The 10 Best Hidden Quests In The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

In case you thought you'd already finished every possible quest there is to finish in Skyrim, we have some good news for you: there's more. With how big the open world is and with so many different places to travel to and see, it's very easy to miss out on cool quests to do in-between becoming the fabled Dragonborn or the new leader of the Companions, or even deciding the outcome of the civil war. Next time you're looking for something to do for a bit of extra loot or just for the experience, why not try these ten amazing hidden quests that will make you see the game in a completely different light?

10 Innocence Lost

Whispers of a strange ritual being performed in Windhelm will most likely reach the Dragonborn's ears at some point, especially once he actually sets foot to the Eastern city of Ulfric Stormcloak. Young Aventus Aretino is said to be attempting to summon none other than the Dark Brotherhood, and if the Dragonbord can lockpick their way inside the Aretino residence they'll quickly become the subject of a massive misunderstanding that will change their life permanently.

9 Forgotten Names

In the dark corners of The Midden underneath the famous College of Winterhold, the Dragonborn might come across a rather bizarre black gauntlet standing atop a pedestal, with the mark of the oblivion carved into its palm.

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To find out what the purpose of this object is, a nearby note will lead the Dragonborn on a hunt for a set of rings that must be placed on this gauntlet to summon an unspeakable being from a different realm. It's up to them to decide what to do next...

8 Composure, Speed, and Precision

The sword is a fine weapon, but there's no denying that the bow carries a certain elegance and finesse to it. Should the Dragonborn fancy range over close quarter combat, they'll be happy to find Angi in the Jerall Mountains, who will offer to train them in archery for absolutely no charge. If the Dragonborn passes the training test, a worthy reward awaits, as Angi will give away a fairly powerful bow that any self-respecting archer would die to get their hands on in Skyrim.

7 Forgetting About Fjola

Ever dreamed of moving somewhere far away to start your life over? Well, Fjola can probably sympathize with you. When the Dragonborn sets foot in Mistwatch, they'll meet Christer, a frightened husband looking for their lost wife. The search for Fjola will take the Dragonborn all the way to the successful bandit leader of the fort, who claims she left her husband to start over a more exciting life.

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It's up to the Dragonborn once more to decide how solve the troubled couple's marriage issues.

6 Lights Out!

There's nothing sweeter than the taste of revenge, especially after betrayal by the hands of two thieves. After meeting Jaree-Ra in Solitude, the Dragonborn will be tasked with putting out the fire in Solitude's lighthouse in order to wreck and rob a ship. However, it soon becomes more than evident that this is nothing more than a set up by Jaree-Ra and his sister. Little do they know they now have a very angry and frustrated Dragonborn to deal with, and it doesn't bode well for them.

5 The Pale Lady

If diving deep into the depths of an ominous crypt doesn't sound too intimidating, the Dragonborn shoulder consider traveling to Frostmere Crypt. There, a rather brutal scene of bandits turning on one of their own sets the tone for the quest for a mythical sword located somewhere deep within. After speaking with Elsa, the betrayed bandit, the Dragonborn is tasked to go and fetch this weapon and deal with a daunting, unlikely ghostly lady lurking in the crypt's halls.

4 The Ghost Of Old Hroldan

Should the Dragonborn decide to spend the night in the very famous room that Tiber Septim himself supposedly once stayed in at the Old Hroldan Inn, they'll find themselves face to face with a very unexpected visitor. A ghost will visit them at night and believe that the Dragonborn is an old friend, Hjalti, from the past who once promised him a sword.

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With that, the Dragonborn is sent on a wild hunt for Hjalti's sword through eight potential locations in Skyrim, which makes it one of the most epic unofficial quests in the game.

3 Kagrenzel

There's no mystery greater than the Dwemer, that much is true, and any excuse to wander into their deadly dungeons and underground cities is good enough for an adventure-hungry Dragonborn. After fighting their way through frost trolls and other lurkers of the snowy mountains, they'll be greeted by the sight of a mysterious orb that will either drop them to their death or lead them down the path of more adventure. Watch your step and prepare yourself for a lot of Falmers!

2 A Night To Remember

Who doesn't want to take some time off of adventuring to down a few cups of mead at the local inn? While the idea sounds great, the Dragonborn might want to exercise some caution if approached by Sam Guevenne. If shared a drink with, Sam will most definitely out drink the Dragonborn and consequently send them off on a crazy night of strange occurrences resulting into a bunch of very angry locals. But behind it all, an even more sinister creature lurks...

1 Mind Of Madness

In case you ever wondered which quest in Skyrim is undoubtedly the most random one, then this is it. Found in Solitude from a man called Dervening, it will send the Dragonborn off to find the owner of the hip bone in the Pelagius Wing of the Blue Palace. But this place isn't as it seems, as the Dragonborn soon finds out after wandering around the cobweb riddled halls for a few minutes. They'll instead be transported into a strange dimension akin to something out of Alice in Wonderland, only to realize that they are nowhere else but inside Pelagius mind and must do whatever they can to escape.

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