30 DreamWorks Couple Cosplay That Are Better Than The Movies

Odd as it may seem to label a studio founded by Steven Spielberg, Jeffrey Katzenberg, and David Geffen as an underdog; DreamWorks Pictures definitely fits the bill. In the world of animation, there is Disney and then everyone else. Putting aside the question of quality, since a convincing argument can be made in support of Studio Ghibli producing animation's best projects, the Walt Disney Company's influence reaches far beyond any of its competitors. If it were not for the Minions, Illumination's commercial portfolio would not begin to compare to the likes of Frozen or Incredibles 2.

Along with a slew of live-action films, many of which are about as memorable as a direct-to-DVD Steven Seagal flick, DreamWorks produces a slew of cartoons via its animation department. Spawning a couple of noteworthy franchises like Shrek and How to Train Your Dragon, DreamWorks Animation is undoubtedly the company's most lucrative division. Debuting with 1998's Antz, a solid film with the misfortune of coming out soon after Pixar's A Bug's Life, DreamWorks earned a reputation as a teen-oriented alternative to Disney. Even though both films have their issues, The Prince of Egypt and The Road to El Dorado boast a grown-up edge often absent in Mickey Mouse's productions.

Competition is crucial for a market to flourish. Regardless of personal preference, nobody should wish for DreamWorks or Illumination to flop. Disney must face opposition. Along with a handful of franchises, DreamWorks continues to produce original content that often hits the mark. Unsurprisingly, the studio has left an impression on quite a few cosplayers.

Rest easy, we will not be including any The Boss Baby cosplay. Here are 30 DreamWorks Couple Cosplay That Are Better Than The Movies!

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30 When There Is A Will, There Is A Megamind

Via thehollywoodgossip.com

Superheroes rule cinema. 2018's top 10 highest grossing films consist of six spandex wearing crime fighters, while Mission: Impossible - Fallout is basically a superhero flick in everything but name. We live in an era ruled by Marvel and, to a lesser degree, DC.

In 2010, DreamWorks released Megamind as a parody of the superhero genre. Starring Will Ferrell as the titular Megamind and Tina Fey as the villain's potential love interest, the comedy is an enjoyable albeit flawed movie. Nobody can fault Ferrell or Fey for failing to embrace their roles.

29 A Family Of Penguins

Via deviantart.com/coolyugi

Image by CoolYugi.

More often than not, a long-lasting franchise has a break-through character who overshadows the rest of the cast. Pirates of the Carribean produced Jack Sparrow, Despicable Me spawned the Minions, and Justice League's Wonder Woman floated to the top by default. In the case of Madagascar, the Penguins are the standout personalities.

Acting like they are in a war drama rather than a silly comedy about talking animals, DreamWorks' four lovable birds proved popular enough to warrant their own spin-off movie. Crucially, they earned a cosplay session.

28 Rise Of The Cosplayers

Via deviantart.com/mikle-kolumb245

Rise of the Guardians is a strange beast to discuss. Commercially, 2012's action fantasy film grossed more than double its budget but still failed to turn a profit. Box Office Mojo lists Rise of the Guardians as DreamWorks Animation's 26th highest grossing property.

Despite falling short of expectations, Rise of the Guardians struck a chord with cosplayers and fan artists, particularly those fond of staging crossovers between Disney and DreamWorks. For this entry, Mikle-kolumb245 decided to stick with Jack Frost and Tooth.

27 The Road To Comic-Con

Via deviantart.com/dymatrex

Image by Dymatrex.

DreamWorks Animation hit the ground running with 1998's Antz and The Prince of Egypt; however, 2000's The Road to El Dorado garnered a slightly more negative reception. More importantly, the film struggled to attract an audience and bombed at the box office.

A cartoon starring two con artists who pretend to be gods in order to take El Dorado's gold, the cartoon is not really great for children or grown-ups. While the meandering plot leaves something to be desired, the characters are actually quite a lot of fun. Along with Chel, Tulio and Miguel's dynamic nearly redeems The Road to El Dorado.

26 How To Cosplay Your Dragon

How to Train Your Dragon represents DreamWorks Animation at the height of the studio's powers. Along with an entertaining television series, the franchise birthed a cinematic trilogy that tells a complete and satisfying story. There is no Shrek the Third to derail the license's momentum.

Hiccup and Toothless' relationship is the star of the show. Outcasts of their respective societies, these two unlikely heroes form a partnership that inspires a revolution. Hiccup cosplayers are in abundance, but the same cannot be said for Toothless. Luckily, Dragon Con is a thing.

25 Cosplayers In Boots

Via deviantart.com/skyrap

Kitty Softpaws: skyrap

Puss in Boots: Swallowni

Following the colossal disappointments that were Shrek the Third and Shrek Forever After, skeptics would have been forgiven for dismissing 2011's Puss in Boots. Antonio Banderas' feisty feline persevered despite the parent franchise's unfortunate decline, but DreamWorks Animation lost a bit of steam in the years preceding the spin off's release.

