Dungeons And Dragons: 28 Ridiculous Rules That Break The Game

Dungeons and Dragons, the game that was once considered nerdy, has had a sudden surge in popularity in the last couple of years. Stranger Things and the Internet most likely are behind it. I personally have always been interested in Dungeons and Dragons from a distance but was told that it was for nerds and losers. Lucky for me, I grew up to be a nerd with a passion for storytelling and games; suck on that, society. Not only that but now it's cool again? Feels like some kind of karma.

To explain for noobs like me, Dungeons and Dragons is a fantasy storytelling game told by you and a group of your friends. You are the characters who together make the story. You can go on epic quests, start devastating wars or simply try to infuriate the Dungeon Master whenever you can until they ragequit. This game does usually require you all to come together in the same room together. However, there is an online version and you can just video call each other and play provided everyone has the materials to hand. There are different classes, races, and abilities to choose from as well as your characters' backstory. It is for these reasons that Dungeons and Dragons has brought so many people into the fold since its inception in 1974. If you're looking to get into it join up with a local group who can show you the ropes as you go. However, if you want to know how to destroy Dungeons and Dragons, look no further.

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28 The Locate City Spell

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You might want to check yourself before you wreck yourself on this one. Locate City is a spell available to many classes and is simple enough to use. This spell allows you to detect where the closest settlement is and how big it is. With this knowledge, you can add many feats to make Locate City more powerful; adding elements like Snowcasting and Born Of Three Thunders or perhaps other damage types like Energy Admixture will do the trick. If you pick the correct feats, you can do crazy amounts of damage to anything within a 10-mile radius of the city.

27 Increase/Reduce

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Mages can have a right laugh with this one. The spell Increase and Reduce have to power to increase or reduce a creature or object's size by around 10 percent per mage level. There is a catch, however; the spell only lasts until the object or creature has taken damage. Reduce and Increase can come in handy to say, increase a boulder's size and scare away enemies or make yourself smaller to infiltrate an enemy base and do some recon work. It takes some imagination and skill to use effectively but I'm sure you have ideas already.

26 Glibness

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Bards are a fun class to play. They play music, cause mischief and generally have a blast the entire game. If you're playing a particularly mischievous game, you may want to give Glibness a try. This takes the power of fibbing to a whole new level by adding +30 to everything relating to bluffing. This means that you can say almost anything and people will believe you immediately. The only someone won't believe you are if you roll a one on a twenty-sided dice.

25 Candle Of Invocation And Wish

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Did you ever want to live out the three wishes genie scenario? The most powerful spell in the game, wish, is there to help... kind of. The Dungeon Master will absolutely use your words against you so watch out. However, if you get a Candle of Invocation to summon an Efreeti to grant you wishes and wish for more candles and a Ring Of Three Wishes; have fun abusing the heck out of this hack. Just don't get mad at us if your DM flips the table in the process.

24 The Rat Bag Exploit

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We're going to have to head back to the 3rd edition of Dungeons and Dragons for this (sorry everyone who owns the later editions). This classic move involved dumping a bag of rats on the grand and casting Whirlwind Attack. Using a Great Cleave on the rats will end them, which is sad, but allows you to swing at an enemy again if you eliminate something that same turn, as Whirlwind attack allows you to attack your opponent multiple times. Rest in peace all the rats who were harmed pulling off the Rat Bag Exploit.

23 Polymorph

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I don't know about you, but whenever anyone asks me what superpower I would have I always say shapeshifter. I love the idea of being able to become an animal or person at will and causing havoc. Imagine my joy when I discovered that Polymorph allows you to do that in Dungeons and Dragons. Depending on which version of the game you have, Polymorph can skew the game in your favor; turn a dragon into a mouse, a person into a slug, the list goes on.

22 Explosive Runes

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Did you ever want to blow up a book? If you answered yes to that then you're a monster, a veteran Dungeons and Dragons player or both. If you want a book to blow up upon reading it, use Explosive Runes on each page of a book; just make sure you won't want to read it again since it will blow up every time someone reads it. Then, once it is done, throw the book at an enemy and have a party member fail a purposefully fail a spell check on the book. Do all this and bang, your enemy is no more.

