E3 2019: Luigi's Mansion 3 Adds Vandalism And Everyone's Going To Be Saying 'Gooigi' A Lot Now

Luigi’s Mansion is finally getting another chance to make it big on a Nintendo console. The original was a GameCube game way back in 2001. The sequel, Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon, was a 3DS game in 2013. Now, Luigi gets time to shine on the Switch in this new game which features, ghosts, gadgets, vandalism, and the intriguing Gooigi.

The trailer starts with Luigi, Mario, Peach, and friends being invited to a luxury hotel. Predictably, things soon go wrong, and Luigi must use his Poltergust G-00 to eradicate the ghosts and rescue his friends.

This new ghostbusting device allows Luigi to slam ghosts on the ground, using them to do damage to other ghosts, as well as the surroundings. He can also use a suction cup to pull things over, or simply destroy them. Finally, the pack can emit a burst of air, clearing the immediate area.

We also saw a new invention, Gooigi. He’s like Luigi, but made of goo. He can slip through grids and walk on spikes, helping Luigi handle obstacles he can’t tackle alone. Players can switch between the two, or a second player can control Gooigi. Just don’t get him wet.

Each floor of the hotel has a different theme and they all feature a boss at the end. Luigi must traverse each floor, using Gooigi to help him solve the puzzles and defeat the ghosts.

The game will also feature co-op gameplay, either local or online. It will allow you to team up and defeat different challenges together with friends. This mode is called "Scarescraper," and features randomly generated floors with different challenges. Players will need to capture a specific amount of ghosts or rescue kidnapped toads, all within a time limit.

The mode supports up to eight players, although this is a four Switch user limit, rather than a four character limit, meaning you could have four Luigi’s and four Gooigi’s in what would be an amazing, but entirely chaotic fight.

There is no firm release date for Luigi’s Mansion 3 as of yet, but we’ve been told to expect it sometime this year.

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