A Dungeons And Dragons Escape Room Is Coming To Pax West

A D&D-style escape room is coming to PAX West in August, offering participants a one-of-a-kind adventure that must be seen to be believed. The company responsible for putting it together is True Dungeon Events, and they have big plans for this years PAX.

While most escape rooms you'll find today keep teams locked in a small room filled with clues, True Dungeon is a 7 room walk-through experience filled with puzzles, secrets, and monsters to defeat. True Dungeon Events has gone the full distance with their escape room by including not only actor-NPCs, but full blown animatronic creatures to interact with. By blending escape rooms with Dungeons and Dragons campaigns, True Dungeon has invented a recipe for gamer bliss.

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True Dungeon was created in 2003 and has provided escape room experiences at conventions all around the country. At this years PAX West, the theme will be Abyssal Swamp, brave adventurers are guaranteed to encounter all manner of horrors from the deep as they gather clues and solve puzzles in a life-like spooky swamp. A teaser video for Abyssal Swamp shows off some of the areas, puzzles, and horrifying creatures players will encounter in the dungeon.

Teams of up to 10 friends will enter the dungeon and have 2 hours to solve the puzzles, defeat the monsters, and escape with their lives. According to True Dungeon's website, this year adventurers will travel "through a dark swamp in search in search of the temple of Blackthorn -- an ancient apocalyptic death cult."

There are RPG elements to the game as well. Each player is provided 10 "treasure tokens" which they can use to equip their character, as well a number of draws from their "treasure generator". It's haunted house meets escape room meets D&D, what more could you ask for?

Due to the enormous scale of the experience, True Dungeon will be set up in the grand ballroom at the nearby Westin Seattle hotel. Participants are required to have a PAX West pass in order to participate.

PAX West takes place August 30-September 2 in Seattle this year, passes are available both for individual days and, while tickets are sold out for the most part, PAX offers and official ticket exchange, so it's still possible to get your tickets.

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