25 Unresolved Mysteries And Plot Holes 2000s DreamWorks Movies Left Hanging

For over 20 years now, DreamWorks has been bringing us high-quality animated movies. This is the studio that gave us Shrek, The Prince of Egypt, and countless other classic films. We're eternally grateful to them! As any 90s kid knows, DreamWorks films have always been a reliable alternative to the sickly-sweet Disney movies of our childhoods. They're a little bit edgier than the classic Disney love stories, and cover some pretty unique plotlines!

However, even the most beloved DreamWorks films are far from perfect. If you look at them closely enough, you'll realize that they're totally riddled with plot holes and unresolved mysteries. Did DreamWorks think we wouldn't notice? If so, they seriously underestimated how pedantic movie-goers can be! Even the tiniest of plot inconsistencies will be noticed by some eagle-eyed viewer. Some people might be willing to let movie mistakes slide, but lots of film fans simply won't tolerate these kinds of issues. There's no way of sneaking errors past the most dedicated of movie lovers!

If you're one of those casual filmgoers who doesn't want to spend your time nitpicking films, don't worry – we've got you covered. We've taken a look at some of the old DreamWorks classics – and some of the studio's newer movies – and found some gaping plot holes that we can't believe made the final edit. There are plenty of burning questions that these films left unanswered, and loads of plot points that simply don't make sense. Get ready to have your childhood ruined.

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25 Shrek: Cinderella Was An Ineligible Bride

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At the beginning of Shrek, the villainous Lord Farquaad asks his magic mirror to show him a selection of eligible royal brides. He'll settle for nothing less than a princess. As we all know, Farquaad ultimately picks Princess Fiona, but Cinderella is also presented to him as an option.

However, she shouldn't be!

Cinderella only became a princess when she married Prince Charming. She clearly hasn't done so in the Shrek universe, since she's an eligible bachelorette. The mirror shouldn't have presented her as a royal marriage option at all!

24 The Road To El Dorado: So Many Historical Inaccuracies

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Honestly, whoever wrote The Road To El Dorado didn't do enough historical research beforehand. There are so many inaccuracies in this film! It’s like they didn’t even try to make it authentic to life in 1519, the year in which the film’s events take place. A clear example of this is the currency that the characters claim to use. Various characters make reference to using the peseta. However, the peseta didn't exist in 1519! It was introduced 350 years later, in 1869.

23 Shrek 2: The Fairy Godmother Doesn't Need A C Minor

via: shrek.fandom.com

You know that iconic scene in Shrek 2 that sees the Fairy Godmother break into song? She starts belting out the 1980s hit Holding Out For A Hero, and it's generally pretty awesome. Well, this sequence probably annoyed a lot of music theory fans. The Godmother asks the piano player to "give her a C minor" as she starts the song. However, he actually plays a G minor. Oops. For what it's worth, the original song was in the key A minor.

22 The Road To El Dorado: The King Of Spain Didn't Exist

via: mixedia.uk

Time for another historical goof in The Road To El Dorado! After Tulio and Miguel discover the fabled El Dorado, Tulio makes an offhand comment about the pair now being "richer than the King of Spain."

The thing is, there was no King of Spain at the time the movie is set.

In 1519, Spain was ruled by Charles V, who called himself the King of Aragon, Castile, and Léon. The first person to use the title King of Spain was Phillip, Charles’ son.

21 How To Train Your Dragon: Toothless Changes Size

via: scifi.stackexchange.com

Question: just how big is Toothless the dragon? According to How to Train Your Dragon, he can change his size at will! Well, not really. His height fluctuation is clearly an animation mistake. Throughout the film, there seems to be no consistency in Toothless’ size compared to the height of his best buddy, Hiccup. Sometimes, Toothless towers over Hiccup; at other points, they look more similar in size. You’d think that DreamWorks would have spotted an error as major as this, but evidently not!

20 Shrek 2: How Did Shrek Get His Ogre Clothes Back?

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In Shrek 2, the titular ogre decides to take a potion that transforms him and Fiona into humans. Obviously, Shrek can't just carry on wearing his huge ogre rags anymore, so he finds himself a nice, normal human outfit. He abandons his ogre clothes and begins his new life as a man.

Thing is, Shrek's transformation isn't permanent.

He eventually turns back into an ogre, and when he does, he's miraculously wearing his old outfit again! Where did that come from? It seemingly reappeared out of thin air!

19 The Road To El Dorado: Cortés Gets Cuba's Name Wrong

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One of the less-than-pleasant characters in The Road To El Dorado is Hernán Cortés, a real-life conquistador who bears a grudge against Tulio and Miguel. To be fair, they were stowaways on his ship… When Cortés catches the heroes, he claims he’s going to send them to Cuba to work on a sugar plantation. Thing is, sugar wasn't cultivated on the island until the 18th century, 200 years after the film's timeline. It was also called Isla Juana back in 1519, not Cuba!

