Type Like A Demon With D&D’s Official "Infernal Font” (And Help Charity)

The last thing that most Dungeons & Dragons players would want to receive is a letter from a devil, but that's exactly what a dungeon master can do with the new Infernal Font typeface that was created to benefit the Extra Life charity program.

There are many different languages for Dungeons & Dragons characters to learn, with almost all of them speaking the Common tongue. The major races of each world will have their own languages (such as Dwarvish and Elvish), while the supernatural races will also have their own languages. The residents of the underworld have their own languages, with demons speaking Abyssal and devils speaking Infernal.

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The dungeon masters who want to create physical props using the Infernal language font can now do so with a new product that is available on the Dungeon Masters Guild website. The Infernal Font has equivalent characters for the English language that can help dungeon masters who want to set adventures in the Nine Hells or who wish to use cultists who worship the archdevils.

Infernal Text Dungeons & Dragons

The Infernal Font typeface costs ten dollars and all of the proceeds will be going to the Extra Life program. Extra Life has raised over fifty million dollars for sick children since 2008 through different gaming marathon events. The Extra Life program is part of the Children's Miracle Network Hospitals charity, which is a non-profit organization that raises money for children's hospitals.

Fictitious languages have been a part of the fantasy genre for a long time, with Tolkien's Elvish being the most famous example. Dungeons & Dragons has often used puzzles based around language, with players needing to piece together the meaning of written messages by working out individual letters and words. One example of this involves decoding the secret runes and glyphs used by the Aboleth in Night Below in order to work out their messages. The dungeon masters who want to do something similar with the Infernal language can now do so with the Infernal Font, with all of the money going to a worthy cause.

Source: Dungeon Masters Guild

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