10 Changes EA Needs To Make If Anthem Is Going To Survive

EA’s coverage on Anthem sure was extraordinary during E3, right? The joke there is that they didn’t say a word about it. There was barely even a single hint at what’s next for Anthem and that’s scary. This game launched in February and it’s already gone? Sure people jump in and out of games all the time even the looter shooters, or games as a service titles, but this dropout ratio was stunning.

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Let’s not forget that the first Destiny, the progenitor for this sub-genre unless wants to count Borderlands as sort of a half step, didn’t have a great launch. That’s okay because Bungie more than made up for it with constant updates and expansions. Destiny 2 had a better debut, but was also weak in some areas. The point is EA and or BioWare had plenty of other games to learn from and they seemingly didn’t. Is Anthem done and gone for because of their failings? These ten ideas will hopefully keep it afloat.

10 Keep In Touch

One of EA’s biggest mistakes when it comes to Anthem is in transparency. Who is at fault? Is EA preventing BioWare from saying anything, or does BioWare just have nothing to say? This game miraculously came together in a playable state so it kind of makes sense that both parties are a bit sour on the whole experience. Just read Jason Schreier’s report on Kotaku regarding its development. It sounds nuts! All that aside please EA, BioWare, talk to the fans.

9 More Strongholds

Strongholds are basically Anthem’s take on Destiny’s Strike missions. They are full co-op and all end with a big boss battle and lots of loot. They are fun, but comparatively, there are simply not enough of them and cranking through them on repeat really takes the toll on a person. One a month would be a crazy ask for this sort of thing, but maybe there should be one every two months, or so. Is that more fair of a lead-time?

8 More Events

If EA and or BioWare can’t keep up with that admittedly tight Stronghold schedule then at the very least they should create more public events. Yes, there are giant enemies roaming around, but they aren’t marked on the map. Make it like Destiny. Show where the events will happen with a countdown included. Make a better experience for the players. Elongating guesswork is exactly what Bungie did between Destiny and Destiny 2. It’s time to learn and adapt from others.

7 Fix The Loot

There’s really no sense in creating special events, or Strongholds when the loot is busted though. The only real thing to look out for when getting said loot is to check if the numbers go higher. Players do that in other looter shooters, sure, but it’s a lot more mathematical here because all of the gear is copy and pasted. Between the gear and guns there’s only like thirty types of different stuff to fiddle over. Nothing feels special. Again, it’s just a numbers game right now.

6 Weapon Swapping

On top of that mess there is the inability to swap gear while on a mission. If there were a shooting range, or practice area, like in The Division 2, then this wouldn’t be a problem. Just being able to try out gear would be a big plus, but no.

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Anthem has none of these things. Sure, maybe it slows the party down if people are constantly swapping stuff out, but that’s what this genre is all about! People know and understand this. Why doesn’t EA and BioWare?

5 Reduce Flight Cooldowns

The best thing about Anthem is the flight controls. Until players can get their hands on Marvel’s Avengers next May, this is the best Iron Man experience they can get. It feels amazing to swoop around the lush, yet empty, environments and switching seamlessly into combat mode never gets old. The only real complaint here is that there should be less of a need to take a break while flying. Don’t make it infinite, or anything that extreme. All it needs is just a little tweaking.

4 Improve Load Times

There are bad, long load times in games and then there is Anthem. There are two, count them two, areas of the game to load. The city and then the actual world, which are both relatively small. Yes, there are caves and such but those loads take seconds, thankfully. In a world with really only two big hubs, it’s crazy that it takes so much time to get into them. What is this the 90s? Perhaps that SSD on the PS5, or Xbox Two will make it better. That is if Anthem is still around in 2020.

3 Release The Next Expansion For Free

The diehard fans are clinging to Anthem for dear life. Personally it was a lot better than the initial negative comments. However, since EA and BioWare have left even the fans in the dark, it’s hard to give them any sympathy. What would make for a great make up for that? The next expansion, as clearly hinted at in the end of the game, should be free. A small note like that would go a long way. Will that make players come back? It’s hard to say.

2 Free To Play

There is one sure fire way to get relapsed players and newcomers into the game. This is EA’s and BioWare’s best bet. Their Endgame as it were. Make Anthem free to play. If the game is not being updated and if players are flocking elsewhere than what difference does it make?

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The game isn’t going to sell more copies at this point. There is too much bad blood at the moment. However, making it free may make even the doubters take a peak. The more people play the more incentive EA and BioWare will have to support it. It’s a catch 22.

1 Listen To The Fans

Far and above the best thing EA and BioWare can do right now for Anthem is to listen to the fans. That said they should only do this within reason. Sometimes comments can get pretty negative, but there is legit people out there with good ideas. Listen to them. Poll the community. Again, be more forward with the plans for Anthem. Communication is the key to success here and by listening to fan; it can help get the ball rolling.

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