Thankfully, any fears proved to be unfounded. Puss in Boots is a delight, primarily due to the chemistry between Banderas' eponymous hero and Salma Hayek's Kitty Softpaws. In the world of cosplay, cat ears are just part of a normal Tuesday.

24 Dressed For Battle

Via deviantart.com/thelematherion

Hiccup: Zihark Cosplay

Astrid: Thelema Therion

How to Train Your Dragon is not satisfied with simply rehashing the same tired narrative beats in its sequels. The cast grows with each entry, opening fresh avenues for the writers to explore. Hiccup and Astrid embody this sense of progression prevalent throughout the trilogy. Starting out as rivals, the dragon riders gradually develop a friendship that eventually evolves into something more.

Photographed by Peck González, Zihark and Thelema slipped seamlessly into the roles of Hiccup and Astrid respectively.

23 Professional Trolls

Via instagram.com/strikeandhide

While DreamWorks did not quite manage to reach the heights seen by The Lego MovieTrolls exceeded the admittedly low expectations for a project based on a gimmicky toy. Released in 2016, the film garnered a pretty positive reception and sold a respectable amount a the box office.

These points are completely irrelevant to the matter at hand: How does one cosplay as a Troll? Is it even possible? Strike and Hide found the answer in body paint and presumably bucket loads of hair gel. Frankly, they could pass for Dragon Ball Z characters!

22 Legend Of The Seven Cons

Via flickr.com (Daniel Hagelberg)

Image by Degre Digital.

Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas carries the dubious honor of being DreamWorks Animation's worst-performing release in the United States. While the international market was kinder, 2003's critically panned cartoon faced stiff competition from Pirates of the Carribean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, which would go on to rank among the year's highest grossing films.

Voiced by Brad Pitt and Michelle Pfeiffer respectively, Sinbad and Eris are remnants of a bygone era of animation founded on traditional stories. At least, a couple of cosplayers seem to remember Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas.

21 A Global Madagascar

Via flickr.com (meeko_)

Photo by Meeko_.

DreamWorks Animation falls under Comcast's Universal Pictures. How to Train Your DragonShrek, and - if they exist - Shark Tale fans might be able to meet their heroes at Universal Studios Florida, a theme park devoted to the company's quite extensive body of work. The photographer snapped this entry's photo outside the park's Cafe La Bamba.

Whether due to financial or geographical constraints, many people simply cannot make the trip to Florida. While hardly a replacement for the real thing, cosplay serves as a decent alternative.

20 Enter Sandman

Via deviantart.com/narudossu

Image by NaruDossu.

If DreamWorks needs an influx of cash, the animation department can turn to various profitable franchises. As ShrekHow to Train Your Dragon, and Madagascar seem to have run their course, new properties are being pushed to the forefront. Over the next three years, DreamWorks plans to distribute Trolls World TourThe Croods 2, and The Boss Baby 2.

Where is Rise of the Guardians 2? While the film was a box office disappointment, its universe allowed for near infinite expansion. Rise of the Guardians is essentially The Avengers but with Holiday mascots. How did such a brilliant idea fail?

19 Shrek

Via deviantart.com/shoko-cosplay

Shrek's impact should not be underestimated. Critically, 2001's mock fairy tale fared worse than Chicken Run or Antz, but the film scored big with audiences! There is a reason DreamWorks Animation's four highest-grossing films star an ogre, a donkey, and Princess Fiona.

Shrek and Shrek 2 left such a positive impression on viewers, the franchise managed to recover after the trainwreck that was Shrek the Third. Now, in all fairness, Shrek Forever After is the least commercially successful entry in the series; however, the sequel still outsold How to Train Your DragonMadagascar, and Kung Fu Panda.

With the exception of Princess Fiona, Shrek cosplay is a rare sight. Shoko-Cosplay gave it a fair shot.

18 The Prince Of Cosplay

Via worldcosplay.net

Personal preference aside, nobody can say DreamWorks Animation lacks confidence. The studio's first feature, Antz, indirectly took on Pixar's A Bug's Life; subsequently, The Prince of Egypt turned its attention to The Ten Commandments. The latter is rightfully hailed as a cinematic masterpiece, but Cecil B. DeMille's movie lasts for approximately ten hours. The easily-distracted among us might prefer to experience Moses' story in the form of DreamWorks' The Prince of Egypt.

The movie's religious themes and mature tone succeed in distinguishing DreamWorks as a worthwhile challenger to Disney's traditional productions. The Prince of Egypt is not particularly popular among cosplayers, but the few that exist are quite spectacular!

