30 Rare Dungeons & Dragons Weapons That Are Impossible To Find (And Where To Find Them)

If you have never played Dungeons & Dragons (or D&D for short), I am honestly and truly excited for you. If you've never played it before, that means you get to discover it for the first time, and there is nothing more enjoyable than getting settled into a game of D&D for the first time. The first time you get a critical roll, the first time you indulge in role-playing your character, the first time you discover treasure, and the first time you defeat a foe with your group of adventurers are going to be some of the best moments of your life.

And just wait till you get your first rare weapon. These weapons can be anything from a mace to a longbow, but you can bet your behind that they will have magical perks. The only problem with these babies is that they are incredibly difficult to acquire (especially if you have a very stingy Dungeon Master). You could go through a whole campaign and never find them. Plus, how are you supposed to know the history of these weapons and how they work without a little help from your friendly neighborhood list-writer?

When it comes to D&D, I've got you covered. I have been playing D&D since I was six years old. That's a long time to go on adventures and collect legendary weapons across various campaigns. I know my way around a tabletop game. You want to know about D&D stuff? I'm your man. Read on if you want to get yourself a brand-spanking new D&D weapon that will be the envy of your friends.

30 The Orcsplitter Is Not Meant For Orcs

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If you are playing as a Half-Orc or Orc in your D&D campaign, I'm afraid the Orcsplitter is not for you. Rather, it is meant to demolish Orcs. So if you have any Orc blood in you, you cannot attune to this weapon.

It is a giant battleaxe meant for cleaving past the natural resistances Orcs possess. It negates an Orc's Relentless Endurance ability. So you will likely find the Orcsplitter hidden away by Orcs who don't want its destructive power released or in the custody of those who loathe the Orcs.

29 The Nine Lives Stealer Can Smite You With One Stroke

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I have never found the Nine Lives Stealer, but if I do, I will use it every opportunity I get. This is an extremely rare sword that has the chance to fell an enemy with one swipe. If you hit an enemy with a critical hit and their health is anywhere below 100, your enemy has to try a Constitution saving throw.

If they fail that throw, they are slain instantly. Instantly. The Nine Lives Stealer just draws the life force out of them. Don't expect to find this sword anywhere but in the deepest of dungeons or the most dangerous of fortresses.

28 The Hammer Of Thunderbolts Can Cause Thunderclaps

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The Hammer of Thunderbolts is actually a maul. But it's got the "thunderbolts" part of its name down. It can unleash a stupendous thunderclap that can stun enemies within 30 feet of it.

Plus, if the weapon is paired with a belt of giant strength and gauntlets of ogre power, it can be used as the Giant's Bane. As such, expect to find the Hammer of Thunderbolts hidden away in a giant's lair or in the home of a giant slayer. Just remember to have that belt and those gauntlets handy when you find it.

27 Paladins Need A Sword For Themselves

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Paladins make for great fighters with a heap of magical abilities at their disposal. As such, it makes sense that the ideal weapon for them would be known as the Holy Avenger. The Holy Avenger is a sword that can only be attuned by a paladin. It deals radiant damage to undead and fiends.

Unless your Dungeon Master decides to hide it in a deviously arranged cave, you might find this weapon in a religious center paladins might frequent. A cleric's guild might keep it as well.

26 Drown Your Enemies With This Special Trident

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Not all legendary weapons in D&D have to be swords. Drown is a magical trident that you can use to attack your enemies. You can strike your enemies with it and deal some extra cold damage.

Or, conversely, you can use it to control water elementals, speak Aquan, or create a devastation orb of water. So if your Dungeon Master takes you on an underwater adventure and you find some Aquan temples, explore those places thoroughly. Drown might be secreted in some cavern.

25 A Speedy Scimitar Is The Best Scimitar

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The Scimitar of Speed can give your character access to a flurry of blows. Not only can you use your regular action to attack with it, but you can also use your bonus action to slice at someone once again.

And if your character just so happens to have Extra Attack as one of their abilities, that means you will have three attacks at your disposal. This scimitar is not so rare a find as other weapons I have listed, but you can be sure your Dungeon Master won't just hand it over to you willy-nilly.

24 The Obviously Named Sword Of Sharpness Is Sharp

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While the name of this weapon might seem a tad simple, there is nothing simple about how this weapon works. It can deal 4d6 slashing damage if you get a critical hit. Plus, if you roll another critical roll, you will be able to sever the limb of whatever you're attacking. (If whatever you're attacking has limbs, that is.)

The Sword of Sharpness can also shed bright light with a simple Command word. My Dungeon Master hid this sword in a cave so that my group could find out about its utility as a lantern.

23 The Greater Silver Sword Is Great For Astral Attacks

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The Greater Silver Sword, also known as the Githyanki Silver Sword, has the ability to attack astral beings. As you progress in your campaign, your character will face tougher and tougher opponents. Sooner or later, you will have to fight enemies who are not even made of flesh and blood. If and when you do, you'll be thankful to have a Greater Silver Sword at your disposal.

This is a sacred weapon, and you will most likely find it near Githyanki settlements. (Here's hoping your Dungeon Master has Githyanki in his/her world.)

