Dungeons And Dragons: 10 Weapons That Seem Weak But Can Destroy Bosses

In a Dungeons and Dragons campaign, the DM guides their players through a world full of adventure, inhabited by creatures of all different natures. Some will be friendly, others not so much and if the party members want to continue on with their adventure, they'll have to face against several of these 'unfriendly' creatures. Of course, they'll have their own abilities and skills to help them through each encounter but finding (or even crafting) a super-powerful weapon wouldn't hurt. Especially when it comes to facing against a boss of an encounter, or even the campaign! Some powerful weapons you can tell on sight are weapons of legend.

But others are almost deceptively innocuous but pack a lot of power.

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10 Peaceful Periapt Of Pax

There are several different periapts available in Dungeons and Dragons. A periapt is a charm or amulet worn around the neck that's imbued with magic to aid its wearer from injury. There's a periapt to stabilize you after you hit 0 hit points, pictured above. There's one to make you immune against being Poisoned even one against getting Diseased! The Peaceful Periapt of Pax is one in a class all its own.

Made by the Immortal Peacemaker Pax, the powerful artifact comes with a number of cleric spells like Calm Other, Cure Critical Wounds, Cause Serious Wounds, and more. It also has a neat feature where it can be turned into a +3 mace.

9 Ring Of Winter

Items like rings and necklaces are often imbued with great magical properties, turning them into powerful artifacts and even weapons. The Ring of Winter grants its wearer many different abilities, though it often tries to take control of them and compel them to do chaotically evil things. It makes the wearer immune to cold and stops them from aging, and also shields them from divination magic. It gives its wearer a number of ice-related spells like Ice Storm, Wall of Ice and Cone of Cold. It also lets its wearer create animated creatures and inanimate objects of ice, like weapons!

8 Tinderstrike

No one would assume a flint dagger would have the capabilities to take down a boss, but the Tinderstrike is no ordinary dagger. It's a legendary weapon that's unnaturally sharp, always warm to the touch, and sparks when it lands a strike on something solid. This legendary dagger has a spark of the Gargantuan Elemental Imix, the Prince of Evil Fire. The wielder of it gets a +2 buff on their attack and damage rolls when they use it and their targets take additional fire damage. It gives it's wielder Fire Mastery as well that lets them speak Ignan, cast Dominate Monster on a Fire Elemental and more.

However, with such a powerful weapon the wielder becomes hot-headed and makes them impatient and rash.

7 Luck Blade

At first glance, the Luck Blade doesn't seem much different from most swords, except maybe a little more ornament. But its name beguiles just how powerful this magical weapon is. It's a legendary item that gives a +1 to the attack and damage rolls made with it and it gives its wielder a +1 bonus of saving throws.

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It gives its wielder the ability to use Luck to reroll a saving throw, attack roll or ability check. But what makes this sword so powerful and potentially boss smiting is its ability to cast Wish, one of the most powerful spells of the game.

6 Rakados Riteknife

Whoever wields Rakdos Riteknife, artwork by Bill Harkins, gains a +1 buff to their attack and damage rolls when they use it. When this blade is used to slay a creature, that creature's soul is imprisoned in the dagger and that can creature can only be brought back to life with a Wish spell. Up to 5 souls can be imprisoned within the dagger, which gives the wielder a few abilities like Siphon Vitality, which lets them regain some hit points when they release a soul and an autokill move if a hit target has less than 75 hit points and fails a Constitution saving throw. However, the wielder is haunted in dreams by the whispers of the souls they trap.

5 Ring Of Elemental Command

Shown above is the Ring of Fire Elemental Command, one of 4 rings that are linked to the Elemental Planes. These innocuous-looking rings could be a big help when dealing with any sort of Elemental monster. In the case of the Ring of Fire Elemental by expending 2 charges the one who wears the ring can cast Dominate Monster on a Fire Elemental.

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They can also understand Ignan, the language of the Fire Elemental Plane, and they have Resistance to fire damage. If they take down a Fire Elemental with the ring attuned to them they can become completely immune to fire damage and gain the ability to cast 3 different fire-based spells.

4 Arrow Of Slaying

An arrow isn't much of a threat without a powerful bow right? Wrong! At least when it comes to this particular arrow. An Arrow of Slaying is a very rare magic weapon that's used to slay a particular type of creature. A creature that's hit with an arrow that's been associated with their particular group, race or type (say a white dragon), has to make a Constitution saving throw.

If they fail they take an extra 6d10 of piercing damage added on to the initial damage the arrow caused. And if they made the save they take half of that extra damage. Once the arrow deals damage it becomes a normal non-magical arrow.

3 The Staff Of The Magi

In the hands of a non-magic user a staff can only do so much damage (unless you're a Monk), but in the hands of character in a class like Sorcerer or Warlock, a seemingly "simple" staff can be a devastating weapon. The Staff of the Magi is a magical legendary item that gives its wielder a +2 buff for attack and damage rolls and for spell attack rolls. It has 50 charges and can regain those charges every day.

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The staff can absorb other spells, can let its wielder cast a number of different spells, each one costing a set number of charges. And, in as a last-ditch effort, the wielder of the staff can break it, releasing the remaining magic is a 30 ft radius sphere!

2 The Eye Of Vecna

An eye might seem like one of the weakest and weirdest weapons to use against a boss, but the eye in question is no ordinary one. It is one of the most infamous artifacts in Dungeons and Dragons and belonged to Vecna, a powerful wizard who became an evil lich that achieved divinity. Vecna caused destruction and evil in his wake and when he was destroyed, the only parts of him that survived were his left hand and eye. The Eye gives whoever uses it Darkvision and the ability to see invisible creatures. It also allows them to Dominate a target for a round, give a -2 penalty to a target's rolls and even deals out necrotic damage!

Though the cost of using it is replacing an eye with the Eye of Vecna and it's evil power slowly corrupts its host.

1 The Hand Of Vecna

The Hand of Vecna is often the more tempting out of the two, whether it's because of its abilities or the fact that losing a hand seems better than losing an eye, no one is sure of. But the Hand of Vecna deals additional cold damage when it is used to make a critical. Any unspecified damage (fire, necrotic etc) can be turned into cold damage as a free action. The wielder can deal a -1 penalty to a target's rolls and checks and give themselves a +1 buff. They can give their allies close by a boost to their defense and deal ongoing necrotic damage that can eventually autokill a target if their hitpoints reach below 20!

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