18 Madagascar: Alex Has Two Different Birth Dates

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To be honest, the Madagascar movie series has a lot of dubious plot points, not least the fact that Alex the lion would definitely have eaten Marty the Zebra in the real world. However, one mystery that really sticks out is Alex's true age. In the first film, which is set in the late 2000s, Alex celebrates his 10th birthday.

This would make him a 90s cub.

However, in the second film, a newspaper clipping claims that Alex was a lion cub in the early 1970s! Both of these birth dates can't be correct; which one is the real one?

17 Bee Movie: A Human-Bee Relationship

via: animalia-life.com

Bee Movie is one of those films that makes very little sense if you think about it for more than about two seconds. One of the biggest plot holes, however, is the fact that a human woman supposedly develops feelings for a bee. A literal bee. Not a man in a bee costume... An actual insect. Now, we know that the plots of kids' films often rely on some suspension of the laws of reality, but Bee Movie just goes too far.

16 Shrek 2: Why Are Fiona's Parents So Shocked That Shrek Is An Ogre?

via: trophyunlocked.blogspot.com

When Princess Fiona and Shrek venture on over to Far Far Away to meet the former's parents, the King and Queen seem totally shocked to discover that Shrek is, in fact, an ogre. However, they really should have figured it out before that point! Wasn't the fact that they had to send their messenger to a swamp and not a human settlement a bit of a clue? Also, did the messenger not mention to his rulers that their daughter was looking a bit green and ogre-like lately? Does nobody in this universe actually communicate effectively with each other?!

15 Madagascar: Did Nobody Notice That The Animals Went Missing?

via: empireonline.com

Just in case you can't remember the plot details of DreamWorks' Madagascar, here's a brief refresher. Four of the animal residents of New York's Central Park Zoo are transported via boat to a Kenyan nature reserve. However, things go a little bit wrong, and the animals end up being shipwrecked on the island of Madagascar. Thing is, nobody from either their New York home or the Kenyan reserve seemingly comes looking for the missing animals. Surely with all of the modern technology at their disposal, they could have tracked Alex and co down?

14 Shrek: How Did Donkey And Dragon Have Children?

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Before you get worried, we're not going to get into the details of exactly how Donkey and Dragon's hybrid children were created. We've all had "the talk" at some point in our lives. However, let's get real: it's not biologically possible for these two creatures to successfully breed. For one, the massive size difference between Donkey and Dragon must make the whole thing impossible. Did the creators of Shrek seriously think that we'd blindly accept this frankly bizarre turn of events? It’s just too weird, guys!

13 Madagascar: Pineapples Don't Grow On Trees

via: mubi.com

There are lots of things in Madagascar that transcend the laws of nature – really annoying lemurs being able to sing and dance, for example. However, one particularly notable unrealistic sight has to be a goof on the animator's part. At one point in the movie, pineapples are shown to be growing on trees. Pineapples 100% do not grow on trees, guys – even though you'd probably expect them to. They actually grow on the ground! Sure, this is only a minor gripe in the context of the movie's entire plot... But it's a gripe nonetheless.

12 How To Train Your Dragon: Astrid's Surname Is Wrong

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Whoever named the characters in How To Train Your Dragon clearly didn't research how Viking surnames actually work. For example, Astrid's family name doesn't match up with her gender. "Hofferson" means "son of Hoffer" – and Astrid is most definitely not anyone's son! Her name should actually be "Astrid Hoffersdóttir" – Astrid, daughter of Hoffer.

Viking traditions make that pretty clear!

Of course, when you're making a movie about a world where dragons exist, giving everyone accurate surnames might not be your top priority. Realism isn't exactly at the center of this movie franchise!

11 How To Train Your Dragon: Toothless Should Crush His Human Friends

via: sideshow.com

Another major plot hole in the How To Train Your Dragon series relates to Toothless' weight. Hiccup's dragon pal apparently weighs a whopping 1,776 pounds. He's one chunky beast! However, at various points in the series, Toothless seems to perch on his human friends' shoulders – and somehow, everyone is fine with that. Take Spitelout in the first film, for example. He seems to have no issue with a 1,776-pound beast sitting on his shoulder. Shouldn't such a heavy dragon have crushed any human who had to bear his weight?

10 Shrek: Did Lord Farquaad Have A Successor?

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Has anyone else wondered what happened to the kingdom of Duloc after the first Shrek movie? Who took over to rule the kingdom following Lord Farquaad's untimely demise? It's clear that he didn't have a direct heir to take over – he was single and childless. Did Shrek, Donkey, and Dragon accidentally trigger a state of anarchy in Duloc after slaying the kingdom's leader? Was there a struggle for power? There's a Shrek spin-off we'd love the see: The Duloc Wars...

