The Elder Scrolls Online: Elsweyr Arrives With Early Access And Brings Dragons

The upcoming Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) expansion titled Elsweyr will be released on June 4, but Bethesda has already allowed some PC players access to the new content in the hopes of finding important bugs or issues. Players have been looking forward to the release for months now because of the new inclusion of impressive-looking dragons into the world.

The story of Elsweyr will focus primarily on the lore of the Khajiit people, and like most DLC content that is released, continues following the story from before. In the previously released “Wrathstone” DLC, players had their first experiences with dragons, and the story will tie into what follows as the self-proclaimed “Rage” of dragons looks to conquer and take back what they state as belonging to them.

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In addition, the expansion adds the Necromancer as a playable class, something that had long been anticipated after the last addition of a new player class, the Warden. The Necromancer class will take a darker turn in terms of class fantasy, manipulating souls in order to raise the dead, power spells, and don skeletal armor.

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Similar to the addition of the Warden class, the Necromancer will be versatile for players who enjoy each of the roles needed in a party or raid. The Grave Lord skill line will focus on providing pure damage, Bone Tyrant will be for tanking, and Living death will supply team healing.

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Other additions to this expansion are the newest 12-player Trial named Sunspire. This raid brings your group face to face against a thematically appropriate host of Dragons in an ancient temple of Alkosh. Unlike previous raids, Sunspire is the first to feature a Hard Mode for each Dragon boss and defeating each in this way is sure to be a long and arduous task, so players who achieve victory in this way will be rewarded with the exclusive Sunspire Champion Senche-Lion Mount!

Finally, for the collectors in the game, Elsweyr brings 14 new item sets, a number of Dyes and Titles, a new crafting ingredient, and a unique expandable house that will be awarded for completing the main story.

As always, the base game is free to play for players who want to get their toes wet to see if they enjoy what the world has to offer. As the expansion is a larger DLC pack than some of the smaller sets offered previously, it must be purchased individually. Meanwhile, the previously released Summerset expansion will be accessible with an active ESO Plus membership.

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