phineas and Ferb, The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, and Camp Rock! Isn’t it crazy to think that we know who these girls were before their big break?

9 Just Passing By

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Don’t you just love it whenever a character makes a ton of references to a show you love? Apparently, the shows Dan Schneider make do. Like Helen appearing on Victorious, there was one time where we dropped our jaws and laugh at the same time. On iCarly, we were treated with two blooper related episodes, and they were funny.

We would never forget that one time where Drake actually appeared out of nowhere and interrupted a scene on an episode on iCarly. Drake would come up and eat the watermelon bowl Carly, Sam, and Freddie were eating, saying hi to Carly when he said Megan instead. Once he noticed where he was, he did not recognize Mrs. Benson and asked where Josh and his parents were. What a way to bring nostalgia and laughs at the same time!

8 Incredibly Talented

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The opening song to Drake & Josh was a catchy tune and sung by no other than Drake Bell himself. It perfectly captures what the show is about as it takes us to the insanity that is yet to come. Drake himself is incredibly talented. Not only does he act and sing, but he also some voice acting for shows and video games.

He found a way to gain a lot of talent.

Currently, he still goes on tour and performs, but he also voice acted Spider-Man for shows on Disney XD and video games. He also did some voice acting for Kingdom Hearts III! Those that have recognized his voice must have been shocked as we are! As long as Drake finds some success onward, he will have our support!

7 So Where Are They?

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As we all know, Drake & Josh stars a family of five who got together due to the parents remarrying. Drake and Josh make a fantastic duo and Megan is the evil but enjoyable little sister. Audrey and Walter are a joy to watch whenever the latter refers to his career as a weatherman. It makes you wonder, however, about Josh’s biological mother and Drake and Megan’s biological father.

Where are they exactly? Are they alive? Questions like these make us dive into theory territory, but since this is a show about two stepbrothers and their lives, the focus on the missing parents is not important. Still, it would be cool to know the whereabouts of Mr. Parker and Mrs. Nichols. We might not ever know!

6 Connected Universe

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This fact is something that makes us excited thinking about. Drake & Josh taking place in the same world as Zoey 101, iCarly, Victorious, and others blow our minds, but it is something to expect since all shows were made by the same creator. The way the shows connect each other are the cameo appearances and referencing characters from another show.

For example, Drake went to the Spring Fling from Zoey 101.

In Drake and Josh Go Hollywood, we see the clip of Drake performing at Pacific Coast Academy or PCA for short. Then there is iCarly, where recurring characters Eric, Craig, and Gavin went to Webicon in the episode “iStart a Fanwar.” On Victorious, we see Helen becoming the new principal at Hollywood Arts. Whenever shows like these come together, we can’t help but smile.

5 Quite The Family

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It is great whenever you see a couple actors that worked together before on a TV show, movie, or even Broadway, to name a case. When it comes to the actors on Drake & Josh, three of them worked together before the show was conceived. In the late 90s, The Amanda Show was on the air and it featured Drake Bell and Nancy Sullivan, who played a variety of roles in the many parody sketches the show brought.

Later on, Josh Peck joined the cast and these three were great. Seeing them work together on Drake & Josh was another treat for us fans to enjoy. Due to the great chemistry these three have throughout the years, it was no wonder why they continued to work together!

4 A Perfect Way To End

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Even though Drake & Josh ended after four great seasons, we knew that the show had to end one way or another. The cast and crew would eventually have to move on to other projects, in the case of Miranda Cosgrove starring on iCarly. While the show did end, it at least wasn’t cancelled.

The episode “Really Big Shrimp” was the perfect episode to end on.

It brought closure to the characters and provided great laughs but also gripping drama. Well, there are a few things that the series did before officially ending. “Really Big Shrimp” aired before two episodes, but then there was a little reunion with the Christmas movie Merry Christmas, Drake & Josh. Either way, we were glad to witness a proper ending to a great sitcom.

3 Almost Got A Different Father

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Before shows could even get on the air or be greenlit, some changes would have to be made to suit the demographic. Let’s just say that the show would have been a lot different if the father stayed the same. You’re reading this correctly; Jonathan Goldstein was not the first Walter Nichols. Instead, that goes to the late Stephen Furst.

The pilot was even produced in 2001, three years before the show officially aired on Nickelodeon. Due to not being available to be in future episodes, Jonathan took up the role as Walter. Knowing this made fans question how the show would have been if Stephen still portrayed the father. In a way, we are glad to have Jonathan portray the weatherman, but so many thoughts occur in fans’ heads for what could have been.

2 Surprising Reunion

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We must ask again, who doesn’t love it whenever a TV show references another, even if they are not related? This show unfortunately only lasted for one season, but it starred Josh Peck. The show was called Grandfathered, being about a lifelong bachelor and restaurant owner portrayed by John Stamos who finds out that he has a long-lost son played by Josh Peck, who has a daughter.

Episodes later, Drake Bell guest starred in the show.

Drake’s character confesses to Josh’s character that the latter reminds the former of his stepbrother. When asked if he was cool, Drake’s character mentions that he is in jail for stalking Oprah. Fans of Drake & Josh who watched Grandfathered probably screamed internally when that reference arrived because having the two stars on the show reuniting just would not be enough.

1 Really Big Nostalgic Moment

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Let’s talk about “Really Big Shrimp” again. As we stated, it ended the show perfectly despite being aired out of order. In the end, the characters managed to get something good, such as Drake getting a record deal and Josh becoming manager at his job plus getting back together with Mindy. If there is one thing that brought fans to nostalgic tears, it is the final clip shown in the episode.

It might have been familiar since that clip actually comes from The Amanda Show, the first TV show that Drake Bell and Josh Peck worked together in. Seeing them fight over shrimp from the ground was hilarious and ridiculous. It shows how far the show has come and gives us what we would get as one of the greatest sitcoms on Nickelodeon and television history.

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