Duke Nukem Movie Producer Confirms John Cena Is Attached

John Cena is indeed attached to play Duke Nukem in the live-action movie, according to producers.

The cavalcade of video games being adapted into movies is continuing with an upcoming film based on the Duke Nukem franchise. New details have emerged about the movie, which now has WWE superstar John Cena attached to the project, where he will play Duke Nukem himself.

The new details concerning Duke Nukem were revealed during an interview with the producers of the film, who are currently promoting their latest move, A Quiet Place. Andrew Form and Brad Fuller will be producing the movie and have cited Deadpool as their chief inspiration for the project.

According to Form and Fuller, their version of Duke Nukem is going to be about nailing the right tone, which is something that they felt Deadpool nailed perfectly. Their plan for the film is to lampoon the misogynistic character of Duke, as he represents a much older generation of video games and their protagonists. This choice of direction is likely to infuriate purists and fans of Duke Nukem if any of them are still around after Duke Nukem Forever buried the franchise.

Form and Fuller also confirmed that John Cena is attached to the project, even though there isn't actually a script yet. Cena will almost certainly play the title role and he might be the best choice of any major Hollywood actor for the part, considering his visual similarities to the character of Duke and his penchant for spouting one-liners and catchphrases in the WWE.

The decision to make a movie that makes fun of the old Duke character is an odd one. The beefcake era of action movie star ended a long time ago so any parody of the muscle-bound Arnold Schwarzenegger type is going to seem dated from the outset.

There is also the issue of Duke lacking the star power to attract an audience to this kind of self-referential story. The Duke Nukem franchise has been all but dead since the '90s, with Duke Nukem Forever acting as the final nail in its coffin.

The presence of John Cena on this project might be what makes it work. Cena has proven in the past that he has the acting chops to pull off genuinely funny comedy and if anyone represents the outdated all-American action hero in the wrestling world, it's John Cena.

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