Enter The Gungeon: A Farewell To Arms - All The New Content And How To Get It

The last drop of new content for the incredible bullet hell roguelike dungeon crawler Enter The Gungeon has arrived. The update is called A Farewell To Arms, and it’s a tad bittersweet, because as the name suggests, this is Dodge Roll’s swan song when it comes to updating the game.

Still, the last batch of additions to the game are pretty incredible. Let's take a look at what's new, and how to unlock them.

What’s New In A Farewell To Arms

This is a pretty significant update, perhaps even more significant than the last update, Advanced Gungeons And Draguns.

First, there are two new Gungeoneers to play as, The Paradox and The Gunslinger. There is also a new level added in. The R&G Department is a unique floor with several new enemies and a new boss battle. There is also a new mode that can be unlocked called Rainbow Mode. In this mode, you are only given a Rainbow Chest at the beginning of each floor.

There are also several new guns and items that have been added to the game. The most notable new death dealers include:

The Glass Cannon, which fires incredibly powerful beams but loses all ammo when damage is taken.

The Evolver, which evolves through 6 different murderous forms, going from an amoeba all the way to a dragon.

The Ticket, which calls in the Gatling Gull as a temporary ally to shoot some chumps.

The Cat Bullet King Throne, which fires bullets upon dodging and also makes you fly.

The Sunlight Javelin, which shoots fiery javelins, and is your obligatory Dark Souls reference.

And of course, there are many other crazy items, all with crazy side effects that either help or hinder your progress.

Finally, there are a few new balance and gameplay tweaks. The DPS cap for bosses has been changed, making it a little easier to take them down. Wall and pedestal mimics now drop rewards when they’re killed.

Also, you can now pet the dog. Which is awesome.

How To Unlock The New Content

The New Gungeoneers

If you want to unlock The Gunslinger, you first need to unlock The Paradox. To do this you need to find a kind of swirling, purple vortex that will randomly appear on one of the floors. It resembles the same kind of points you use to fast travel around to the different rooms of a level. So far, this vortex only seems to appear in either the Gungeon Proper, the Black Powder Mine. or the Hollow. Once you find it, step inside and your character should start looking all purple and weird. Now go beat either The Lich or your past, and The Paradox should be unlocked.

The Paradox is an interesting way to play the game. He costs 5 Hegemony Credits to play as, and he has no past to kill. His lack of a past is most likely because he is a result of the various time paradoxes caused by the time traveling of the other Gungeoneers. He starts each run with a random weapon and item, meaning each run with the Paradox is entirely different. If you liked playing with Eden from The Binding Of Issac, then you’ll probably enjoy playing as The Paradox.

Now that you have the Paradox, you can unlock The Gunslinger. You have to start a new run as the Paradox, make it all the way to Bullet Hell, and defeat The Lich. Once you’ve accomplished that, you will immediately start over as The Gunslinger. Make it to the end and take the Bullet That Can Kill The Past so you can, you know, kill your past. Once that’s done, the Gunslinger is unlocked.

The interesting thing about The Gunslinger’s past is that it actually takes you into Bullet Hell anyway. The only difference is that The Lich doesn’t go through his 3 forms. Instead, you fight 2 Liches at the same time, but one of them looks just like The Paradox. It’s heavily implied that The Gunslinger is, in fact, The Lich, and he was transformed when the Gungeon was created. Thus, if you kill The Gunslinger’s past, he never becomes The Lich, and the Gungeon is erased from existence. This is likely the true ending of Enter The Gungeon.

The Gunslinger is a pretty great new character. His gun fires pretty fast if you manually fire it, and he comes with the Lich’s Eye Bullets, which causes guns to work as if they have at least one of their synergies active. The only negative to him is that he is a major pain to unlock, as you basically need to unlock The Paradox, and then complete two full runs, including two fights with the Lich. In order to play as him, it’ll cost you 7 Hegemony Credits.

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The New Floor

To get to the R&G Department, you need to reach the fourth floor of the Gungeon, the Hollow. You should eventually find a Sell Creep hanging out in his own room. Normally you just throw items at the Sell Creep and receive money in return. However, in this room you need to give him two items and a Master Round, meaning you must have beaten a boss without taking damage somewhere along the run. In return, the Sell Creep will blow open the floor, allowing you to drop down to the R&G Department.

The R&G Department is a cool little level, as it’s a completely unique floor with unique enemies. Many of the enemies in this level are not seen in any other part of the game, and have ridiculous costumes. The whole level resembles an office building, with some parts having a futuristic look to them. It also has a fixed layout, meaning it doesn’t change around like the other levels of the Gungeon.

The boss of this stage is Agunim, who was one of the bosses in the Bullet’s past. Here he appears to be older and more decrepit. He flies a helicopter now, and is difficult, but not insanely so. It took me about 3 or 4 tries to take him down. He’s also fully voiced now by Cam Clarke, the voice of Liquid Snake from the Metal Gear Solid series. In fact, considering Enter The Gungeon is a game built on a foundation of pop culture references, this is probably a reference to the Hind D battle from the first Metal Gear Solid game.

The New Mode

Finally, the new mode, the Rainbow Mode, can be unlocked relatively easily. Much like any of the other NPCs in the game, a bouncy, happy looking key will be found at some point. You then find the new NPC, Bowler, locked in a cell. Free him with the key, and he’ll be found with the other NPCs in the Breach. He’ll make his new home in the same room as the Sorceress, Daisuke, and Tonic The Sledge Dog.

Rainbow Mode puts a Rainbow Chest right outside the elevator at the start of each floor. You open the chest and can choose one of the many guns or items that come out. However, you only get that one item from the chest for each floor, as all other guns or items available from chests, shops or side quests are hidden away by Bowler. Only keys, health, armor and ammo pickups can be found or purchased.

It makes the game a little harder, as you need to strategically choose which item to take with you. Choosing a weak gun or an useless item can basically screw up your entire run, so it helps to have a pretty good idea of which items or guns are worth your while.

Final Thoughts

Overall the final batch of content for Enter The Gungeon offers more than you’d expect for a free update. The two new Gungeoneers both offer new ways to play. The Paradox completely randomizes what loadout you’ll walk into the Gungeon with. Meanwhile, the Gunslinger’s gun and Lich’s Eye Bullets are effective, and he has one of the more interesting pasts, including what may in fact be the definitive ending of the game. A fitting addition for the final update.

The new mode is alright. My personal favorite part of Gungeon is building up an arsenal of new guns and items, and then trying to figure out which ones are the most effective to use in order to survive. However, you only get one item per floor with this mode, so if you’re looking for a way to play the game that relies on ammo conservation and pure skill, Rainbow Mode should make for a good challenge.

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Finally, out of all the new additions to the game, the new floor is definitely something you should check out at least once. It’s relatively easy to unlock, because most Gungeon players should be able to get by at least the first level boss without taking a hit at this point. It’s a pretty wacky floor, full of some amusing looking new enemies and a pretty difficult boss fight.

If you haven’t played Enter The Gungeon, it is one of the absolute best roguelikes available, with an absolutely staggering amount of content. You can grab it just about everywhere, including PS4, Xbox One, PC and Switch. If you loved games like The Binding Of Isaac or Risk Of Rain, then you should definitely be heading down to the Gungeon.

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