15Dead Space

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The second game in the series focused on elements of horrific psychological visions coupled with disturbing creatures.  However, it is the original Dead Space —inside the walls of the U.S.G. Ishimura— that truly gripped players.  As Isaac Clarke, an engineer tasked to restore the derelict craft, players encounter the chilling Necromorphs,

which are mutilated zombie-like creatures with an unquenchable hunger for your flesh. Some of the most horrific scenes in Dead Space are Isaac's death animations, where he is torn apart by these nefarious monsters. Isaac also has to contend with visions of his dead girlfriend. Even his crew members are willing to turn on him, with no regard for the hero's life. The atmosphere the story is told in is one of constant foreboding.  The simple act of walking past a body you believe to be dead, only for it to spring to life and attack makes Dead Space one truly disturbing tale that can unsettle even the strongest of constitutions.

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