Dungeons & Dragons: The 10 Most Useful 6th Level Spells, Ranked

Sixth level spells are a favorite for Dungeons & Dragons players that prefer buff, walls and control spells. Now, we've ranked 10 of these spells.

Sixth level spells are probably the favorite for many Dungeons & Dragons players that prefer buff, walls, and control spells over damaging spells. While there are certainly damage-dealing spells in 6th level, this spell level is filled with excellent choices for those players that would rather control an enemy or cast buff spells versus overwhelming them with damage-dealers.

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The majority of the spells listed are from 5th edition. There are a couple of exceptions, but these two entries will have the spells’ details and in which books they can be found. Here are the ten most useful 6th level spells in D&D – ranked.

10 True Seeing

In a fantasy setting full of illusions, shape-changers, and trapped dungeons it is almost a necessity to be able to see things for what they truly are. Casting true seeing gives the caster truesight. This allows her/him to see anything that is hidden or altered via magic or some other means, whether it is a living being or an inanimate object.

True seeing even also allows the caster to see into the Ethereal Plane. The spell has a range of 120’, and has a very long duration of one hour. Such a long duration is incredibly useful because the caster will probably have the use of true seeing until the party needs to rest again.

9 Trollish Fortitude

Recipients of this spell regenerate 3 hit points per round. Any persistent loss of hit points that carry over from round-to-round, like damage from a wounding weapon, are ignored. Any dismembered limbs, including the character’s head, can be reattached by simply holding them in their proper location for a round.

This spell cannot protect against (or regenerate) poisons and disease that don’t deal damage, and fire or acid damage. This spell cannot restore a loss to maximum hit points. The duration is one round a level and can only affect the caster. The material component is a piece of dried troll heart, ground into a powder. This spell can be found in Player Options: Skills and Powers and the Wizard’s Spell Compendium.

8 Contingency

This spell allows the caster to have one spell set to take effect immediately when a set condition is met. The usefulness of this should be fairly self-evident. A player could set a spell that allows for water-breathing if their character is ever submerged. Another great set-up is to have an invisibility spell take effect if the character is reduced to less than 50% of their maximum hit points.

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There aren’t many restrictions to the contingency spell either; the two major restrictions are the spell can only affect the caster and the contingent spell must be 5th level or lower spell with a casting time of one action. The contingent spell does not have to be an arcane spell; the caster can use memorized divine spells as well.

7 Globe Of Invulnerability

When playing with a DM that enjoys using spells against the players, this is one of the more useful spells a character can have memorized. Globe of invulnerability creates a shimmering barrier 10’ in radius around the caster. This barrier prevents spells of 5th level or lower from penetrating. This is effective against spells that have been memorized at a higher spell slot – like a fireball occupying a 9th level spell slot.

Globe of invulnerability is also a scalable spell, increasing the protection by a spell level for every spell slot it occupies above 6th.

6 Chain Lightning

This is an extremely effective spell for damaging a group of opponents. The caster can launch a lightning bolt at a target, which need not be alive; after striking the target the lightning bolt branches-out to up to three additional targets. The additional targets must be within 30’ of the first being/object to be struck. Each affected being takes 10d8 points of damage; a passed dexterity saving throw will reduce the damage by half.

A being or object cannot be struck twice by chain lightning though. This spell is scalable; each spell slot used to memorize it above 6th allows the spell to strike an additional target.

5 Tenser’s Transformation

Using this spell allows a wizard to engage in melee as well as a fighter. A multiclass fighter/wizard casting this spell becomes a truly terrifying force on the battlefield. First, this spell grants the caster an additional 50 hit points for the spell’s duration. All attacks made with simple or martial weapons are made with an advantage and deal an extra 2d10 points of force damage. The caster also gains proficiency with all weapons, armor, shields, as well as constitution and strength saving throws. This spell also grants an extra attack unless the character already receives an extra attack per round.

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The only drawback is that after the spell’s duration expires the caster must make a constitution saving throw or suffer from one level of exhaustion.

4 Disintegrate

Disintegrate delivers significant damage, but that is not the only useful application of this spell. A being targeted with this spell takes 10d6 + 40 points of damage if they fail a dexterity saving throw; a passed saving throw allows the target to escape the effects entirely.

If the target is reduced to 0 hit points or less they, along with all worn and carried items, are disintegrated – only a pile of grey dust remains. This spell can also be used to destroy an large sized or smaller object or magical creation (like a wall of force) automatically. This spell can be used in this manner to create a passage through a solid barrier no more than 10’ thick.

3 Heal

Even though this spell isn’t as effective as it was in previous editions, it is still a very useful spell. Heal restores up to 70 hit points to the target, as well as any curing any disease, deafness, and blindness effects on the recipient. Previous editions had this spell fully restore the target’s hit points, but required the caster to touch the recipient.

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Like most healing spells in 5th edition, heal has no effect against undead; in previous editions of D&D this spell was devastating to even the most powerful of undead creatures. Heal is scalable, adding 10 hit points to the amount healed for every spell slot used above 6th level.

2 Entropy Shield

This spell was not included in 5th edition; which is a shame considering how useful it was for clerics that sought out close-combat situations (or found themselves in them frequently). For the duration of this spell the caster is surrounded by a magical field of chaos energy that increases the caster’s armor class by +2. This barrier causes all melee attacks to miss 50% of the time; this is rolled before the attack roll. Additionally, all fired and hurled distance attacks automatically miss; this includes spells such as acid arrow and magic missile.

Any offensive spell that creates material or energy, like a fireball, has a 50% chance of being negated (for the caster only). Only spells that don’t create something (like charm person), can bypass the entropy shield. This spell has a duration of 1 round per caster level. This is the 2nd edition version of entropy shield, and can be found in Player’s Options: Spells and Magic and the Priest’s Spell Compendium.

1 Investiture Of Wind

This is a powerful spell with many useful effects for the caster. First, an perhaps most important, the caster has the ability to fly at a movement rate of 60. This spell also causes any missile attacks directed at the caster to be at a disadvantage. So the caster can remove himself/herself from melee and have a certain amount of protection from ranged attacks.

Lastly, the caster can cause an 15’ cube sized area to be buffeted with strong winds. Those caught in this area suffer 2d10 bludgeoning damage; however, a passed constitution saving throw reduces the damage by half. These buffeting winds also forces large-sized or smaller creatures away from the center of the 15’cube area.

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