30 EA NBA Live Ratings That Are Too Ridiculous For Words

The NBA is a very popular place for basketball fans to watch the best talents in the entire world come together for exhilarating seasons of action.

Ever since the reintroduction of the NBA Live series from Electronic Arts back in 2014, the basketball simulation genre has grown by double.

NBA 2K has been the go-to series for the past decade for basketball fans to play as it has represented the entire sport and the culture that surrounds it in every year's iteration.

That is why there is a growing amount of fans that are growing restless with the seemingly increasing attention away from the core gameplay as 2K moves towards microtransactions and streamer-friendly modes like Blacktop, MyTeam & MyPlayer.

Seeing as EA has given a new outlet for a lot of fans, these fans were looking forward to a basketball-oriented game with gameplay as its primary focus.

While NBA Live 19 is a huge step up from the other installments in the franchise as of late, it still has a lot of issues that plague it from the get-go.

One of those issues is the way that the developers rated the hundreds of players in the league, and how ridiculously inaccurate they are in comparison to their real-life counterparts.

Whether it was too big of a task for the developers, a case of playing favorites in the midst of the development of this game, or if it was pure lack of foresight, here are the 30 most ridiculous NBA Live 19 ratings in the entire game.

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30 Joel Embiid: 93


Let us start with none other than the cover athlete of the game, Joel Embiid. Joel Embiid is a young and upcoming player for the Philadelphia 76ers and has impressed the fans with his thunderous blocks and penchant for rebounding the rock off the glass. However, injuries have made Joel Emiid a question mark for a lot of NBA analysts, despite his pretty good play.

It is pretty clear that he is one of the players that will carry the league once he gets into his true prime

Having said that, Embiid plays on a mediocre team in the weak Eastern conference and 93 is way too inflated to boost his star power.

29 Ben Simmons: 87


Ben Simmons is a weird player to talk about. On one hand, his basketball IQ has been touted as one of the highest of any of the second year player. This, in itself, is a controversial statement because of the fact that it is actually his third year, but the NBA wanted to award him the Rookie of The Year award last year because he was injured almost the entire season. Since his play time has increased in the last two seasons, however, Ben Simmons has been able to average some good numbers for a point guard. That is the key word; GOOD. A good player in the NBA should be around 75, but Ben Simmons is way too high on his stats. The guy cannot even shoot a 3-pointer!

28 Giannis Antetokounmpo: 94

twitter.com - @nbalivetheone

The Greek Freak is not just literally one of the biggest players in the entire league, but he has one of the most important presences in the entire sport of basketball. A true freak of nature, Giannis Antetokounmpo can dribble, pass, shoot, and finish at the rim like no one else in the history of the NBA and can do it with the speed, strength, and finesse of the finest players that have been grounded as pillars of excellence. At almost 7 foot, it is said that no one could take him in a one-on-one due to his astounding defensive and offensive awareness. Having said all that, rating him at 94 is a JOKE.

Maybe it is his inclusion on the cover of 2K19, but there is no excuse for this massive disrespect for the player that will be the face of the league!

27 Trae Young: 82


Now, Trae Young is a rookie, but he is not just an average rookie. In his role for the Atlanta Hawks, he has proven to be a threat by getting some impressive averages as he almost gets a double-double with some rebounds to spare. Overall, he just seems to be a really special type of talent for the league and thus he deserves a rating that reflects his abilities as a player. He is also primed to go off at any time, and most analysts and even fans would agree that he has the possibility to become a true star to go up with the best of them.

26 Kyrie Irving: 93


Single-handedly carrying the art of the crossover into the next era of the NBA, Kyrie Irving is an immensely talented point guard that is exhilarating to watch. Having said that, Kyrie has yet to prove himself as a true star. Since his days in Cleveland, he's been trying to live outside the shadow of his former teammate, LeBron James, and despite the fact that he is finally the star player in Boston, he has yet to capitalize on his fame. 93 is just way too high, Kyrie Irving has always been capable of putting up big numbers but so are other guards that are listed in the 70s and 80s.

Rating this young star in the late 80s seems much more appropriate.

25 Hassan Whiteside: 85


Hassan Whiteside is one of the most underrated players in the entire league. It seems easy to dismiss him as a standard power forward seeing as that the Miami Heat is one of the most average teams in the Eastern Conference but it should not detract from the fact that Hassan Whiteside is one of the most prolific defenders in the history of basketball. He protects the rim with authority and has had multiple block parties in the last few seasons, he deserves a whole lot better. Especially considering that he is ranked a lot lower than centers like Marc Gasol, Jonas Valincuinas, and even Draymond Green (which we will get to).

