Post E3: Great Games You May Have Missed While Hyping Cyberpunk And FFVII

E3 is over for yet another year, and while everyone was getting excited over games like Cyberpunk 2077, Final Fantasy VII RemakeDoom: Eternal, and the Breath Of The Wild sequel, there were actually other games that were announced at the show, too. Obviously, not every game can afford a ticket aboard the big E3 hype train, but there were some very interesting titles announced at the show that have seemingly slipped through the cracks.

So, let’s take a look at some games that deserve your attention just as much as a digital Keanu Reeves.


Are you someone who likes horror games but are kind of sick and tired of running away all the time? Well, what if you got to be the thing that people ran away from instead? If that sounds enticing, then Carrion is for you.

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Carrion has you playing as some kind of tentacled murder creature that escapes from a secret laboratory and then proceeds to slaughter every scientist in the general area. Aside from being rather disturbingly violent, the game appears to involve some platforming and puzzle elements. It looks like it will be a bloody good time when it releases next year.

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If extreme gore isn’t your jam, then Spiritfarer might be the game for you. In this game, you basically play the ferryman to the afterlife. Your job is to build a boat so you can take the wayward spirits traveling with you to their final rest.

Of course, it can’t just be any boat, and you’ll have to create a ship that's to the liking of your passengers, in order to keep them happy on their trip to what comes next. Judging by the trailer, this game looks gorgeous and has some really impressive animations and character expressions. There’s a very strong chance that the game could have you balling your eyes out when it comes out in 2020.

12 Minutes

12 Minutes got a quick showcase during the Microsoft E3 conference, but it kind of slipped under the radar despite its interesting premise. The trailer shows a man who’s stuck in some kind of time loop, forced to relive the same 12 minutes over and over.

Presumably, you’ll be tasked with disrupting this loop, and it has a lot of potential to be an interesting story built on player choices. There isn’t a lot of information about it, but time travel can get very complicated, and if your choices really affect the outcome of this loop, then 12 Minutes could be a really cool little game.


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Do you like nuclear apocalypses? Do you like shooting things? Do you also like farming simulators? If your answer was "yes" to all of the above, then somehow there's a game just for you.

Atomicrops combines the shoot 'em up action of games like Enter The Gungeon and Nuclear Throne with the feel-good farming simulation of Stardew Valley. You can even find someone to marry, who will then apparently go around shooting monsters in the face with you. This might be the perfect game for people who really want to play a farming sim, but also want something to shoot at while their crops grow.

Way To The Woods

We don't have a ton of information on Way To The Woods, but it looks like a charming adventure starring two deer that are trying to make their way through a city devoid of humanity. Post-apocalyptic worlds are all the rage these days, and this game seems to be going for a meditative take.

Again, we're only going by the trailer, but in it, you seem to be playing as a father deer that must guide its fawn through a ruined world that has been taken back by nature. Also, you seem to have magic deer powers, which may be the result of whatever wiped out all the humans.

Fall Guys

Some daring individual recently managed to turn Super Mario Bros. into a 100 player battle royale, and the countdown clock is ticking until Nintendo sends its lawyers in to shut that down. When that inevitably happens, at least Fall Guys will still be around.

Fall Guys involves you and 99 other jelly bean people with funny hats racing to the end of an obstacle course in order to take a golden crown, which presumably makes you king of the jelly bean people or something. It's a neat take on the battle royale genre, and Nintendo won't be able do anything about this one when it releases on the PS4 in 2020.

So, 2020 is looking pretty stacked so far, huh?

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Phantom Brigade

Phantom Brigade is a turn-based tactical strategy game featuring advanced mechs. However, it differs from other tactics games when it comes to how you actually execute a turn. Instead of simply sending out your troops one at a time, you are given a timeline that looks like something out of a video editing program. You then plan out an entire sequence based on the predicted movements of the enemy and execute it with all of your mech warriors in real time.

It looks really interesting, as it forces you to think about how to position all of your units at once, and will apparently have some physics-based destruction on the map. You can check it out in early access when it launches in 2020.

No More Heroes 3

Finally, while No More Heroes 3 isn't necessarily a little-known indie game, not a lot of people seem to be talking about the return of Travis Touchdown. This might have something to do with the sub-par Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes tarnishing his good name. However, if you thought one mediocre game was going to prevent Travis from suggestively charging up his beam sword, you're sadly mistaken.

It'll be interesting to see how a new No More Heroes game will play, especially since motion controls aren't really popular anymore, and Travis's various suplexes kind of relied on them. The various motion-related QTEs seem to be in the trailer, but it's hard to tell whether they're actually part of the gameplay or just a nod to the series' history. Either way, we'll find out if Travis still has what it takes when No More Heroes 3 somehow tries to stand out in 2020.


So, even though these games don't feature a spiky-haired anime protagonist with a giant sword or John Wick, there were still plenty of interesting new games at this year's E3. If this year's event has shown us anything, it's that you may have to max out that credit card because 2020 is going to be very expensive.

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