E3 2020 Preparations Already Underway - What Will We See?

The dates for E3 2020 are already known, and it is never to early to speculate on what we might see at next year's show.

Yesterday was the final day of E3 2019, and already we know that next year’s E3 event will be taking place from June 9-11. This is all thanks to an exit banner that sits above the doorways of the LA Convention Center, and we are already wondering what is going to be shown.

The lineup for next year is likely to look quite different from this past event. Microsoft recently announced that it was strange not having Sony around to present their current projects, though 2020 should not have that issue. Both companies have next generation consoles in development, and there is little reason to believe that Sony will not be at E3 showing off the full power of their PS5, perhaps even with a formal name for the console by that point.

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Microsoft too will have more details about its currently named Project Scarlett. Of course, each will highlight new and unique projects or console features meant to lure fans from one console to another. Sony has finally joined the backwards compatibility club in pledging that its next generation console will fully support both its PS4 games and its current PSVR hardware, which are sure to be a hit with fans who want to extend their consumer dollar.

Microsoft, meanwhile, is likely to have a fully developed project xCloud in place, which is a streaming service currently in early development that grants access to games from every Xbox console, totaling over 3,500 titles, and is playable on a number of devices. Microsoft is leaning hard into this streaming service and wants players to be able to play their favorite games on either an Xbox console, PC, or even tablet devices.

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Nintendo will likely stay on course, making Direct presentations based on quality games. The Nintendo Switch has only been out or two years now, so the only thing we may see is the Switch 2.0 if it does not come out sooner, and new games.

By June 2020 we will also have an accurate picture of exactly how well, or otherwise, the Google Stadia has done. We here are not terribly optimistic that a device that requires a subscription service, high bandwidth, and near unlimited data will find a large enough demographic to buy in. Google is also notorious for starting projects that are innovative, exciting, and then shelving them entirely, as one can see in this extensive list.

This year we also witnessed an increase in mobile game presentations, which did not go over well with some viewers. If next year the focus is on the big next generation consoles and all the great games that come with their launch, we may see a decline in mobile game presentations.

Hopefully next year will be one with as many leaks as 2019, because we love hearing about big announcements in advance!

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