21 Wall Of Salt

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Getting rich quick is surprisingly easy in Dungeons and Dragons. Utilize all the salt of the earth since a pound of salt is worth around five gold pieces. Just use the Wall of Salt spell and you'll be richer than you can possibly imagine in no time. I'm sure you will have no problem figuring out ways to while away your newfound riches. No need to thank me, have fun building your salty empire.

20 The Tomb Of Horror

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If you are a sadist, get your team to attempt the Tomb of Horror challenge from the first game. Notoriously ruthless, this will make you go through every character sheet you have. However, heading to the Chapel of Evil's glowing doorway will reward your struggle. Going through the doorway completely alters your character into their polar opposite and grants immunity to every spell except Wish and Alter Reality. Things will be a little easier for you after this if you're prepared to face the consequences.

19 The Spectral Hand

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This is some spooky stuff right here. Is there an item you need, but it is behind a locked door you cannot get through? Use Spectral Hand. It is available in the fifth edition of Dungeon And Dragons and can grab you any item from up to sixty feet away behind the door that is under 20 pounds in weight, so no yanking people out of bed (unfortunately). This is useful just for stealing what you need or just causing general havoc if you can't be bothered to bust your way in.

18 Animate Object

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Animate object is pretty self-explanatory and man, have people had fun with this. I once heard of a group that animated a cactus, turned it sentient and made it their pet. They even taught it to play fetch with a coconut. Then there are other people who have created entire tiny armies out of inanimate objects and done ridiculous amounts of damage in battle all because of this little spell. This spell is the definition of not judging a book by its cover – it is indeed more powerful and useful than you initially think.

17 Misty Step And One With The Shadows

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Some classes just don't seem to fit together no matter what you do. Everyone seemed to think that warlocks and monks would not work well together, but lucky for you they were wrong. If you're the type who prefers to mess with your enemies before destroying them, then this is for you. Specialize in being a monk and a warlock until you can finally use Misty Step, which allows you to teleport up to 30 feet and One With The Shadows, which increases your stealth. Have fun pulling pranks and committing psychological warfare.

16 Pun-Pun

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I have no doubt that experienced Dungeons and Dragons players just shuddered even reading that title. For those of you who don't know, there was a time when you could build the most broken character in existence thanks to the Serpent Kingdoms book. The Kobold character could emulate ridiculously powerful moves like Petrifying Stare with little to no effort. This ability caused havoc in too many games to count and has scarred so many DMs that few will dare allow the character in their games.

15 Dragonfire Napalm

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Allowing people to be literal dragons fulfills many peoples' dreams. Being Dragonfire Adept meant you were spitting fire left and right (rapping abilities not guaranteed). Not only that but if you also cast Entangling Exaltation meant that you wrapped your fire around all of your opponents; no-one can escape your fiery wrath. The real question is does this mean that you also spit fire every time you pass gas? I have questions.

14 Chain Of Simulacra

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Wizards are strongly disliked in the Dungeons and Dragons community. Why? Because they can pull stuff like the Chain of Simulacra. The Chain of Simulcra is a spell that allows you to make an exact copy of you. This copy can create another copy and so on until you have an army. Not only this, but you can all cast Wish and get whatever you want. Your DM will most likely rage quit on the spot if you try this or they'll kick you out but it wins you the game.

13 Find Familiar And Gaze Of The Two Minds

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Having a familiar sounds amazing. While in our world only witches can have familiars, in Dungeons and Dragons you can have your very own familiar. Using Find Familiar hooks you up with a familiar and Gaze of Two Minds means you can use your power through them. If you wanna commit a crime just get yourself far away and use your familiar. Then you can be all 'someone ended the richest man in the land? Oh, what a shame.'

12 Brown Mold


Got brown mold on you? Do you wanna destroy an alternate reality? Then put away those cleaning products because that mold is gonna come in handy. What you do is open a portal to the elemental plane of fire and toss the mold in. How does that ruin the plane of fire? It makes it become the elemental plane of brown mold and you get to watch the citizens walk through the portal looking for a new home.

11 Enchanted Water Flasks

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Did you ever want to live in a water level? Do you think the Zora are living the high life? Don't worry, you can live out your mermaid fantasies and do Atlantis on a large scale with the help of some flasks. Just find some enchanted water flasks, swim to the bottom of an ocean or lake and set the flasks to geyser mode. Soon enough you will have flooded the world and watery chaos will reign. Everyone will hate you but at least you got what you wanted.