22 When Your Sword Dances For You, Your Enemies Will Quake

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The best kind of sword is one you don't even have to hold. Enter the Dancing Sword. The Dancing Sword can be commanded to hover around you and fight your opponents for you while in the air. So while it fights beside you, you can hold another weapon and attack at the same time.

The Dancing Sword is like a buddy or at the very least like having two weapons at the same time. You can find these darlings in treasure holds, magical armories, and from the scabbards of your felled opponents.

21 The Wave Is One Of The Oldest Legendary Weapons In D&D

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The Wave is another rare trident, but it is different from the Drown. For one thing, this weapon heralds from the 1st edition of D&D, which grants it a higher status of rarity. For another, it is a sentient weapon. That means that it has a mind of its own.

It only allows itself to be wielded by a character devoted to a sea god. (So if that's not you, too bad so sad.) This weapon, like the Drown, can most likely be found in underwater temples or in other aquatic regions.

20 Use The Defender To Add To Your Armor

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A legendary weapon does not have to be a great tool of destruction. Sometimes, a person needs stability and defense from their sword instead. The Defender is perfect for this.

While using this sword, you can transfer some of its attack bonus to your Armor Class until the start of your next turn. For anyone who has played a single game of D&D, you should know what a boon that is. Unfortunately, this weapon has no set place to appear in. It is entirely up to your Dungeon Master.

19 Only Use The Oathbow Against Your Sworn Enemy

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The Oathbow is a rare longbow of Elvish make. It requires attunement, but you won't regret it once it happens. You whisper to your bow in Elvish a command phrase that marks a person as your "sworn enemy."

After that command, you have advantage on all attack rolls with this guy.

Plus, the poor fool will not be able to use cover properly. You will most likely find this bow in an Elvish country, wherever your Dungeon Master has placed it on the map.

18 The Power Of The Sun At The Tip Of Your Blade

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The Sun Blade is a rare weapon that always makes me think of a lightsaber from Star Wars. However, this longsword has a blade of pure radiance instead of metal. It deals radiant damage instead of the usual slashing damage that a regular sword can unleash.

It also functions as a pretty nifty torch in dark places. My group of adventurers found the Sun Blade in a church for the sun god Pelor. Consider looking in such places if you want to find the Sun Blade for yourself.

17 Don't Pick Your Teeth With The Ironfang

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Ironfang is a war pick. It looks like a fancy tool a miner could use to chip at stone walls. However, the Ironfang packs a bigger punch than a regular, old pick. This pick is immune to nearly any type of corrosion, so you don't have to worry about it rusting on you.

It helps you shatter earth-related enemies and can help you find precious stones. You will most likely find this devastating weapon in the hands of an earth elemental. You will probably have to pry it from their fingers before you can use it.

16 The Sentient Blade Of The Moon

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My friends and I once played a D&D campaign where one of them was an Elven druid. She liked to cast the spell Moonbeam constantly. So when we came across a Moonblade in an ancient Elven keep, we let her have it. She became the most OP player in our group.

The Moonblade was sentient and let our druid wield it in pursuits beneficial to Elven-kind. It functioned a bit like Defender and could release freezing blue flames that caused 1d6 cold damage.

15 The Dark Greatsword Of Hazirawn

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Sentient weapons are all the rage in D&D. Who doesn't want a weapon that can think for itself? It can deal necrotic damage with every swing of its mighty blade.

You can probably find it in the lands of the Netherese.

It can also hold four spells: Detect Magic, Detect Good, Detect Evil, and Detect Thoughts. Plus, I always pictured it looking like a massive sword with dark spikes and an ornate hilt. With a name like Hazirawn, it has to be good.

14 Feel The Icy Cold Of The Frost Brand

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Fire is often used by spellcasters to hurt you and your group. With the Frost Brand, fire damage can be a thing of the past (if you've attuned to it). The Frost Brand is a magical sword that can extinguish non-magical fire within 30 feet of you.

And if you swing it and hit someone with it, they have to take an extra 1d6 of cold damage. You will most likely find this weapon in areas filled with thick snows and freezing winds. Where else would you find a weapon called Frost Brand?

13 One Weapon That Can Be All Weapons

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Have you ever held a sword and wished for a moment that it was a great axe? Have you ever held a great axe and wished for a longbow?

With the Polymorph Blade, you can have all those weapons at your fingertips.

The Polymorph spell allows you to change your own form. The Polymorph Blade can change its form to be any weapon you want (for the most part). There are some restrictions, but those can be up to your Dungeon Master. My group of adventurers has never come across a Polymorph Blade, but its magic Elven runes denote an Elvish origin.

12 Rakdos Riteknife Takes Inspiration From Magic: The Gathering

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D&D is all about adapting, and the best Dungeon Masters create worlds that take inspiration from the numerous fantasy worlds others have created. My own Dungeon Master is a huge Magic: The Gathering fan, and he incorporated a legendary weapon from there into our game.

Rakdos Riteknife is a small dagger with a big bite. It's an Artifact card in Magic, but in D&D, it's a weapon that deals far more damage than your ordinary dagger.

