10 Nintendo Bosses So Easy It's Laughable

In the early days of gaming, Nintendo produced an array of games that were really quite challenging for most gamers. Many titles for the NES and SNES had "controller-breaking" moments and some of them featured boss battles that were agonizingly frustrating at the time.

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Fast forward a few years and the Nintendo landscape had changed. In an effort to keep appealing to both adults and children, a lot of the mechanics and boss battles were toned down. Unfortunately, some of them were toned down too much. Some of these bosses are older than others, and some were created by Nintendo themselves while others simply appeared in titles on Nintendo consoles. The one thing they all have in common, however, is that they're darn easy.

10 Cloud N' Candy (Yoshi's Story)

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To be fair, Yoshi's Story isn't exactly the epitome of a difficult game. In fact, the lack of difficulty is what turned some gamers off  the title in the first place. Unfortunately, the bosses did nothing to help remedy the issue, with the first boss of the game being the worst offender.

This fight was an absolute snore-fest thanks to the mechanics. Cloud N' Candy simply hops slowly around the arena and all Yoshi has to do is lick at the creature to defeat it. Should the player manage to take any damage, it's negated as soon as an attack lands, as each lick will heal Yoshi's life points.

9 Golem Overlord (Chrono Trigger)

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Chrono Trigger has a few difficult boss sequences and the game can ramp up the difficulty on you pretty quickly if you aren't careful. Because of this, it's important to always be aware whenever a boss or creature pops up. You can't blame anyone for being a bit worried the first time they see Golem Overlord. He looks downright imposing and he keeps talking about his "countdown" to a special attack.

In reality, the countdown timer is just a prelude to how long it takes for this bulking behemoth to flee his battle with Chrono and friends. He's afraid of heights (and the airship you fight him on doesn't help). You can either try to defeat him before he leaves or simply let him go.

8 Old King Coal (Banjo-Tooie)

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The Banjo-Kazooie games aren't exactly known for their exceedingly difficult boss fights either, but the battle against Old King Coal (in Banjo-Tooie) feels like an unfinished disaster. It's as if the developers ran out of ideas for boss battles so they simply added in some "boss filler" to make the title feel complete.

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When the battle beings, you'll simply need to hop onto any of the nearby platforms and endlessly shoot eggs at the rampaging king. He won't really do anything to attack you and the only "threat" here is if you're careless enough to walk off the edge and land on the lava floor.

7 Whispy Woods (Kirby Adventure)

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The Kirby franchise has always been scrutinized for being overly easy, especially the newer titles in the series. We suppose it's also important to note that Whispy Woods is one of the first bosses you'll face in Kirby Adventure, so it's easy to see why he suffers such weakness.

Still, these factors aside, it's hard to excuse the fact that you can stand right next to the boss and take no damage. If you've got a copy ability he's even easier.

6 Flash Man (Mega Man 2)


When compared to the rest of the fodder on this list, Flash Man is leagues above the competition. He actually finds himself on this list based on how laughably easy he is compared to the entirety of Mega Man 2. Relatively, Flash Man's level is a pain in the neck and you'll likely find yourself redo-ing some sections before you even make it to the penultimate boss.

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Compared to the other seven robot masters, Flash Man is a pushover. He has terrible aim, simply jumps around, and can be eliminated with the Mega Buster fairly easily. For an even easier time, just use the Metal Blade, which ends him in four hits.

5 Negative Man (Mother 3)

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The Mother series (Earthbound) is known for its wacky humor and strange battles. There are many times during your adventure that you're going to question just what's going on in the world around you. What you wouldn't expect is to come across a "joke boss" so much later in your adventure.

You'll encounter Negative Man in a cave on Argilla Pass in Mother 3. The level 50 boss has a huge health pool but he's absolutely unthreatening otherwise. All he does is spew self-degrading sentences and in the rare moments that he does actually attack, he only hits for one damage.

4 Phantom Train (Final Fantasy VI)

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This one is a little bit unfair, because it's a hidden mechanic that makes this boss fight so easy. Still, we figured we'd add it here, because once you know the mechanic you can essentially one-shot this boss during any playthrough.

The Phantom Train boss in Final Fantasy VI can be annoying given the right conditions but you can wipe out the steamed-up specter with the flick of a Phoenix Down. Using just one on the creature will instantly end the fight, thanks to its "undead" status.

3 Big Bully (Super Mario 64)

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The bosses of Super Mario 64 are a very mixed bag. Some of them can be annoying (often thanks to the clunky mechanics of the 3D perspective) and Bowser himself can be imposing to a first-time player. We considered King Bob-omb for this spot but Big Bully is definitely the easiest "boss" you'll encounter along the way.

To defeat this not-so-scary foe, all you have to do is side-step and let him run off the edge and into the lava on his own. Or you can bounce on him enough to knock him backward. Don't worry about taking any damage: the only way he can hurt you is by sumo-ing you into the lava himself.

2 Gilbert The Gooey (Yoshi's Island DS)

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The developers behind the Yoshi's Island/Story series have never taken a very serious stance concerning boss battles. Pretty much every baddie you encounter is going to be relatively easy to dispatch. Unfortunately, some are complete pushovers, as is the case with Gilbert The Gooey.

This beefed-up creature features an array of colorful spots that must be licked away or broken with eggs. This is easy enough since there is no real danger factor here. Every so often, Gilbert will swing lazily in one direction or gently up and down. You almost have to try to get hit by him to take damage.

1 Bandana Waddle Dee (Kirby Superstar)

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Easily the most anti-climactic battle on this list and a shoo-in for number one, we have the eponymous battle against a familiar Kirby foe. During your adventure through Kirby Superstar, you'll come across a gauntlet of sorts, competing against bad guys on a journey to face the "leader of the pack."

This leader ends up being nothing more than a bandana-wearing Waddle Dee. One quick inhale into Kirby's mouth and a swallow is all it takes to defeat this scary boss.

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