E3 2019: Gears 5 Marcus Fenix's Voice Actor Humiliates Guy Who Asks What Kait's Sexual Preference Is

Things got pretty weird during the Gears of War 5 E3 panel this week after an audience member thought it would be cool to ask what protagonist Kait's sexual preference is.

The E3 Coliseum panelists were taking on questions from the audience during a Q&A session and the male onlooker - who was probably just trying to find out if the LGBTQ community would be represented in the game, with a lot of titles now featuring such a character - probably could have gone about things another way.

His question didn't go down very well with John DiMaggio. DiMaggio is the one who voices Marcus Fenix in the game and took it upon himself to give the fan the answer he thought was appropriate.

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“Is that your business, motherf***er?” he asked. “Maybe she’s a switch-hitter, who gives a f***?”

The crowd likely wasn't expecting such a response but they appeared to be very tickled.

“What kind of nerd boy f***ing - 'what is she doing?!'” DiMaggio continued, mocking the audience member while pretending to be masturbating.

“Bro, I’m f***ing bringing it, I don’t care,” he would add. “If you want to ask questions like that, you’re going to get answers like that.”

WWE SmackDown Live star and New Day member Xavier Woods, who was part of the panel, chimed in with, "What's important here is that she's here to shoot stuff."

The embarrassing moment can be viewed below:

Gears 5 will launch for Xbox One and PC on September 10 and will be Microsoft's 2019 crown jewel. This installment of the game will feature a new multiplayer mode branded Escape, in which teams of three will have to find their way out of Hive territory after infiltrating and planting a bomb.

The game also contains a map builder mode that should garner some intrigue.

As for Kait's sexual preference, it's not our business either.

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