E3 2019: Mortal Kombat Ice Cream Truck Will Serve An All-Black Cone To Help Beat The Heat

NetherRealm Studios brought an ice cream truck to this year’s E3 to serve out all-black ice cream cones.

Well, it looks like the Sweet Tooth theory of Mortal Kombat 11’s next DLC character is probably dead. When we last heard of Mortal Kombat bringing an ice cream truck to E3, we thought it would be to preview one of the two mystery characters in the upcoming Kombat Pack. Turns out they just wanted to give people ice cream.

And it looked like some pretty good ice cream if we’re honest. In keeping with the whole Mortal Kombat theme, the cones were dark chocolate waffles filled with soft serve and then dipped in more dark chocolate. This made the whole cone appear dark as night, although it probably tasted great.

NetherRealm wasn’t alone in getting themselves an ice cream truck for E3. Ubisoft also got their own truck and served a selection of soft serve items, although theirs seems more to advertise job openings while Mortal Kombat’s seems to just be advertising the Kombat Pack.

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The two companies even got into a small ice cream fight on Twitter, where NetherRealm compared their black ice cream cones to Ubisoft’s Oreo cookie and sprinkles soft serve. We’d personally pick the dark chocolate over the sprinkles, but to each their own.

Like we said, this probably means that Sweet Tooth (aka Needles Kane) is not coming to Mortal Kombat 11. Besides the fact that there wasn’t any of Sweet Tooth’s iconography on the ice cream truck, there wasn’t really any mention of Twisted Metal anywhere to be found.

So we can scratch Sweet Tooth off the list. However, there are still plenty of alternate theories to tide us over, with the latest being the Doomguy from id Software’s Doom series. We first thought that it might have been Ash from Evil Dead, but the trailer for the upcoming Doom Eternal multiplayer Battlemode seems to feature the voice of Shao Khan, and we can’t imagine NetherRealm giving up that iconic voice without some sort of tie-up between them and Bethesda.

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