EA CEO Thinks Gaming Subscriptions 'Offer Great Content At Great Value'

In a recent investor call, EA CEO Andrew Wilson spoke of the importance of gaming subscriptions in the future marketplace for developers. He believes that they are as important as television, which changed with streaming platforms.

Currently, EA has been working to grow its brand for its subscription service, with EA Access now available on PlayStation 4. It has also been working on its own streaming service, currently named Project Atlas, and there are supposedly plans to bring something similar to the upcoming Google Stadia.

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Speaking of the importance of subscription services and the improvements to streaming technology, Wilson stated that, “The subscription opportunity is powerful for both players and game creators, and we're continuing to invest in leading services on both console and PC." While the news is hardly surprising, we are left wondering exactly what EA has in mind for the future.

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There are already several similar services in the market, and it seems that there are now more on the way. Ubisoft recently introduced its own subscription service, Uplay+, which allows players to access a large library of quality games for a monthly fee. Microsoft also has expanded its Xbox Game Pass service, offering a library as big as Ubisoft's, but for a better price.

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What does EA have in store for consumers that will convince us to ditch either Ubisoft or Microsoft? This question is an important one, not only for EA, but for all developers.

We're curious about what this will mean for the Stadia, especially since details on any subscription services are scarce at best. It would be useful to know sooner rather than later exactly what kind of subscriptions a Stadia user might have access to.

Finally, Project Atlas is something else to keep an eye on. As streaming becomes more mainstream, EA might offer something more innovative in the near future. However, since we have heard almost nothing about this project since its initial announcement, it seems likely that we won't receive anything new for a while, or at least not until the Stadia has been released and we have a better idea of how well it performs.

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