Epic Finally Gave In And Confirmed Fortnite's Reboot Van

Epic has finally confirmed that respawning will be coming to Fortnite via its Reboot Van, and explains how exactly the system is going to work.

Fortnite has become so big that whenever a supposed contender enters the battle royale arena, Epic likely rolls its eyes and carries on as normal. However, it couldn't do that following the arrival of Apex Legends. The new Battle Royale game has proven to be Fortnite's biggest challenger to date. So big, that Epic decided to copy a couple of the game's ideas.

It didn't take long at all for a ping system, very similar to the one Apex introduced to the world, to pop up in Fortnite. Epic also promised that it would be introducing a respawn system to Fortnite. Again, a concept that has proved to be incredibly popular in Apex. Glitches in the game have shown us that Reboot Vans would have something to do with Fortnite's respawn system, and Epic has finally given in and explained all.

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As you can see from the video below, we now know that Reboot Vans will land on Fortnite Island following next week's update. We also know how they'll work. As expected, Reboot Cards will be the Fortnite equivalent of Respawn Beacons. When one of your teammates is eliminated in Squads, pick up their Reboot Card and take it to the nearest Reboot Van. There, you will be able to bring them back into the game.

What we currently don't know is where the vans will be, or how many of them will be added. The one featured in the video is next to Loot Lake, and all we know is that others will be available at various points of interest. As you can see, once the reboot is complete, any rivals nearby will be alerted to what you have done, so you best get to running. Chances are the vans will be being watched as it is, so good luck.

While it has been confirmed that Reboot Vans will be available in Squads, it's not clear whether they will also be present in Duos. Perhaps if your PIC is eliminated in Duos, you will remain on your own until the bitter end. That will soon no longer be the case in Squads, though. A fallen comrade will soon not have to stay fallen. Prepare for rounds of Squads to become a lot more crowded as the storm closes in.

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