Dream Daddy: Every Relationship In The Game, Ranked

Dream Daddy is all about finding the perfect man... and weeding out the cheaters and the weirdos along the way!

There's been a lot of dating simulators made but none have been like Dream Daddy. Made by Game Grumps, Dream Daddy lets players create their own "Dadsona" and date a variety of delicious daddies in the town of Maple Bay. The dads come in different flavors, like "Goth Dad", "Teacher Dad" etc that gives the player a little insight into the personality of each dad. Dream Daddy is a more humorous take on dating simulators. Its humor is very meme-based, but its characterization of each dad has depth to it. Dating each dad brings a different experience and a better understanding of who they are as a person outside of their individual "labels".

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8 Joseph

Players first meet Joseph when he brings cookies to them as a housewarming gift. He is a Youth Minister that loves sailing and seems pretty cheerful and friendly. But as players date Joseph and learn more about him he reveals that he struggles with his marriage to his wife, and he desires to escape to a more stress-free life. Despite his charming personality and how well he treats the player, he is the least sympathetic of the dads and the worst relationship. He literally has an affair with the player's Dadsona and had one in the past with Robert. Even though he ends things with the player in the end to fix his marriage, it doesn't change that he's a cheater.

7 Robert

Every dating sim has a "bad boy" type and Dream Daddy's is Robert, the "Bad Dad" option. He enjoys whiskey, knives, and making up wild stories to mess with people. There's a lot more to Robert than just attitude, a leather jacket, and weird habits like hunting cryptids. As the player gets to know him better they find out about his strained relationship with his daughter and can encourage him to reconnect with her or not. Despite his roguish appeal, he's towards the bottom of the list of dads. If the player goes on two dates with Robert and then decides to date Joseph he's hypocritically judgemental towards the player, even though he had an affair with Joseph as well.

6 Brian

Brian is definitely one of the most friendly dads and genuinely loves his daughter. He's coined as the "Rival Dad" and he brags about his daughter Daisy, a lot. Out of all the dads, Brian is probably the most "stereotypical" dad as he likes fishing and he's pretty handy at fixing things.

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But there's a softer side to him, that comes out the more the player gets to know him. While he's not as problematic as Joseph or Robert, the competitiveness between him and the player's Dadsona gets to be a bit too much. Especially since it can drive Dadsona into a big enough rage that he tries to punch Brian during their third date and falls out of a Ferris wheel to his death.

5 Hugo

Hugo has, in the simplest of terms, got it going on. He's coined as "Teacher Dad" and he has the good looks and sophisticated wit everyone whose into the "scholarly" type can really get behind. Of course, a know it all and stuck up personality comes with the territory of the more bookish types, but Hugo has a lot more positive qualities than negative ones. He's very dedicated to the education of his students, which include Dadsona's daughter Amanda, and a surprising but pretty adorable love of wrestling (he has a whole room dedicated to it), Dadsona's relationship with Hugo is pretty sweet. Though, since he is Amanda's teacher it's a pretty... taboo relationship to have, in the real world at least.

4 Damien

Damien is coined as "Goth Dad", and it's clear why by taking one look at him. Though, technically, he should be called "Victorian Dad", since his obsession is with the Victorian era, specifically. There's more than meets the eye with this dad other than taxidermy and graveyards, though he does have quite a collection of pinned butterflies in his home (which he proudly shows off), and one of the dates with him is to a... graveyard.

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In his route, the player learns of his insecurities about who he really is as a person, his pretty deep and insightful thoughts on mortality (which makes the graveyard date a lot less creepy), and how much he loves his son, and dogs. Which is always a plus.

3 Alex

So technically Alex isn't a relationship players can pursue in the game, but it's still a pretty important one. Alex is Dadsona's deceased partner who gets mentioned at the beginning of the game. Depending on the choices the player makes, Alex can either be male or female. Considering all the happy polaroids and memories Dadsona and Amanda share during the beginning cutscene, Dadsona and Alex's relationship was pretty positive. Alex appeared to be a really loving parent as they're seen smiling as they hold a baby Amanda. And it can be assumed that Amanda still loves Alex dearly as the jacket she wears seems to be the same one shown in the picture of Alex holding Amanda as a baby.

2 Craig

A part of a good relationship is having a good friendship as well and Craig's route shows that the best. "Keg-stand Craig" is the old college friend and roommate of the player's Dadsona. He's coined as the "Fitness Dad" since he's really into it, and he even has own business selling fitness gear. While he screams of the typical "jock" vibes and he uses the word "bro" liberally, there's much more going on underneath all those muscles. Players find out that he struggles to juggle his career, family and his love of fitness. He loves his kids and is very dedicated to them as he coaches his twins' softball team, and he goes above and beyond for his youngest when she loses her stuffed toy.

1 Mat

Mat is the dreamiest of the daddies and it's not just because of his looks, though they do help. Mat feels like one of, if not the most complex character of the game. He's open about his social anxiety the first time he and Dadsona meet at his coffee shop, but if the player pursues a romance with him he opens up even more. Mat confides in the player about how deeply the death of his wife has effected his life, including his ability to play live music. Mat has a very supportive and honest relationship with his daughter, and that same supportive nature extends to his friends as well. The relationship players can have with Mat is the epitome of "relationship goals".

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