10 Until The Underworld Is Doused Out

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Speaking of messing with the ocean, are you the opposite of the person above? Do you think water is overrated and would rather live without it? Are oceans your worst nightmare because we have only explored around 5 percent of it and who knows what the heck is down there? If so, there is a way to erase the ocean from existence. Simply swim to the bottom of the ocean, open a gate to the underworld and literally just drain the ocean. It'll be fun watching port cities freak out. Hey, fishing will be easy for you now.

9 Rope Trick

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Do you want to make your Dungeon Master have an actual break-down while playing? Do the Rope Trick. A level two trick, it means that you hold one end of the rope and magic it so it is perpendicular to the ground. A portal is opened at the top, which you and some friends can climb up to hide in, which is useful in enemy fortresses. However, you can take this another step further by climbing in the portal then doing another Rope Trick. Just keep doing Rope Tricks until you run out of rope, you get bored, or your DM rage quits.

8 It's About To Get Meta

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This one is for all the DMs out there. Do you like games that are meta? Do you like messing with your group? Make your story have a lich as the villain. Tell them that the lich has one ultimate spell but do not tell them what it is. Lead the group through days, weeks, years of preparation to defeat the lich, barely giving any hints about the spell. Then, after all this time, have them battle the lich only for the spell to go off perfectly. What's the power? It's a reality distorter that warps the game's reality with ours. Have it end with everyone's characters being everyone sat at the table.

7 Chicken Mania

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In Zelda, if you hit a chicken or try to capture it, a whole horde of chickens will descend upon you to end your pain. I always thought that was a neat mechanic and wondered what it would be like to have an army of invincible chickens at my disposal. Dungeons and Dragons can make this happen. All you have to do is be a commoner with a level one chicken infested flaw. Then buy a bunch of spell component pouches with bat guano and enjoy having an infinite number of chickens at your disposal free of action costs.

6 Turning Ladders Into Gold

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There is more than one way to hustle stupid amounts of money in Dungeons and Dragons. In versions 3 and 3.5 of the game, ten foot long poles sell for more than ten foot long ladders. All you have to do is go around the city buying every ladder in sight, taking it apart and selling the long poles. Sure, no-one will be able to make repairs, but you'll be rich. There's more than one way to climb the financial ladder and you've really taken apart the competition.

5 Gotta Go Fast

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Sonic is supposedly the fastest character in video game history. There are games, forums and memes dedicate to that blue machine's speed; but what if I told you that you could be faster than Sonic? All it takes is becoming a monk, being the Tabaxi race, the mobile feat, boots of speed, a haste spell, and the dash action. Combining this with some really good rolls and you can go as fast as 205 kilometers per hour and reach 1,120 feet maximum.

4 Three Rolls To Insta-Elimination

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Outcomes of rolling the dice are everything in Dungeons and Dragons. The numbers on that twenty-sided dice are what decide the outcome of the game and what you do next. Sure, you set up the scenario but the dice is what decides whether you destroy an absolute unit of a boss or just pat him on the arm. Rolling one twenty is great. Rolling two twenties in a row is legendary and, in some circles, rolling a twenty three times in a row means an instant elimination.

3 The Large Speardron Collider

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In the 3.5 edition of Dungeons and Dragons, it was possible to create a weapon so powerful, so crazy, and for so little funds and effort. All you had to do was line up around 20 peasants and pay them practically nothing. Get them to stand in a line all facing the same way and give one on the end a projectile. Because the rules stated that you could pass an item incredibly quickly, the projectile essentially traveled 100 feet in moments and destroy nearly anything it hit.

2 Impregnable Fortress

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Need a place to hide that people cannot overhear your conversations? Are you sick of people invading your private spaces? No worries, friend, just make an impregnable fortress. Leomund's Impregnable Fortress allows you to set up a specific spot for your party to camp out in but does come with limitations regarding privacy. Casting Modenkainen's Private Sanctum on this spot immediately protects that spot from others teleporting in or overhearing your plans.

1 Fell Drain

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Almost anyone these days is into zombie apocalypses. Whether it's telling you to watch The Walking Dead, how they'd end, or their official survival plan, everyone has an opinion. It is possible to create a sort of zombie apocalypse situation in Dungeons and Dragons using the Fell Drain feat. Using this spell on commoners drains them fast and turns them into wights which can be a problem for level three parties. Use this to your advantage or to hinder your group's progress and you'll have fun.

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