E3 2019: Avengers' Character Designs Will Be Changed Following Criticism

If you're one of the many people who dislike the character designs in Avengers A-Day, we might well have some good news for you.

The first trailer for Square Enix's take on the Avengers was revealed at E3 earlier this week. The game, called Avengers A-Day, features the core group of heroes we have become incredibly familiar with thanks to the MCU. However, for some fans, therein lies the problem. It seems that many gamers were expecting something much closer to their Hollywood counterparts when it came to character design.

Instead, the video game versions just look like cheap knock-offs of the Avengers we have come to know and love via the big screen. Square Enix needed to go all-in, or separate itself entirely in this regard, but finds itself sitting awkwardly amid a sort of watered down middle ground. While many are naturally still excited for the game (us included), there has understandably been some backlash.

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The good news is that Square Enix is listening. During an interview with GameSpot, the team behind A-Day revealed that they had seen the criticism and are taking it seriously. Marvel's Bill Rosemann even said that the team will be "taking them back to the studio" when discussing the criticism about character design.

The release date for A-Day is May 15, 2020. To some, that might seem like more than enough time to make plenty of tweaks. It's almost a year, right? In reality, it really isn't that far off. All of the developers involved in this massive project already have the next 11 months meticulously planned out. If they do plan on changing character designs, admittedly a fairly major aspect of the game, that could set them back a fair bit.

A dangerous precedent is being set when it comes to fans demanding changes. The backtracking and tweaking of Sonic in Sonic The Hedgehog has forced Paramount to delay the movie's release by three months. We will not be happy if the same happens to A-Day. Plus, if developers and studios continue to cave to public criticism, we could find ourselves in an awkward spot where fans' demand of every little thing they're not sure about is changed.

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