E3 2019: The "You're Breathtaking!" Guy Wants CD Projekt Red To Donate A Go Kart To Children's Hospital Instead

The man who called Keanu Reeves "breathtaking" during E3 2019 wants CD Projekt Red to donate a Go-Kart to a children's hospital.

Anyone paying attention to E3 2019 must already know that Reeves made an attendee's day by returning a compliment after getting shouted at from the crowd.

Peter Sark, who now goes by the name Peter "Breathtaking" Sark on Twitter - yes, he's milking this as much as he can (and who could blame him?) - managed to get Reeves to pay particular attention to him during Microsoft's Press Briefing on Sunday.

The audience was quite surprised to learn that the John Wick star's likeness is being used for Cyberpunk 2077's Mr. Fusion. They were even more shocked to see the man himself walk out to address them.

At one point, Sark screamed "You're breathtaking!" at Reeves, to which the actor replied, "You're Breathtaking" before telling the entire crowd that they were breathtaking as well.

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A video of the moment has since gone viral and Sark is pretty popular on social media right now. Even the Cyberpunk folks reached out to offer him a Collector's edition of the game when it comes out.

Ordinarily, one wouldn't think twice before accepting the generous offer, but Sark's somehow refused, in the name of what could be considered a higher calling. Obviously chuffed by the suggestion, he asked for a Go-Kart to be donated to a Children's hospital instead.

"That would be awesome, but how about donating a Go-Kart through @GamersOutreach to a Children’s Hospital instead?" he tweeted in response to the official Cyberpunk Twitter account. "That would be #Breathtaking."

Well, this request hasn't gone down well with other Twitter users and the backlash has been rife. Sark is now being accused of trying to strongarm CD Projekt Red into making a more expensive donation than they originally planned for.

"On one hand, nice idea, on the other hand, it's not cool to reject somebody's goodwill and ask them for more," one user tweeted. "CDPR did nothing wrong to making them look like douchebags for offering a free copy of a game."

"You know what would be more breathtaking? If you sell your version of the game on eBay and donate the money for charity," another wrote. "Then you would do something breathtaking by yourself and not reject a gift and ask for something else, which is more expensive."

Of course, CDPR will be hooking a hospital up with that Go-Kart, thanks to Sark. However, the general feeling is that they weren't left with much of a choice because they'd look bad for refusing.

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