Dungeons & Dragons Is Returning To The Indiana-Jones-Meets-Lord-Of-The-Rings Eberron Setting

The creators of Dungeons & Dragons have revealed the next two settings that are being updated for the fifth edition of the game. The first setting was revealed early due to an Amazon leak, which spoilt the surprise that Ravnica from Magic: The Gathering was receiving its own book.

We now know that one of the old Dungeons & Dragons settings has been updated for the latest edition of the game and has a world book that is available right now. The setting is Eberron, which is a world that is known for the fact that it has more modern technology than most Dungeons & Dragons campaign, but it's all powered by magic.

The Wayfinder's Guide to Eberron is a book that gives a ton of new information about the setting, as well giving new options for both the player and the dungeon master. These include bringing back the fan favorite Warforged race back to the game, which is a race of metal constructs that have gained sentience.


Eberron first became an established Dungeons & Dragons setting thanks to it being the winning entry of Wizards of the Coast's Fantasy Setting Search contest. Keith Baker submitted Eberron into the contest, with the description that stated it was "Lord of the Rings mixed with Raiders of the Lost Ark and The Maltese Falcon", with the intention of creating a world that offered the kind of adventures that you would see in pulp novels.

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The world of Eberron is different from other Dungeons & Dragons worlds in that magic is more common in terms of how it is used in daily life. Eberron is a world with airships and trains that are powered by the arcane arts, while street lights are lit with a magical flame that never goes out.

Eberron has earned a large fan base over the years and many Dungeons & Dragons players will be elated to see that it has been fully updated for the latest edition of the game. The more advanced technology of the setting will also help ease the pain of those who maintain a vigil for the return of Spelljammer.

The Wayfinder's Guide to Eberron is available to purchase right now from D&D Beyond.

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