17 Kung Fu Parents

Via deviantart.com/dierqq

Blending Asian martial arts with cartoon anthropomorphic animals, Kung Fu Panda contains some of DreamWorks' prettiest visuals and most fluid animation. The first film holds a special place in the hearts of many viewers, but the sequels are also quite effective.

Voiced by Gary Oldman, Lord Shen is the first sequel's primary antagonist. Due to being animals, cosplayers must get creative if they want to step into the cast's shoes. Focusing on Lord Shen's parents, Dierqq wisely opted to focus on the Peacocks' wardrobe.

16 A Tangled Dream

Via deviantart.com/sistersmischief

Released over the span of three years; TangledRise of the Guardians, and Frozen tend to be frequently linked together. Disney and DreamWorks might never put aside their differences to produce that Megamind Big Hero 6 crossover everyone has been demanding, but cosplayers and artists are free to mix and match to their hearts' content.

The Sisters Mischief is a cosplay group responsible for quite a few awesome mashups, including this entry's Rapunzel and Jack Frost. Elsa and Anna must wait for their turns.

15 Elsa's Turn

Via deviantart.com/whiteravencosplay

Image by WhiteRavenCosplay.

Speaking of the Snow Queen, Elsa is comfortably Disney's superstar princess of the last decade. Tangled's Rapunzel is a laugh and a half, but Frozen's confused anti-hero combines the magic of a traditional Disney princess with the flamboyance of a Disney villain. Even if the latter proved to be little more than a phase, Elsa subverted Mickey Mouse's conventional formula.

Jack Frost and Elsa know a thing or two about snow. Clearly, they are perfect for each other! Imagine the ice castles they could build?

14 Birds Of A Feather

Via deviantart.com/lanyue2609

A common misconception pertains to the nature of cartoons. Some, including critics responsible for reviewing Oscar contenders, instantly disregard animation as nothing more than a string of colorful images designed to distract children. These people are idiots.

Animators deserve the same amount of respect as live-action creators. Like any other medium, art is a tool that can be used efficiently or incompetently. Cartoons and games inspire countless people to produce detailed costumes out of sheer passion. LanYue2609's tribute to Lord Shen's parents from Kung Fu Panda 2 is a class act.

13 Guardians, Remember To Floss!

Via deviantart.com/cosrouge

Photo by Naredo Photo Cosplay.

Along with Jack Frost, Rise of the Guardians' ragtag team of heroes consists of Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, the Sandman, and the Tooth Fairy. As the group's Black Widow, Toothiana naturally develops a bit of a crush on Chris Pine's Jack Frost. While they might behave like teenagers, Tooth and Frost have celebrated their 300th birthdays. Some people just never grow up.

Darkarnival Butler is perfect as the Tooth Fairy! From the small part that happens to be visible, Toothiana's costume looks accurate.

12 Catplayer

Via worldcosplay.net

Comic-Cons serve as hubs to unite people who might have nothing in common besides a shared passion for Overwatch or Spider-Man. These events allow authors to potentially reach a far bigger audience than otherwise possible. Where else could you find Puss in Boots and Naruto cosplayers in close vicinity? Unintentional crossovers are the best crossovers.

The internet is the ultimate equalizer, but that also means creators are competing against millions at any given moment. In such a massive crowd, only the loudest tend to be heard.

11 Shock & Awe

Via deviantart.com/smartispanda

Image by SmartisPanda.

The Road to El Dorado deserves credit for attempting to please an older audience. Inspired by adventure movies like The Goonies or Raiders of the Lost ArkThe Road to El Dorado buckles under the weight of trying to satisfy everyone. The humor is slightly too juvenile for its own good, while children are unlikely to relate with any of the three main characters. As the con-artist protagonists, Miguel and Tulio are comedy sidekicks desperately seeking their Indy.

That's not to say the characters are terrible. On the contrary, Miguel and Tulio's banter can be fairly entertaining. They are simply not interesting enough to bear an entire swashbuckling adventure.

10 Life Of A Pirate

Via deviantart.com/piccolapiplup

Image by Piccolapiplup.

The early 2000s solidified DreamWorks Animation as Disney's main competitor. During a time when the latter struggled to impress with misguided projects like Atlantis: The Lost Empire and Treasure Planet, DreamWorks produced ShrekChicken Run, and the competent Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron. The stars appeared to be aligning for the studio!

Then, Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas arrived with an audible thud and derailed DreamWorks' momentum. Along with The Road to El DoradoSinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas guarantees DreamWorks will think twice before revisiting the action-adventure genre.

9 Mr. Peabody & Sherman

Via flickr.com (rikioscamera)

Photo by Rikioscamera.

DreamWorks Animation is a relatively young company. Founded in 1994, the studio has released 36 projects across the last two decades. Consequently, the studio has yet to experience a dark age. The closest DreamWorks has gotten to enduring a period akin to Disney's '80s output is a brief run of four lackluster films starting from 2006's Over the Hedge and concluding with 2007's Bee Movie.

