Power At E3 Died, But Of Course The Nintendo Switch Consoles All Stayed On

Though power died at one point during E3, fans were able to continue playing Nintendo Switch games, as the consoles remained on.

E3 was full of booths that were crammed full with quirky posters, statues, and, of course, games consoles, as studios come together to show off their latest games. It all looked fantastic, but they faced one problem: what if the power goes out? How can you show off your latest game when you can't even turn on the console?

This situation was tested a couple of days ago after the convention suffered a brief outage in some areas. When the power went out, so did the consoles - except for in one booth, Nintendo’s.

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One of the best features of the Nintendo Switch is its ability to seamlessly move from docked console to portable device. When the power was cut, its capabilities were perfectly demonstrated. Not only could gamers still play, but they also didn’t lose any progress, as the console switches instantly to portable mode after the main power supply is turned off or disconnected.

One Twitter user who was at the convention, Damiani, took to Twitter to suggest that Nintendo could use this in a new marketing campaign.

Many fans praised the flexibility of Nintendo’s newest console, while others recalled the old days of Nintendo, when its tagline was “now you’re playing with power,” suggesting that this be reinstated and modified for the occasion.

Our favorite suggestion was that Bowser caused the power cut. Though some might think that this means the new Nintendo President, Doug Bowser (no relation), we believe that it is more more likely to be the work of the original Bowser. After all, he was excluded from the Nintendo Direct and his sterling efforts to dress for the occasion were rejected.

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Regardless of the cause, the power outage made Nintendo look great. Many players admitted on social media that they hadn’t thought about the great benefits of Nintendo's hybrid console, especially in such a situation.

It's unlikely that the power outage will have much effect in the long term, but it does seem to have raised awareness about the unique benefits of the Switch. As for the power at E3, it was quickly returned soon after and there were no further issues.

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