Could A Mother 3 Release Be Likely Now That Star Fox 2 Is Coming Out?

Inspired by the appearance of the long lost Star Fox 2 on the SNES Classic, fans want to see Nintendo finally bring Mother 3 to the West.

With the announcement that Star Fox 2 will be included in the library for the SNES Classic and Super Famicom Classic this September, Nintendo fans in the west have set their sites on another of their most wanted: Mother 3.

Although the game can be downloaded in English, thanks to painstaking efforts by fans of the series, Nintendo has yet to release the Gameboy Advance title officially in the west, despite releasing EarthBound and the once Japanese exclusive EarthBound Beginnings on the virtual console.

After the announcement of Star Fox 2 being included on the SNES Classic and Super Famicom Classic, fans immediately took up arms demanding the localization of Mother 3. This is an old song and dance for fans of the series and gamers in general; Mother 3 has a solid fan base and was incredibly well received in Japan, making western gamers even more anxious for an official release. With no word from Nintendo, gamers will most likely have to keep pestering them for the foreseeable future, even though that doesn’t guarantee a localization of Mother 3 for the west at all, let alone any time soon.

Via: earthboundcentral.com

The release of the previously unreleased Star Fox 2 is a step in the right direction for Nintendo fans that want to get a chance to play an official release of Mother 3. Although Nintendo has been silent on the issue for years, the fact that they plucked a near legendary unreleased title from their SNES roster and decided to release it with their SNES Classic console means that gamers endless petitioning for Mother 3 could be at an end in the foreseeable future.

While an official localization of Mother 3 could be more likely than ever, Nintendo’s continued silence towards the coveted RPG doesn’t bode well for fans of the Mother series. The release of EarthBound Beginnings seems like a promising development, although the game was released on virtual console in the west in 2015, leaving a considerable gap for any news of an official release of Mother 3 being in the works. However, with Nintendo apparently starting to listen to fans, as the release of Star Fox 2 would indicate, Mother 3’s localization may have become more than just a pipe dream.

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