Dreams’ Release Date Leaked By UK Retailer, And It Seems Pretty Legit

In a since deleted tweet, UK retailer ShopTo seems to have accidentally revealed the release date for game making program Dreams.

Dreams remains one of those few titles that comes around enlivening the gaming sphere through the use of creativity, imagination, and self-styled guile. Merely look at the variety of creations gamers have constructed using the Dreams creator platform, from the likes of a terrifying P.T. recreated hallway to even Metal Gear Solid itself. Dreams vies to be a resource as much as an experience, separating it from many of its gaming counterparts.

One thing Dreams doesn't have is an official release date, though this may have been accidentally revealed in a now-deleted Tweet posted by UK retailer Shopto. On February 14, all of the many wondrous imaginations gamers may have hiding in wait will have the ability to come alive like never before on this beautiful platform.

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Languishing in early access since April, Dreams has already been heralded not merely as a delight alone but also even the most original game and best PS4 title by Gamescom. For a game creator, albeit one that is complex and filled with immense detail, such a feat is remarkable. It also explains away the amount of hype and anticipation swirling around its unknown release, now supposedly revealed as February 2020. However, retailer release dates tend to be optimistic for reasons of street dates. This February launch could simply be the day Shopto receives the physical copies.

No official word has been revealed by either Media Molecule or Sony, so anticipatory and antsy gamers who can't wait to get their hands on it will simply have to be patient. Or, just hop on over to PlayStation's site and register to play the early access version. Though, it will, unfortunately, cost you $30 if chosen, which may not even happen given the fact that it's pretty much 3 to 4 months away from launch. There's always YouTube videos where you can watch all of the amazing creations and talented developments that have come about through this awesome creator. Aside from the aforementioned Kojima recreations, there's the terrifying yet gorgeous Dead Space remake, a Final Fantasy VII emulation, and so much more.

No matter the case, it's clear that Dreams is on the way and will be ready by at least February of next year. Boasting an unending amount of content for players to enjoy, whether that be in playing already created experiences or simply having fun making their own, there's a lot to be had in this complex gaming creator. Only adding to its allure is the fact that said created games in Dreams could possibly be sold one day. This could either be good or bad, depending on how Media Molecule handles it, but one thing is for certain: Dreams is (and will continue to be) a masterpiece.

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