24 Tony Parker: 78

Tony Parker is a legend. There is no way around that. He is a multi-time NBA Champion and has been named NBA Finals MVP before.

Tony Parker is very capable of putting on an amazing performance and can at least get a good average going.

Of course, he is in the twilight of his career and cannot do what he was once able to do. Having said that, Tony Parker is very capable of putting on an amazing performance and can at least get a good average going. Giving his stature, his abilities, and his high basketball IQ, Parker can easily be given another 5 or 7 points to his overall rating and no one would bat an eye.

23 Joe Ingles: 79

YouTube - PlatanoGamesNetwork

Seriously. When it comes to the most underappreciated basketball players in the entire game, Joe Ingles is the personification of what an NBA player should NOT look like. He seems unathletic and kind of like a dad that just strolled onto the court for a pickup game. Looks can be deceiving, however, as Joe Ingles is one of the most skilled players in the entire association. He has some intensely high IQ plays that can trick out just about anyone that is defending him. He does not have the quickness or agility to score on a high level, but he still holds some of the best talents above most other players in the world. He definitely deserves better than this.

22 DeAndre Jordan: 87


Now, this is no disrespect to DeAndre Jordan. A part of the legendary “Lob City” LA Clippers team, DeAndre Jordan is one of the most notable centers of the last decade.

He might not have the post up game or footwork of some of the other centers in the game like LaMarcus Aldridge or Marc Gasol. Still, DeAndre is a limited player. He might have one of the highest field goal percentages in the history of the NBA but that is because of the shots he takes. He is solid, but 87 suggests that he, alone can be a threat to a team. Unfortunately, Jordan works better in a system. And the Knicks ain't it, chief.

21 LeBron James: 96

As an intelligent little boy once said; LeBrawwwn Jaaaaymes! LeBron James is the greatest player in the history of the sport. Nothing comes close tot he complete dominance that he has showcased.

He has been in the Finals for the last EIGHT YEARS. EIGHT YEARS. We are talking about basketball excellence personified in one player to the maximum extent. Of course, he has the most haters and detractors out of all the star players that have graced this sport, and they want to take away from his greatness. Sure, he might not be as athletic as he was when he joined the league (as a TEENAGER), but that just shows how consistent he is. Almost averaging a triple-double per game and having virtually no flaws as a player, he deserves the maximum rating at the LEAST.

20 Lonzo Ball: 83


Talk about overhyped. Talk about overrated. Talk about being everything that the NBA has been known for in a negative light. Constantly grabbing for attention off the court, Lonzo Ball has been notoriously followed with gusto by the entire media force but has yet to really live up to their hype. Lonzo Ball is not an 83 overall. Lonzo Ball has standard averages for a player and only holds more weight in the entire sport because of the windstorm of attention that his father has orchestrated. Until Lonzo can shoot the ball accurately, find his open teammates and actually utilize his crossover, only then will he live up to that 83 rating.

19 Rajon Rondo: 81

YouTube - D Glock

Okay, before this entry upsets the legion of Rajon Rondo fans that are feverishly defending this point guard, it must be said that Rondo is an absolute legend. He won a championship with the Boston Celtics and provided some heart-pounding highlights as he would effortlessly cut through the defense and make plays as a true floor general. However, a torn ACL and ten seasons later and Rajon Rondo has yet to recapture any of the real success that he once achieved. Sure, he still has a couple of flashes of his old brilliance but 81 suggests that Rondo is a big part of his team and one look at the Lakers' record is enough evidence to go against this notion.

18 Kristaps Porzingis: 86


Recently traded to the Dallas Mavericks from the New York Knicks, Kristaps Porzingis is one of the few young players that have the unabashed love from the entirety of the NBA fan base. He is a big man that can shoot and do guard maneuvers like the smallest players, but he's also one of the smartest players in the entire game today. He seemingly has an answer for every single defense set that comes across him and has been just about the only thing that is entertaining about the Knick's abysmal season.

Having said that, someone like DeMarcus Cousins got inflated ratings coming out into the NBA because of their stature but it has been an uphill battle for Porzingis and here is hoping he gets a proper rating in the next game.

17 Luka Doncic: 81


81? 81 for one of the most impressive young players in the history of the league? 81 is a robbery of Luka Doncic. He is a hero to the fans of the Dallas Mavericks because of his excellent play. What does he do that is so amazing? He can shoot, he can dribble, he can pass, he can lead a team, he can do just about any and everything that an NBA player needs to do to become the best player that he can be.

Seeing as he has done this time and time again, there is nothing justifying this horrible rating given to one of the brightest young talents in the entire association.

