20 Epic Fan Reimaginings Of Disney Channel Characters

Disney Channel characters are usually wholesome down-to-Earth. These fan art reimaginings show a completely different side of these characters!

Ah, Disney Channel. Whether you love it or hate it, this channel brought a lot of shows and cartoons to us growing up and even now. If you love the classic cartoons in the early days of Disney Channel, or if you enjoy the new ones that have come out, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

One of my favorite Disney Channel cartoons would have to be Kim Possible. I loved the action of the series and the humor always made me laugh. It was so much fun to see how Kim managed to foil the super villains while still making it back in time for cheer leading practice. And I’m so jealous of her moves and her gadgets.

And what made a lot of these Disney Channel cartoons so popular was that it had some awesome characters. Whether you loved the campy villains or the earnest heroes, there was bound to be a character you liked. But while many of these characters were awesome in their own way, they probably didn’t look all that epic or amazing.

But that’s what fan art is for! And these artists have created some truly amazing pieces of the characters you know and love (and of some characters you’ve forgotten about). It’s fun to give a mild character more of an edge, and we’ve got some amazing art of that.

So here are 20 Disney Channel characters that have had an epic makeover! Let’s have some fun with amazing fan art! Think we missed some really good art pieces? Make sure to let us know in the comments section below!

20 She’s Cool As Ice

Via: kit-exreplica.deviantart.com

Wendy is a pretty cool character who has shown more than once to have Dipper and Mabel’s backs when it comes to dealing with the supernatural. And the fact that she has a pretty good handle on surviving the apocalypse is awesome.

This art piece shows Wendy during Weirdmaggedon, and she looks so awesome! I always thought Wendy was this seriously tough girl that doesn’t balk much in the face of danger. Whether she really is that way or she’s just putting on a cool front, you have to admit that this girl has gone up against some crazy stuff. I think we all wish we could be like her.

Art by Kit-exreplica.

19 These Rangers Are Getting Dangerous

Via: real-sonkes.deviantart.com

It’s hard to imagine Chip and Dale as anything tough. They’re just cute chipmunks who are also rangers. But don’t count these little guys out! They can hold their own when it matters, and they’re always going to watch out for each other.

What I like about this art piece is that it shows Chip and Dale taking on a tougher role and more serious cases. It would be kind of cool to see these two in a more slayer-mystery type of setting. How would they handle more dangerous crimes? Would there be epic car chase scenes? Well no matter what, these little chipmunks have each other’s backs.

Art by Real-Sonkes.

18 Don’t Mess With This Child

Via: pimander1446.deviantart.com

Gideon from Gravity Falls is pretty much the definition of a psychotic kid. He’s a child who knows he’s cute and uses that to his advantage to pretty much get the whole town on his side. But he’s also obsessive, controlling, and seriously temperamental. He’s caused a lot of problems for Dipper and Mabel, and he’s shown that he may be a kid, but he’s someone not to mess with.

Seriously, Gideon's got some major issues. 

Gideon doesn’t look all that intimidating since he is just a kid with a strange hairdo. But this artist changed that, making Gideon look much more like the psycho he is. His eyes alone in this piece are enough to give me nightmares.

Art by Pimander1446.

17 This Barbaric Family’s Got The Power

Via: pixiv.net

I think a lot of people forgot about Dave the Barbarian, which is a shame because the cartoon was actually pretty funny. It had some rather unique characters and the writing and dialogue were seriously entertaining.

Since the cartoon was a comedy, none of the characters really had the opportunity to look epic or powerful. And that’s what makes this art piece so fun. It’s cool to see Dave, Fang, and Candy look like warriors ready to defend their kingdom from evil. They may be a dysfunctional family, but they are a family, and they’ll look after each other no matter what.

16 We’re Going On A Trip

Via: e-hima.deviantart.com

When looking at Little Einsteins, the word “epic” doesn’t really come to mind, since this is a show geared toward younger kids to get them excited about learning about art and music. These kids did ride around in their own rocket ship, which was pretty cool.

But this artist decided to take these little characters and give them more of an edge. And they actually look seriously awesome! They look like they’re about to go on some secret mission involving famous paintings. Maybe they’re going to stop an art thief. (Or maybe they’re going to steal some art, who knows?) It’s definitely a different look than what we’re used to.

Art by e-hima.

15 Best Crossover Ever!

Via: facebook.com

The day that Disney bought Marvel, I don’t think we realized how much things would change. And one of those changes is that we saw a lot more crossover fan art between Disney and Marvel characters, which is pretty awesome!

All these characters look amazing! 

And this art piece is a pretty amazing mashup of Disney Channel characters and Marvel. Every detail in here is just perfect. You could spend a while looking at this art and still not catch everything. And all the characters look so cool! If Disney buying Marvel means more of this type of fan art, then I think it was a great choice.

14 That’s One Tough Ninja

Via: risingdiablo.deviantart.com

Randy Cunningham is a pretty impressive guy since he’s constantly protecting his town from various threats like monsters and evil sorcerers. And he’s only 14! I don’t think I was doing anything particularly interesting when I was 14.

Randy doesn’t need too much help to look epic, but this artist decided to give his look a bit more dangerous. Considering Randy is always fighting off various enemies, he would be pretty battle-ready. What’s cool about this art piece is that Randy still looks like the young teenager he is, but he looks seriously dangerous. Don’t mess with this ninja!

Art by Risingdiablo.

13 He’s Got The Monkey Power

Via: ronstoppable.proboards.com

Ron Stoppable was a lot of the comedic relief in the Kim Possible series. He was Kim’s sidekick and while he was a bit of a klutz, he did help Kim out in his own way. But he definitely doesn’t have the skills that Kim has, and he’s usually getting himself into trouble.

