Dying Light 2 Won’t Be Coming To Switch, But Devs Have A ‘Surprise’ In Store For The Console

Dying Light 2 won't be coming to the Nintendo Switch, but users of the device won't be completely ignored by Techland, as the company's CTO has said that there might be a surprise for the console later this year.

With the game set for a reveal at E3 2019, Wccftech caught up with CTO Pawel Rohleder, who confirmed that the engine the studio is using is not compatible with the Switch.

"The engine does not support Nintendo Switch," Rohleder told the publication in a lengthy interview. "We are focusing on AAA content. But I can tell you that we might have a surprise for the Nintendo Switch later this year. I can’t tell you more."

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There's little chance of any of Techland's titles making it to the Switch due to the studio using the same proprietary C engine for all of its games, so one has to wonder just what could possibly be in store for the device.

It could be that they are publishing a game from some other dev but we probably won't know unless they let us in on what it is, something they clearly aren't prepared to do right now.

At the moment, though, the devs are working hard to bring Dying Light 2 to the fore and they reckon 2019 will end up being a great year.

"You can just be sure that we’re having all our hands to really focus on finishing Dying Light 2 and making a great game," Rohleder added. "So we’re aiming higher than Dying Light so we really expect to have a big hit. Yeah, there’s a lot of work to be done, but we still really believe this will be a great year because we know what the game is all about. We just need to make it."

Dying Light 2 is still in development and will be available for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One when it releases. It has no official release date yet.

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