Dungeons & Dragons Heroes Band Together To Fight Cancer

Role-playing games are often about playing out the hero fantasy. We all need to escape from the pressures of life sometimes, and slaying vicious villains to save innocents is a great way to do that. The good news is that it turns out you can help save real lives by entering dungeons and fighting dragons. That's what the folks at Level Eater Adventures are trying to do. They run charity Dungeons & Dragons events where several tables all work towards the same quest, and raise funds for cancer programs in the process.

Level Eater just held such an event in Portland, Oregon. Participants were able to purchase tickets to participate in the Level Eater-original Greenmoss setting. The challenge was to complete their quest before midnight. When the clock struck 12, their actions were taken into account and will affect next year's Level Eater Portland event. Even better, those who purchased a VIP package were given the chance to play with special celebrity Dungeon Masters.

via: Level Eater

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One of these celebrity DMs was Kate Welch (assisted by her dog Frodo), a lead designers of official Dungeons & Dragons content at Wizards of the Coast. She offered her time to the event happily, glad that players were coming together for a good cause.

"How lovely it is to see people attend this event year after year, to have fun with strangers and give generously to a great cause,” she said. “Level Eater has created a fantastic community that makes a dark world better and brighter."

As to what charity was being supported, Level Eater worked with the Children's Cancer Association for the Portland event. All of the proceeds went to the MyMusicRx program, an arm of the Children's Cancer Association that uses the "healing power of music, friendship, and nature to seriously ill kids, teens, and their families."

Level Eater will no doubt return to Portland next year, and has other events in the works. In November, meanwhile, another charity D&D show called Lost Odyssey will go up in Los Angeles. It's a great time to be a D&D fan. Not only is the hobby achieving peak recognition, it's also starting to be used for good. It might finally be the age where in-game heroics can translate to real-world results.

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