Dungeons & Dragons' Latest Unearthed Arcana Features A Beekeeper Ranger Subclass

The folks over at Wizards of the Coast appear to be brewing up something big for a future Dungeons & Dragons book. They've been testing new subclass options for each of the classes and unveiling them to the public as Unearthed Arcana. The last few weeks have seen fun and bizarre twists on the classic classes, from a bard that bends the truth with clever phrasing to a druid that uses fire to heal. Three more were recently revealed this week, providing new options for the  ranger, fighter, and rogue.

The ranger received the most fascinating new archetype by far. It's called the Swarmkeeper, and depending on the player, it turns the ranger into a friendly beekeeper or a living hive for a magical swarm. The official text says that the Swarmkeeper ranger "magically attracts a swarm of fey spirits that look like Tiny beasts of your choice." This swarm can attack, form a mage hand, or become a sphere of angry bugs at higher levels. It also stays with the ranger forevermore, and the text even notes that this feature will probably creep other party members out.

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The fighter, meanwhile, got an archetype made for those who love magic warriors. Dubbed the Rune Knight, it gives the fighter the ability to inscribe magic runes onto their weapons and armor. The runes grant bonuses to ability checks, and the fighter has a choice of what abilities they want to focus on. They can also be invoked for magical effects like granting darkvision or causing enemies to enter a stupor. At later levels, the Rune Knight gains giants' strength and can grant this boon to others.

The last new archetype belongs to the rogue, and it's a strange one. The Revived is its name. It comes with the realization that the rogue has actually died before. Some supernatural force brought them back, but the process left them with a connection to the afterlife. Now the rogue can tap into past lives, gaining new proficiencies and even personality traits as these previous personas come back to the forefront. The Revived's later-level talents include speaking with the dead and using the ethereal plane to teleport.

Anyone wanting to learn more about the Swarmkeeper, Rune Knight, and Revived can download the Unearthed Arcana document here. Just remember that WOTC released these new subclasses as playtest content. They are usable in a home game if the Dungeon Master okays it, but they're not yet legal for official play. That will have to wait until after the survey period, and whenever this content is released in an official Dungeons & Dragons book.

Source: Wizards of the Coast

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