9 Kung Fu Panda 2: How Is There A Gorilla In China?

via: kungfupanda.wikia.com

Kung Fu Panda 2 is plagued by a couple of huge geography errors. For one, the fact that there are gorilla characters in the film is confusing, since gorillas aren't actually native to Asia.

They live in Africa!

Then there's the fact that Tigress claims that she once trained using ironwood trees. This is impossible considering Tigress completed her training in China. There are no ironwood trees in China! Does anyone actually double-check whether the little details in DreamWorks films are accurate? Apparently not.

8 Madagascar 2: Melman And Gloria's Relationship

via: goodwp.com

To be honest, this particular plot hole doesn't need too much explanation. It's baffling even on a surface level. In Madagascar 2, Gloria and Melman begin a romantic relationship. Melman is a giraffe. Gloria is a hippo. Just how many laws of nature are DreamWorks trying to break in their movies?! Even if you consider that their films are all just fantasies, and not rooted in reality... A giraffe and a hippo falling in love is just too far. At least they didn't have weird hybrid babies like Donkey and Dragon in Shrek 2.

7 Shrek: How Does Fiona's Dress Still Fit When She's An Ogre?

via: theworldnews.com

We have a lot of questions regarding the practicalities of Fiona's ogre transformations in Shrek. For one, the fact that Shrek and Donkey didn't notice all of that weird glowing light when Fiona transformed each night is a bit ridiculous. However, there's also the fact that Fiona's dress seems to magically stretch and then reduce in size again when she transforms into an ogre and back. What material are her clothes made out of? It must have magical powers, considering it can mold itself to Fiona's shape no matter what form she's in!

6 Over The Hedge: Turtles Can't Lose Their Shells

via: trondheimkino.no

Over The Hedge is a pretty underrated DreamWorks movie. This tale of friendship and food follows a bunch of woodland animals who decide to start stealing snacks from the humans who live near their habitat.

Cute, right?

There are a couple of issues with Over The Hedge, though. For one, it shows a turtle losing his shell and having to crawl back inside it – something which is biologically impossible in real life! Turtles' shells are actually attached to their spines. The more you know, huh!

5 Trolls: How Do The Trolls Give Hi-Fives When They Only Have Four Fingers?

via: collider.com

Trolls is one of the more recent DreamWorks movies to hit the big screen. It's based on those weird little troll dolls that we all used to collect when we were younger and is consequently a slightly bizarre movie. It's also a film in which attention to detail doesn't seem to exist. For one, the trolls claim to give each other "hi-fives," which is impossible considering their hands only have four fingers. Hi-four just doesn't have the same ring to it, clearly!

4 Shrek: How Did Shrek Not Notice The Magical Creatures In His Swamp?

via: reddit.com

You know that point in the first Shrek movie when the titular ogre seems really shocked that loads of fairytale creatures have appeared in his swamp? Well, how was this such a shock to him when he opened his front door? Surely Shrek would have heard dozens and dozens of creatures setting up their tents in his homeland. How unobservant do you have to be to not notice something like that? Maybe all of the wax in Shrek's ears is affecting his hearing...

3 The Road To El Dorado: How Did Tulio And Miguel Understand Chel?

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Here's a concept that apparently doesn't exist in the world of The Road To El Dorado: language barriers. It really seems like some Pocahontas-style "listen with your heart" nonsense is going on in this movie, since people who really shouldn't be able to understand each other apparently can. For example, Miguel and Tulio probably wouldn't speak the language of the people of El Dorado – so how come they can communicate with their hosts without any issue? It's just not realistic!

2 Shrek 2: What Happened To The Fairy Godmother's Business?

via: theodysseyonline.com

Spoiler alert: the Fairy Godmother perishes at the end of Shrek 2. Honestly, you should all know that by now – the film has been out for nearly 15 years!

Feel old yet?

Anyway, the Fairy Godmother's demise leaves a lot of unanswered questions. For one, who takes over her huge business empire after her passing? Her son, Prince Charming, is both hopelessly inept and too focused on getting revenge to run a business. Did the Godmother have a different heir who could take over her company, or did it simply crumble?

1 The Road To El Dorado: Do Miguel And Tulio Evade Justice?

via: keepingitreel.wordpress.com

On the face of it, The Road to El Dorado has a pretty happy ending. Miguel and Tulio may not be left wealthy by the events of the film, but they're still excited to be starting a new adventure. Plus, they've got a new partner in crime – Chel! Thing is, a lot of Miguel and Tulio's issues are unresolved by the end of the film. Hernán Cortés is still out there, and if he finds our heroes, he'll probably capture them. Do Miguel and Tulio successfully manage to evade justice? Maybe this plotline could be covered in a sequel...

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