Twtich Streamer DrDisrespect Abruptly Cuts Stream After Shots Fired At His House

During a stream of the new Call Of Duty beta, Twitch star Dr Disrespect left and came back to end the stream, telling viewers his house was shot at.

Well-known Twitch streamer Dr Disrespect plays a character on his streams, one that he is very dedicated to maintaining even when viewers are highly-critical of it. Today, however, he broke character to suddenly and unceremoniously end his stream early. He had a chilling reason for it: somebody opened fire on his home.

Guy "DrDisrespect" Beahm was engaging in a typical stream, trying out the new Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4 beta. He had his wig and sunglasses on, the trademarks of his character along with his comedically toxic attitude. But suddenly, Kotaku reports, he got up and exited the frame, leaving his viewers staring at a disquietingly uneventful lobby. When he returned, it was without his costume, and with disturbing news.

He was clearly rattled as he told his viewers what happened, and declared he had to immediately end the stream.

via: twitch.com

From there, his fans haven't had much to go on aside from media reports. Dr Disrespect has yet to give any official statements, and hasn't posted anything on social media. He has only changed his Twitch subtitle to read "Doc and Family Are Safe. Proper Measures are be taken while stream is down for the day.” Which is reasonable, as family should come first in a time like this.

His claim that this is the second shot in as many days leads many to believe that it was a deliberate attack. The Kotaku reporter contacted the police who cover Dr Disrespect's area, and learned that a deputy was sent to the scene to investigate. At the moment, the progress of the investigation, if there is any, has not been shared with the public.

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