16 Anthony Davis: 95


He is known as one of the most dominant big men in the entire league. Having said that, there are not many big men in the league that are touted as serious talents. Having said that, too, it is clear that Anthony Davis has all the tools to be considered a superstar. Even with that, it is clear that he lacks some of the abilities that push him into the upper echelon of basketball greatness. Not saying that Anthony Davis is not a big deal, but 95 is an assumption that he can do almost no wrong on the basketball court but he has been the target for a lot of criticism due to his inability to get wins with his team. Even now, as he becomes an afterthought for the Pelicans after asking to be traded, he has yet to accomplish enough to get this extremely high 95.

15 Zaza Pachulia: 77

YouTube: The Diviner

No apologies here, Zaza Pachulia deserves to be exiled from the entire NBA for his questionable plays that have put the careers of multiple NBA players at risk. He has shown no remorse for doing things like taking Kawhi Leonard out of his best season yet and putting his team within winning distance because the best player on the San Antonio Spurs was taken out. Outside of his plays, Zaza does nothing spectacular. 77 is way too high because he simply has nothing special to him. Usually, a high 70s player is a role player with a special trait, but the fact of the matter is that he is only listed this high because of the success of his team.

14 James Harden: 97


Okay, 97 is almost acceptable. What makes this ridiculous? Well, the very fact that James Harden is the greatest player in the history of this sport makes it ridiculous.

James Harden has completely eclipsed any of the expectations that the fans have had for his success. Since his trade from Oklahoma City, James Harden has shown that he is not just a talented player, but he is a generation-defining star that surpasses a lot of the most highly touted legends of the past. He has changed the concept of offense in the NBA, showed the Oklahoma City Thunder that he is well worth the extra money. Give this man the 100.

13 Devin Booker: 85

YouTube - PlatanoGamesNetwork

“Wet like I'm Book” are the words that were infamously sung on the song “Sicko Mode” by Drake and Travis Scott. One can assume that anyone being mentioned in a Drizzy song has got to be a star, and this is no exception. The sad factor of this rating is that it is seriously messed up when in comparison to some of the Golden State Warriors. Sure, the Phoenix Suns are not the best, but when it comes to pure individual talent, Devin Booker is almost unrivaled in his class. He can do everything that a guard needs to do, and excel at it. On top of this, Devin Booker is one of the youngest players in the league so he deserves to get a better rating than this at least based on his potential.

12 Russell Westbrook: 91


Westbrook has been a pillar of excellence for the last couple of seasons. We are talking about the first player that averaged a triple-double since Oscar Robertson in the 1970s.

THE SEVENTIES was the last time that someone averaged the numbers that Westbrook has been able to attain. His hard-working ethic and penchant for excellence have made him a truly entertaining player to watch and an example of what hard work can get someone. 91 is a true tragedy to what his abilities are. Westbrook is a one-man team and is the last remaining member of the “Pizza Roll” trio in Oklahoma City. He is not just one of the most loyal players in the history of this game, he is one of the most impressive and he shows it on a nightly basis.

11 Karl Anthony Towns: 90

YouTube - PlatanoGamesNetwork

When the average fan looks at some of the best big men in the league, usually it would appear that Karl Anthony Towns is just a young player with an impressive stat line to boot. However, Karl Anthony Towns is not a flash in the pan, He is not an overly hyped player. He is a hard-working star with the skills to back up his seemingly endless glass ceiling. He has all the tools that are necessary to become one of (if not the greatest) center that ever lived in the NBA. Even in the 2019 All-Star game, he held his own while legends like LeBron James and Dwayne Wade were there. KAT deserves better than a mediocre 90.

10 Damian Lillard: 90


Terrible. Absolutely terrible is the only term to describe this entire rating for Damian Lillard. Damian Lillard has no flaws as a point guard.

It is as simple as that. He can shoot from way downtown, consistently makes big plays, has a penchant for making clutch shots and has the mind of a true player to the deepest extent. Damian Lillard could probably take just about anyone in a one-on-one contest but he also has the proper demeanor of a true leader. These are the kinds of intangibles that make him one of the most special talents that this sport has ever seen.

9 Klay Thompson: 91


The Golden State Warriors have proven to be a dynasty in the last few seasons of the association, but that has not come without controversy. From questionable plays not being called by the refs, the bad attitude of multiple players, and the additions of Kevin Durant and DeMarcus Cousins have made them the villains of the NBA. One of those villains is Klay Thompson. One half of the Splash Brothers, Klay Thompson is a seriously gifted shooter. Not to take away from his talent, but his sharp shooting from outside the arc is just about the only real special basketball ability that he has. Again, not to take away from Klay's greatness but 91 is ridiculously high for a player that barely has a crossover, cannot rebound well and is totally lax on defense.

