Dungeons And Dragons: 10 Best Dragon Fan Art

Ah, dragons. The second most popular thing in Dungeons & Dragons – after dungeons, of course. Chromatic or metallic, hatchling or ancient, everyone agrees that dragons are cool. Beyond even D&D, dragons are some of the most well-known mythological creatures in the world. There are countless depictions of them in hundreds of cultures, and that hasn’t stopped today, even if people no longer actually believe they exist (I’m still holding out for space dragons, personally). Artists will be artists, of course, and what artist in their right mind wouldn’t want to get their pens, tablets, and paints on something as cool as a dragon? Buckle up for ten of the best pieces of dragon fanart that D&D fans have to offer.

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10 Black Dragon

This multi-headed black dragon is totally about to stomp that white-haired mage standing on the edge of that cliff.

The style of this piece brings back a memory of some of the older art of D&D, from the very beginning editions of warriors fighting ferocious beasts and dragons. Although, this dragon looks to be a mixture of both, covered in fur and scales alike, and its main head looks almost like a wolf or some other carnivorous mammal. Let this inspire you to add some cool and interesting new dragons into your future campaigns!

9 D&D Fanart

Though the dragon depicted here is smaller than most depictions of dragons, it will most certainly mess you up just the same.

Though, by the look of this angry green dragon, it might be a young dragon. Its horns aren’t very long, and its hoard looks like it doesn’t even cover the room. Maybe the brave adventurer down and front is taking a chance on a young and inexperienced dragon, and defeat it before it can grow up and really start terrorizing the land.

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8 Dnd – Brass Dragon

One of the very rare depictions of a nice dragon! Look at how friendly it is!

This brass dragon almost looks to be made of rocks, which is a pretty good camouflage technique if what little background (mainly, the ground) we get to see is where it lives. While dragons have very little to actually hide from, it could use its coloring and scale pattern to its advantage when hunting. Although right now, it looks to be content talking to its friend. How sweet!

7 Iron Dragon

This angry iron dragon hardly fits in its own cave. Maybe its mad because it needs a bigger house. The missing hoard could also be a reason the dragon is angry – maybe an adventuring party’s rogue got a bit too greedy with the Bag of Holding and scooped the dragon’s entire hoard away. If that is the case, that party better get away fast. They’ve got a furious iron dragon on their hands, and nobody wants to deal with an angry dragon. Of any color.

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6 Queen’s Reign

A majestic dragon on the side of her mountain home. She’s roaring, perhaps to dare the world the challenge her rule, glittering golden scales shining in the morning light.

As ferocious and dangerous as dragons are, there should always be time to remember how beautiful and awesome they are. They’re giant, flying, element-breathing lizards with magic powers, and they live basically until something kills them. If that isn’t the most amazing creature you’ve ever heard of, frankly, there’s something wrong with you. And there’s always beauty in something so dangers – the word “terrible” shares a root with “terrific” for a reason.

5 Rainbow Dragon

Via u/ManoelaCosta on Reddit

Another example of dragons being beautiful and amazing, this time with an added bonus of iridescence. There’s nothing cooler than a rainbow dragon. Think you can come up with something cooler? Rainbow dragon beats it. Unless that something is two rainbow dragons – in which case, go directly to Harvard, because you’re a genius.

This dragon also has the rare addition of antlers instead of horns. An underrated design, as well as a great way to make your dragon look friendlier. If you need an ally dragon for a campaign, try adding some antlers. Couldn’t hurt!

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4 Red Dragon Mount

Via 000Fesbra000 on DeviantArt

Killing a dragon? Okay. Befriending a dragon? Nice. Riding a dragon? Awesome.

Look, every adventuring party has killed a dragon. Yawn. It’s textbook, at the point. Check it off the “to-do” list. But how many parties can say they’ve allied with a dragon? Probably not very many – fewer have even tried. And among those parties that have allied with a dragon, how many of them have gotten a dragon to trust one of their members enough to let them ride it? More than one member? An even smaller percentage. That is was truly makes an amazing story.

3 Silver Dragon of the Forgotten Realms

Via Lucieniibi on Weasyl

This bright silver dragon is quite content to sit and relax, something that a lot of its cousins should take note of. Sometimes you don’t have to burn that village of helpless mortals to the ground. Sometimes you can just chill. Take it easy. Practice your grand speeches in case some adventurers stumble in to cause trouble. This dragon knows what’s up. This dragon is probably great at parties – if dragons even have parties.

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2 Slow Circles

Via Gorrem on DeviantArt

There’s a saying that states that if you put any two people in a room, you have politics. Well, if you put any two dragons in a room, you have an epic showdown. And a huge mess to clean up afterword., because two fighting dragons don’t care at all about property damage.

These particular dragons are likely fighting over territory in these craggy mountains, not enough space for the both of them to hunt or hoard or both. Although, that blue “dragon” appears to be a wyvern, with only two real legs. Red dragon is probably going to win this turf war. Bets, anyone?

1 Tiamat, the Goddess of Evil Dragons

Via deviantart.com/dragolisco

Via Dragolisco on DeviantArt

And what a better way to end this article, if not with Tiamat, Herself? Even as horrifying and dangerous as all five of Her heads are, you can’t deny there’s a kind of terrible beauty in it all. Something so deadly, so fierce, so godly – a divine masterpiece of destruction, truly magnificent.

That poor guy in the bottom left probably doesn’t stand a chance. No halberd in the world is going to protect you for very long against the Goddess of Evil Dragons Herself, dude. You should probably just leave. She doesn’t look very happy to have visitors, anyway.

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