Dungeons & Dragons' New Book Gives You Magic Robot Lungs

Dungeons & Dragons' new book, Eberron: Rising from the Last War, lets players enter a steampunk world where they can have magic prosthetics.

A new sourcebook for Dungeons & Dragons is here, and it comes with some fun new magic items. The book is called Eberron: Rising from the Last War. For the uninitiated, Eberron is a separate world from Faerun, where the typical D&D adventures take place. It has quite a few differences from the medieval fantasy realm, but the biggest is the presence of technology. There's a sort of steampunk vibe to the world, allowing for magic items that have a touch of science to them. Such as a pair of magic robo lungs that allow players to blow gusts of wind.

None of that is hyperbole, by the way. That's just the way Eberron rolls. If D&D players are interested in old school pulp novels, noir, or steampunk, they should ask their Dungeon Master to pick up a copy of Rising from the Last War. The book contains some playable races not seen in regular D&D, as well as fifth edition's first new class: the artificer. Artificers specialize in combining magic with technology. They infuse common items with magic, can use guns, and can create a robotic servant.

via: Wizards of the Coast

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The existence of the artificer class shows just how widespread the fusion of magic and science is in Eberron. Players can ride in air ships, and newspapers play a big role in getting information. It also spreads to the kinds of items players will find in an Eberron campaign. The magic items section of Rising from the Last War details several wonders of magical technology. There's a prosthetic arm that shoots to deal damage. There are goggles that track the aura of a creature. And yes, there's magic lungs.

The item in question is called the Ventilating Lungs. They're rare and require attunement. Once a player does attune to them, they replace the regular lungs. Apparently Ventilating Lungs were created due to the chemical warfare used in Eberron's Last War. As such, they protect the player from any kind of gas weapon used by enemies or found in a hostile environment.

via: Wizards of the Coast

The Ventilating Lungs also have a combat use. The player wearing (?) them can use them to blow intense air that acts like the Gust of Wind spell. Who could've ever thought to weaponize lungs? D&D designers, that's who.

Eberron: Rising from the Last War contains other wild and wacky magic items. But it also has the potential to be used for a mature campaign about people trying to rebuild their lives in a war-torn world. If your group is looking for a break from the usual sword and sorcery routine, you might consider giving Eberron a shot. It's available as of today from online retailers and local game stores.

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