11 The Mjolnir Warhammer For Dwarves

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Despite its name of Dwarven Thrower, you don't actually throw dwarves with this mighty Warhammer. Instead, the Warhammer is thrown by a dwarf, and the really cool thing about it is that it comes back to the dwarf's hand. Hence, the name of Dwarven Thrower.

It's like Kratos' axe, Leviathan, in God of War or Thor's hammer, Mjolnir. You can most likely find this formidable weapon in the home of a dwarf lord or in caverns that dwarves were excavating.

10 This Vorpal Sword Does More Than Snicker-Snack

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Vorpal Swords are legendary. You can spend years playing D&D like I have and never get your hands on one of them.

These blades have a tendency to go for the head.

If you roll a critical hit with a Vorpal Sword in hand, you immediately slice off the head of whoever you were attacking. This only fails if the creature you're attacking has no head. If that's the case, you deal 6d8 slashing damage. If I knew where to find a Vorpal Sword, I would have gone out of my way to get it.

9 Dawnbringer Came From The Underdark

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Dawnbringer is an ancient sword that is similar to a Sun Blade. Its hilt is ornate and golden. While holding onto this hilt, you can cause a blade of radiance appear that deals extra damage to undead foes.

This blade can be used with finesse, meaning it can be attacked with Dexterity instead of Strength. It is also sentient. It wishes to fight the forces of darkness, so you better hope that your alignment, when you find the Dawnbringer, is Neutral Good.

8 When You Want To Fight Humans, Use Gurt's Greataxe

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Gurt's Greataxe was made and used by the giants in the war against humans, so giant lands are where you should start looking for it. It is massive and particularly injurious toward humans. (So if your group has some humans in it, try not to swing Gurt's Greataxe at them).

Don't try and use this item if you're a small person. Seriously, the thing was 24 pounds last I checked. Its weight might have changed at some point during the transition between D&D editions.

7 How Can You Get A Sword Of Answering?

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There are only nine Swords of Answering in the realm of Greyhawk. Each Sword of Answering has an alignment, and it can only be used by a person with the same alignment as it.

What makes these Swords of Answering so special is their ability to...talk back to their opponent. And by "talk back," I mean in the language of swords. If an enemy deals you damage, you can use your Sword of Answering to make a melee attack on them on the spot with your reaction.

6 Overwhelm Your Enemies With This Hammer

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Whelm is a legendary weapon hailing all the way back to the 1st edition of D&D. It's a hammer of dwarven make, so I'm sure you might be able to find it in a dwarven realm. I say "might" because it all depends on whether your Dungeon Master places it in his campaign.

This sentient hammer can only be used by a dwarf.

Unfortunately, aside from 1d8 bludgeoning damage on a hit, Whelm also gives its user a touch of agoraphobia. You have disadvantage on attack hits if you can see the sky while using it.

5 Pick Your Arrow Of Slaying With Care

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I'll be honest with you, I'm much more fond of being a melee fighter than a ranged one. So arrows and the conveniences they bestow are not my cup of tea. But even I can't deny the power of an Arrow of Slaying.

These are arrows specific to slaying a specific kind of beast, like a dragon.

If you hit a creature you are meant to hit with an Arrow of Slaying, there's a high possibility that that creature will take 6d10 piercing damage. Whoever thought arrows dealt little damage is a fool.

4 The Windvane Is A Spear Of Drow Origin

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Before you get confused, let me assure you that the Windvane is not some fantasy weather vane in the shape of a rooster. It is a powerful, legendary spear with a Drow background.

And, boy, it confers power to its bearer. You can deal lightning damage to your foes. You can learn the Auran language while holding it. You can wield some control over air elementals. Best of all, you can gain the ability to hover and fly. Now that is what I call a magical spear.

3 The Curse Of The Backbiting Spear

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Backbiting weapons deal a lot of damage, which makes them a sought-after weapon. However, the Spear of Backbiting is a double-edged sword (though it is a spear).

There is a curse upon it that causes it to harm its user unless it is bathed in blood every three days. My Dungeon Master highly recommended that my group should give it to a person who had evil in their alignment. However, none of us had that, so we left the spear where it was: in a Barbarian camp.

2 Fire Damage Can Come From The Smallest Of Daggers

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The Tinderstrike is an extremely sharp dagger, and despite its diminutive size, it is a feisty little blade. If you attack someone with it, on a successful hit, the Tinderstrike can deal 2d6 fire damage.

It is very much a weapon of flame.

While holding it, you gain immunity to fire damage and the ability to control some fire elementals. No other dagger can give you such gifts. However, this dagger is hard to find. Odds are, you might have to slay a fire elemental to get it.

1 You Cannot Go Wrong With A Luck Blade

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A Luck Blade is a fantastic thing to own because it boosts your character, not just your character's attack stats. If you are holding it, you gain a bonus to saving throws as well as attack rolls and damage rolls. Plus, if you're unhappy with a roll, you can use its "luck" to re-roll the attack, ability check, or saving throw you wanted to succeed.

It also holds the Wish spell, which can be used only so many times per day. These swords can be found in immense treasure holds, private keeps, or anywhere, really. It all depends on how generous your Dungeon Master is feeling.

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