E3 2019: That Screaming Guy At Bethesda's Show Says He's No Paid Shill, Just Enthusiastic

Bethesda E3

So that guy who was screaming the whole of Bethesda’s E3 presentation? Apparently he’s not a paid shill. He’s just a little… enthusiastic.

Okay, a lot enthusiastic.

Bethesda had a lot of great things to say on Sunday. They had more details on the upcoming Doom Eternal, they announced the weird and scary game Ghostwire: Tokyo and the intense-looking Deathloop, and even the mobile announcement of Commander Keen wasn’t the awkward yawn-fest that was Diablo Immortal (although it was still definitely not the right crowd to announce a mobile game).

However, a lot of the crowd attending Bethesda’s presentation were unmoved. Except for one guy at the front who took every opportunity to scream “YEAH!” and “WOO!” and the top of his lungs, even if it meant interrupting the presenter.

If you missed it (or just didn’t notice), here’s a montage video from Twitter user @theSirToasty.

Judging by the fact the rest of the crowd was pretty skeptical of what Bethesda had to say, you’d be well within your rights to assume that whoever was doing the shouted was a paid Bethesda plant. However, according to an interview with the guy himself, that’s not the case.

Eurogamer caught up with the dude you hear in the Bethesda E3 presentation. He wished to remain anonymous, but he also runs an Elder Scrolls memes Twitter page, so we’ll just call him Mr. Elder Memes.

Apparently, Mr. Memes was not paid by Bethesda to shout every time a company employee walked on stage. He’s just a Bethesda mega-fan.

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"Morrowind got me through a very rough patch of self-hate," he told Eurogamer via Discord and Twitter messaging. "I've been obsessed with the world of Tamriel ever since."

After setting up the @EldersMemes Twitter account, he eventually got into a first-name basis with ZeniMax Online Studios, the makers of Elder Scrolls Online, which then got him a paid ticket to E3. So in a sense, Bethesda is paying him to be there, but Mr. Memes says he was under no obligation to scream and shout.

"I was never ordered to do anything," he said. "The developers really only seemed to want us to enjoy ourselves. Clearly we did."

Mr. Memes also admits that it wasn’t just him shouting and it was more like 4-5 people doing a lot of the work. For more on how this crazy guy managed to be a one-man standing ovation for an entire presentation, head on over to Eurogamer for the full interview.

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