EPA Teaches Kids To Recycle By Using Old Nintendo Music Illegally

It's hard to believe in the age of Fortnite and Minecraft that people still make browser games for kids, but it happened last December, when the Environmental Protection Agency added a game called Recycle City Challenge to their website, which allows kids to earn points by answering questions about the environment and recycling.

It's clear that the EPA loves to recycle, as they decided to illegally recycle the music from a Nintendo game in Recycle City Challenge, with one of the tracks in the game having been taken from Yoshi's Island DS

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The music originally played when the player loaded Recycle City Challenge for the first time and was the main theme throughout the game. A spokesman for the EPA told The Hollywood Reporter that Recycle City Challenge was made by a contractor, and they were unaware of any illegal use of music in the game.

It seems that the EPA has already responded by removing all of the music from the game. Recycle City Challenge now lacks a soundtrack, save for the noises that play whenever you answer a question. It's still possible to find evidence of the "YoshiDSUnderground" song by using the Inspect command, but it won't load any assets.

The fact that the developer of the game didn't even bother to change the name of the song that they were using without permission just goes to show how concerned they were about being caught. It's possible that they thought no one would play the game or that no one would go snooping around in the files of Recycle City Challenge. It's also possible that they believed that no one would remember the soundtrack of Yoshi's Island DS, as the only sound anyone remembers from that game is that of the baby crying whenever you get hit.

There has been no word from any representatives of Nintendo on the matter, but the fact that the song has been removed from the game means that the matter will likely be closed, as Nintendo probably doesn't want the bad publicity of suing an environmental protection group.

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