Mr. Peabody & Sherman shows even a lesser DreamWorks production can be a ton of fun. Based on a segment of The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show, 2014's cartoon is an underappreciated entry in the studio's filmography.

8 Kung Fu Mascots

Via YouTube.com (Inside The Magic)

Founded in 1912, Universal Studios is responsible for more than a few cinematic masterpieces and iconic series. Spread across four decades, Universal Classic Monsters spawned dozens of projects featuring legendary monstrosities like Dracula, the Wolf Man, and the Invisible Man. King KongHalloween, and Back to the Future all fall under Universal's umbrella.

Universal Studios does not need Kung Fu Panda to bring in the masses, but Tigress and Po definitely do not hurt! Does it count as cosplay if the wearer is on the clock?

7 Archenemies Unite

Via Germanpascual.com

As evident by the droves of Harley Quinns that populate each and every convention, the only thing comic-cons appreciate more than a good superhero is a bad villain. Technically, Megamind fits both archetypes. Will Ferrell's alien starts out as a typical Saturday Morning villain, but society forces this role upon him. The same can be said of Megamind's answer to Superman.

A few examples notwithstanding, Megamind cosplayers are few and far between. Now, in all fairness, the shortage of Metro Mans can partially be credited to the license ending after a single release.

6 Hiccup & Toothless

Via deviantart.com/kamirenee

Hiccup: KamiRenee

Toothless: Mie-Rose

Photographer: Zuum

How to Train Your Dragon has a convincing case for being DreamWorks' best franchise. Please note, best does not mean most popular or important. Shrek takes the honor in both of those categories. In terms of quality and consistency, How to Train Your Dragon stands unchallenged at the peak of the mountain. The worst of the bunch - 2019's third entry - sits with a remarkable 92% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Hiccup and Toothless' story is worth following. Over the course of a decade, fans have accompanied these two on an incredible journey filled with action, laughs, and tears. How to Train Your Dragon earned its cosplay community.

5 All Roads Lead To El Dorado

Via facebook.com/YorkInABox

Image by York In A Box.

Strange as it may sound, cosplay and fan art have subgenres. York In A Box's tribute to The Road to El Dorado serves as an appropriate example of the popular category referred to as Gender Bender. As implied by the name, these adaptations flip the character's supposed gender. York In A Box's photo still features DreamWorks' Miguel and Tulio, they just happen to be women.

Authenticity is not always the goal. There is something to be said about adding a personal touch to a beloved character.

4 Eris Tempts Sinbad

Via instagram.com/leya_shion

Image by Leya_Shion.

Sinbad is a rare example of a Middle Eastern literary hero who attained global recognition. Rather than adhering to the character's Arabic roots, DreamWorks bestowed Sinbad with a Greek origin story. While far from the main reason Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas flopped at the box office, this alteration suggests a lack of confidence in the property.

The Goddess of Discord, Eris, took a break from annoying Billy and Mandy to appear in DreamWorks' uneven cartoon. Voiced by Michelle Pfeiffer, Eris steals the show and nearly saves the film.

3 Hiccup & Astrid

Via costumerism.tumblr.com

How to Train Your Dragon does not necessarily push the envelope. Hiccup's personality can be summed up as "outcast child protagonist in every fantasy story ever," and none of the movies hold any particularly intense revelations. Uniqueness is overrated. Rather than attempt to reinvent the wheel, How to Train Your Dragon crafts a recognizable narrative better than the vast majority of its contemporaries.

Astrid and Hiccup's relationship follows a predictable trajectory, but they are charming and likable enough to paper over the cracks. This entry's standout element is the beautiful landscape.

2 Hearts Of Ice

Via Instagram.com (tsukasa821)

Image by Akatsuki Tsukasa.

Another entry, another crossover. Apparently, Rise of the Guardians could have been a global phenomenon if DreamWorks included Elsa or Rapunzel. Toothiana is hardly a terrible replacement, but she is a relatively minor character in an action film stuffed with iconic fictional personalities.

Akatsuki Tsukasa's cosplay is nothing short of magical. Jack and Elsa's costumes are about as close to perfect as they are likely to get, while the stage adds depth to the portrait. A stunning photo that could convincingly pass for a theatrical show.

1 How To Train Your Dragon

Via flickr.com (Walter Pellegrini)

Image by Walter Pellegrini.

How to Train Your Dragon seems like a fitting franchise to conclude this article. Photographed by Walter Pellegrini, this entry primarily highlights the work that goes into crafting an accurate costume. Hiccup and Astrid's attires boast quite a number of easy-to-miss accessories, which tend to be the difference between a good and great recreation.

After scouring through hundreds of photos, you start to appreciate the little details. For instance, the male cosplayer's smirk suits Hiccup to a T. Cosplay never ceases to be amazing.

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