DnD: 10 Crazy Magical Items From The Dungeon Master's Guide

Magical items can be incredibly powerful in the world of Dungeons and Dragons - and these are the best of all.

Magical Items are one of the aspects of Dungeons and Dragons that adds to the game’s excitement for both players and Dungeon Master. Players love collecting this valuable and powerful loot and DMs can use it to drive the story. Most magical items are an uncommon find and there are infinite possibilities as to how many kinds of items there are and their effects. Some effects are highly practical and geared towards combat and boosting one’s fighting abilities. Others can have a more abstract purpose or are just plain fun. With that in mind, here are ten magical items from the Dungeon Master’s Guide that have crazy effects.

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10 Bag of Devouring

There is a sought after, and almost crucial item in D&D known as a bag of holding. This bag can hold far more loot than one would expect from a small satchel. A bag of devouring resembles this other item but its nowhere near as useful and is actually rather dangerous. Any plants or meat placed in the bag is immediately devoured by an otherworldly creature attached to the pocket dimension inside the bag. If anyone reaches inside, they must try with all their strength to not get pulled in. If they do, they are eaten and effectively killed. In addition, any nonfood items placed in the bag are consumed at the end of each day and spat out onto a random plane of existence.

9 Cloak of the Bat

Often when players create characters, they take inspiration from some of their favorite icons in pop culture. If you’ve ever wanted to recreate Batman in Dungeons and Dragons, then it would be worth talking to your DM about giving you a cloak of the bat. While wearing it, you gain an advantage when using your stealth skill.

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One of Batman’s notable moves (especially in video games) is the gliding ability that he uses by spreading open his cape. As long as you remain in darkness or dim light, you can spread open the cloak and fly just like Batman! Lastly, once a day you can use the cloak to transform yourself into an actual bat as long as you're in dim light or darkness.

8 Deck of Many Things

This is one of those magical items that a Dungeon Master must think hard about whether they want to give it to their players or use it to kick off the story. Every card in this 13- to 22-card deck produces a powerful magical effect that occurs as soon it is drawn.

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The effects include whisking you and/or your soul away to a faraway place, granting sudden power, producing valuable or magical objects, summoning enemies or allies, losing powers or items, or gaining bonuses or penalties. Most of these effects are immune to the wish spell, though it will give you information on how to remedy an effect.

7 Dust of Sneezing and Choking

Some magical items are straight up deceitful and dangerous and this particular item is a prime and quite cruel example of that. The dust resembles and magically identifies as dust of disappearance, an item that grants invisibility.

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In reality, when you throw the dust in the air instead of turning invisible, you and everyone with 30 feet start coughing and sneezing uncontrollably while you begin to suffocate to death. Fully incapacitated, an afflicted creature can only keep rolling saving throws until they succeed or die. The only other cure for the dust is a healing spell that cures ailments and afflictions.

6 Stat Increasing Manuals and Tomes

There are six magical manuals and tomes (three of each) in the Dungeon Master’s Guide that allows the reader to increase one of their stats by two. You have to study the books for a good deal of time before being able to reap the benefits.

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The three manuals are bodily health, gainful exercise, and quickness of action and they boost the reader’s Constitution, Strength, and Dexterity, respectively. The three tomes boost Intelligence, Charisma, and Wisdom in the form of clear thought, leadership and influence, and understanding. Each of these books loses their magical properties for an entire century after being used.

5 Nolzur’s Marvelous Pigments

This item may appear to have few practical uses, but in the hands of the crafty and creative, this set of magical paint pots and brush is extraordinarily useful. All you have to do if think of any inanimate object as you paint with the brush and it will go from two dimensions to three, thus making the object real!

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Swords will cut, doors will open to the other side of walls, and pits have depth. One-pot will allow you to paint 1,000-square feet of objects or terrain. You can paint valuable objects but the object will be always worth 25 gold and will be obviously fake when closely expected. Any elements will simply spring into existence and fizzle out harmlessly.

4 Ring of Three Wishes

Everyone knows that Wish is the most powerful spell in Dungeons and Dragons.

This ring grants its owner three uses of the spell! All of the same rules and stipulations still apply to whoever uses the ring. It's worth noting that simply because you have three castings, don’t get careless with what you're wishing for. The more elaborate the wish, the more likely that there will be negative consequences to make a wish happen; much like a monkey’s paw. In addition, casting the wish spell is extremely strenuous on the caster, requiring days of recovery. If you cast any other magic while recovering from a wish spell, you take damage from your body not being up to the task.

3 Wand of Wonder

This wand is much like a gun, if you don’t intend to kill something with it, don’t point and use it. Several of the effects of the wand will be placed on you if the target is not a creature. When using one of the wand’s seven charges, roll a d100 and use the chart in the Dungeon Master’s Guide. There are random spells, random animals materializing into extinct, environmental effects, and other effects that could be helpful or hurtful. Every morning it can regain charges and when it runs out, there is a chance the wand will destroy itself and turn to dust.

2 Talisman of Ultimate Evil / Talisman of Pure Good

For every Yin, there's Yang and these two talismans are the epitome of this philosophy. Both of them are powerful symbols of their respective camps and can be used by clerics and paladins of these alignments as their holy symbol for casting, as well as having a bonus when doing so. Neutral creatures that touch these items take 6d6 of radiant or necrotic damage (it's pretty obvious which one is which) while creatures that have an opposite alignment of the talismans take 8d6. Each talisman has a number of charges and when users create a fissure of holy fire or hellfire underneath an opposingly aligned target that you can see within 120 feet. If they fail to dodge this attack, the target falls in and is instantly and completely destroyed.

1 Portable Hole

This object is a fine black cloth that once unfolded and placed on a surface magically creates a hole six-feet in diameter and ten feet deep. To close the hole, simply fold it back up. Anything that requires air has ten minutes to try and escape a closed portable hole before it begins to suffocate. When placed on walls, it doesn’t reveal the other side so it won’t make passageways. Don’t try and be clever though by putting this object (even when closed) into another similar item (such as a bag of holding) or both shall be destroyed and rip open a one-way portal to the Astral Plane.

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