E3 2019: 10 Best Games From Microsoft’s Press Conference

One of the world’s biggest gaming conferences began with quite a bang as Microsoft Studios launched their incredible press conference. The team behind the iconic Xbox consoles have developed some of the best games in entertainment history, from the Halo franchise to Gears of War and more.

As E3 2019 launched along with Microsoft’s presentation, gamers witnessed some of the most breathtaking, fun and exciting titles that are either premiering already on Xbox Game Pass or are set to debut soon. That’s why today it’s time to explore the ten best games introduced by Microsoft at E3 2019 for Xbox.

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10 Minecraft: Dungeons

One of the first games to surprise fans at the Microsoft Presentation was none other than Minecraft: Dungeons. A brand new entry from the Minecraft creators, the game will be a dungeon-crawler that will allow friends to team up with one another to take on brand new challenges.

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The trailer showed off many unique aspects of the game thus far, from lava filled castles to hordes of enemies that carry a ton of loot for gamers to take for themselves, and players will be able to wield magic as well in the game. The game launches in Spring 2020.

9 Gears POP

If gamers are looking for more family friendly style gameplay that mirrors the humor and cinematic look of a Lego game with the fun of the collectible Funko POP figures and the epic story of the Gears of War franchise, then Gears POP was the game to see at E3 2019.

The game focused on a humorous interaction between characters as they battled one another through trickery and action. Then the trailer shifted gears (pun intended) and showed off gameplay that is definitely geared more towards it’s intended platform. While a Microsoft game, it will be featured on mobile devices.

8 Battletoads

While no release date has been announced, Microsoft did reveal the epic return of the cult classic Battletoads franchise. The first thing the trailer showed off was the epic hand-drawn animation style of the game itself, bringing a feeling of nostalgia and classic gameplay to the anticipated return of Battletoads.

The game promises to bring a 3-player beat em’ up style co-op experience to the franchise, a move that many fans of the classic will enjoy. The side-scroller action game promises to bring the classic characters back, as well as the dreaded jet-ski level. Yikes.

7 Microsoft Flight Simulator

This next game may seem strange to include as it isn’t the most action packed game shown at the conference, but it’s breathtaking visuals and gameplay were reminiscent of the Forza series. Yet this game takes gamers to the skies as Microsoft announced its next game, Microsoft Flight Simulator.

The game will use Azure and satellite data to create its hyper realistic environments and gameplay. A wide variety of planes will be accessible to play, and many iconic and historic locations around the world will be featured, from the Seattle Space Needle to the pyramids of Giza, a remarkable view.

6 Star Wars: Fallen Order

Gamers have been anticipating this next game for years now, and new details have been shown off finally at the Microsoft Conference as Star Wars: Fallen Order made its debut. Due out November 15, 2019, the game focuses on a young Jedi Padawan named Cal Kestis who is in training when Chancellor Palpatine gave the Order 66 to his clone army.

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Gotham and Shameless star Cameron Monaghan plays Cal, and the game takes place during the dark times after the fall of the Jedi Order, when any remaining Jedi were hunted by the Empire to near extinction. A promising game.

5 Psychonauts 2

One of Microsoft’s big announcements came when they revealed one of the latest developers to join the Xbox Game Studios, Doublefine Productions. The iconic creators behind Brutal Legend and Psychonauts joined the stage, and revealed the latest trailer for the highly anticipated game Psychonauts 2.

In the game, players saw the return of Raz, as he begins his first day of work and takes on a slew of new bad guys. Yet during the trailer, things turned from action fueled to weird as is expected of the franchise, showing off some strange new locations and visuals for fans to enjoy.

4 Borderlands 3

One of the more highly anticipated games of E3 2019 took the Microsoft stage as Borderlands 3 showed off its game. Focusing on the new vault hunters as well as the return of the classic NPC characters fans have come to know and love, the game including large amounts of humor and charm that only Borderlands could capture. Not to mention all of the weapons. So…many…weapons!

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Yet on top of this, Borderlands surprised fans with not only the revelation that the Handsome Jack collection would be on Xbox Game Pass, but a new Borderlands 2 DLC is launching.

3 Gears 5

Gears 5 was definitely one of the games that was not only anticipated, but almost expected, as the franchise has become a staple of the Microsoft developers. While the game was announced to launch September 10th, 2019, the game did not so much reveal any new story details regarding Kait or her journey, but instead focused on a brand new game mode.

That game mode is called Escape, and will take players into the shoes of a team of COGs who must infiltrate a hive, plant a bomb and escape with their lives. This promises a lot of fun gameplay.

2 Dying Light 2

One of the best looking games at Microsoft’s conference had to be Dying Light 2. The highly anticipated zombie survival sequel showed off its story in its E3 2019 debut. The story follows protagonist Aiden Caldwell, a survivor who must go up against or help many different factions in the game world.

As revealed last year, the game is based on choices made by the player, as each choice comes with its own consequences and own branching stories. Theres also a huge focus on time, as daytime is geared towards helping humans, while nighttime is for those ravenous zombie hordes.

1 Halo Infinite

The biggest highlight of the conference of course came towards the end. The studio announced the creation of their upcoming console, Xbox Scarlett. A highly sophisticated machine, the console is due out in 2020, and when it releases that fall, the studio is making Halo Infinite its flagship title for the new console.

The game trailer showed off a stranded engineer in space, who discovers Master Chief floating in space. Bringing him back online, its revealed that they are outside of a Halo ring, which is broken apart, and a mysterious enemy arrives to attack the small ship and them.

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