8 Jeremy Lin: 80

YouTube - NBA 2K Channel

Currently a free agent, Jeremy Lin is a very inspiring story that has had a number of twists and turns that place him in a very questionable place in his career.

He can technically lead a starting five in the league but has consistently underperformed in many games for quite a few teams since his New York Knicks tenure when “Linsanity” was going on. Even at that time, he was not worthy of an extremely high rating of 90 but in today's game, 80 is just way too high. Still talented, but not that talented.

7 Nick Young: 75

YouTube - PlatanoGamesNetwork

Speaking of someone that is listed inaccurately in talent, here we have Nick Young in the opposite situation as Jeremy Lin. Known as “Swaggy P”, Young gained a lot of attention when he was getting big numbers for the Lakers a couple of seasons ago (and before the LeBron experiment). He has yet to regain that kind of impressive average again, the fans are not ready to immediately deem him worthy of a score this low. 75 is ridiculous because Swaggy P can deliver much more than what that number defines.

6 Jimmy Butler: 90


Issues can come about for teams for a lot of reasons.

Egos, differences in beliefs, outside drama, and even organization corruption have all affected many teams in the league in the last couple of years. Unfortunately, Jimmy Butler has been at the center of some pretty big scandals regarding his departure from the Minnesota Timberwolves, where he severely underperformed. He was once an impressive offensive and defensive swingman, but seeing as he continues to bang heads with teammates, his play has suffered to far below this rating. Hopefully, this changes soon for the gifted guard.

5 Carmelo Anthony: 80


Probably the most disrespected player of the last decade, Carmelo Anthony has proved to be one of the most polarizing superstars that the league has seen. After winning a championship in college at Syracuse, his NBA tenure was constantly compared to his college career and on top of this, he spends season after season with mediocre teams at best, with the 2011 Knicks being the best example. Eventually, he would join the Rockets, where he banged heads with head coach Mike D'Antoni, and within a matter of months, Carmelo went from a megastar with drawing power and the ability to go off for 40 points any night to be a free agent now. Melo still has a lot left in the tank and can ball up half of the league, which puts him into the upper echelon of talent in this case, and that is much higher than 80.

4 J.J Reddick: 83


That is right. In 2019, a professional sports video game has rated J.J Reddick above Carmelo Anthony. Not only is there so much that is inaccurate about this, as Carmelo has proven to be a better scorer, rebounder, and even a better passer at certain times. Of course, Reddick is one of the sharpest shooters but as is the case with Klay Thompson, just because the player can shoot does not mean they can excel in the other facets of the game. Honestly, this one is not too ridiculous as Reddick is considered one of the most professional players with a hard-working ethic, but he is just not the takeover type of player that this rating would generally garner.

3 DeMarcus Cousins: 90


DeMarcus Cousins is a staple in the entire league. His time in Sacramento as a rookie all the way to a blossomed NBA star was a beautiful trip to watch. However, Cousins is limited. Sure, he dribbles well, can finish at the rim and can even shoot the basketball fairly decently, but he is not exactly a superstar. That is only a comparative standpoint, as when you look at the other centers in the NBA there are few that can do what Boogie Cousins does. Having said that, his performance has declined in quality since his trade to New Orleans and sharing the court with Anthony Davis has shown that he might not be the megastar that fans once touted him as.

Even now has yet to make a true impact after being demoted to the G-League.

2 Draymond Green: 88


Draymond Green is the most questionable player in the game. Bar none. He has been seen physically attacking opposing players in hopes to get an advantage against whatever team he comes across and has no problem sacrificing the safety of the game in order to get a couple of points. Being a part of the Golden State Warriors, he is known as a champion to a lot of their fans but known as a nuisance to just about everyone else. This, in combination with his clunky jump shot, lack of post-offense, and his lack of athleticism make his rating of 88 a travesty to the sport of basketball. At best, Draymond Green is an 80. (AT BEST). But it is clear that the hype from his team's success has surpassed his own skill.

1 Andre Iguodala: 78


Speaking of the Golden State Warriors here is a completely underappreciated and underrated part of the team that was responsible for a lot of the crucial plays that give the Golden State Warriors their championships.

On the Denver Nuggets, Andre Iguodala was a leader of his team and an example of how he can be a star in this league. Sure, he is a lot older now, but his production on the court has hardly decreased. As someone who is amazing on defense, a threat at the 3 point line, and explosive at the rim; he deserves much more than 78. Dre is a true legend.

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