Ron, in general, doesn’t look all that intimidating, but this artist decided to change that. This art piece of Ron with his mystical monkey power definitely makes this hapless sidekick look a lot more epic. So, don’t underestimate Ron because he has a habit of surprising everyone.

12 He’s The Scariest Baddie

Via: mking2008.deviantart.com

Dr. Drakken is a combination of one of those classic supervillains that are hilariously incompetent, and a supervillain that can actually be threatening at times. Drakken does have some creative ideas and he builds some incredible machines. But his execution skills need some work. And Kim constantly foiling his plans probably doesn’t help.

Dr. Drakken does have his intimidating moments. 

Despite being a supervillain, Drakken doesn’t have very many epic or intimidating moments. So, this artist decided to change that and create a more realistic version of Drakken. And it looks pretty intense. This version of Drakken would probably give Kim a lot more problems. Watch out for this crazy scientist!

Art by mking2008.

11 It’s Sir Ferb!

Via: kiki-kit.deviantart.com

Despite being a kid who doesn’t really talk much, Ferb is a pretty memorable character. He helps Phineas with their crazy inventions, and it’s really thanks to him that they manage to create so many fantastic inventions. These two geniuses could really change the world.

This version of Ferb is from one of the fantasy episodes, and Ferb with a sword looks pretty awesome! I could see Ferb secretly being really good at fighting. He’d make a pretty formidable warrior since he’s seriously focused. I definitely wouldn’t want to mess with this Ferb.

Art by Kiki-Kit.

10 This Genius Inventor Could Do Some Damage

Via: jojorules911.deviantart.com

Phineas is one creative guy. He’s usually the one coming up with the ideas for the amazing inventions he and his stepbrother create all summer. What’s also awesome about Phineas is that not much gets him down. His optimism and his brilliance made a fantastic combination. For this kid, there were no limits.

This is the Phineas from the other dimension, but we’re counting it. This version of Phineas is pretty tough, though you’d have to be if you grew up under evil Doofenshmirtz’s rule. I like the hair the artist put on him; it really suits him. The world had better watch out for this Phineas!

Art by Jojorules911.

9 It’s Gonna Get a Little Weird

Via: shamserg.deviantart.com

Star is one of those characters that straddles the line between hilarious and annoying. No matter how you feel about her, you have to admit her energy is impressive. Nothing’s going to stop this girl from having amazing adventures. Throw a powerful wand in there, and you’ve got one crazy and powerful princess.

It's hard to not look epic while riding a huge unicorn. 

While Star is pretty impressive, she mostly looks like a teenage girl. She’s funny and energetic, but not exactly epic. But this art piece changes that and it’s hard to not look epic on a huge unicorn while wielding a wand. I can imagine something like this happening and Star loving every minute of it.

Art by Shamserg.

8 Something’s Wrong With Marco

Via: vk.com

Marco works well as Star’s opposite. While she’s adventurous and reckless, he’s a bit more cautious and reasonable. But that doesn’t mean he isn’t down to fight some bad guys, which he does with Star often. And it’s really their differences that make them good friends. They balance each other out pretty well, which makes their interactions pretty fun to watch.

It’s hard to imagine Marco as anything intimidating since he’s a pretty mild guy. But this artist decided to give him a spooky edge. Everything from his outfit to the red eyes to the psychotic grin makes you really want to think twice about going up against him.

7 Don’t Mess With This Old Dragon

Via: lmcolver.deviantart.com

Gramps is pretty much the epitome of an old, eccentric mentor. He and Jake may not always see eye to eye, but you can tell he cares about his grandson and he wants him to succeed. He just has a weird way of showing it.

Gramps may be an old man, but don’t count him out of a fight. And this artist decided to capture this old guy in all his dragon glory. I always thought it was cool that Gramps’ dragon form was a Chinese dragon, while Jake’s dragon form was a European dragon. Gramps isn’t in his dragon form too often, so it’s always fun to see him like this.

Art by lmcolver.

6 He’s The American Dragon

Via: sujk0823.deviantart.com

The idea that dragons are the guardians of the magical world is pretty cool. Though Jake isn’t your typical magical guardian since he’s a teenage boy who’s just learning how to control his dragon powers. And he’s a bit more concerned about whether he can get dates than dragon training. But over time, we see this snarky kid turn into a capable guardian.

Jake with fangs and claws looks pretty cool! 

What I like about this art piece is that it gives Jake an edgier look, but in a subtle way. It’s a cool concept for Jake to have some of his dragon characteristics carry over to his human form. The long claws and fangs are a nice touch and give him a dangerous look.

Art by Sujk0823.

5 Something Went Very Wrong Here

Via: issabissabel.deviantart.com

Lilo and Stitch are a great pair of friends. The two really helped each other grow and heal. Lilo helped Stitch grow from a monster to a more caring being with a family, and Stitch helped Lilo learn to let go of her grief. They make an awesome team, and they’re just adorable together!

Despite the fact that Stitch is a powerful experiment, he doesn’t look that intimidating. But this artist decided to do a crossover with the BioShock series. Stitch as a Big Daddy and Lilo as a Little Sister is an interesting and spooky image. I definitely wouldn’t want to go up against these two.

Art by Issabissabel.

4 This Old Man Will Take You Out

Via: jenniferstolzer.tumblr.com

Stan from Gravity Falls is a very interesting character. At first glance, he seems like an old man who runs small cons out in a town in the middle of nowhere. But the more you get to know the guy, you realize there’s a lot more to him than meets the eye. And watching him develop a bond with Dipper and Mabel is absolutely adorable.

Stan may not look like much initially, but if you put his family in danger, you’ll see just how dangerous this guy can get. And this artist decided to capture Stan as the awesome fighter he is. He may be old, but don’t count this Grunkle out of a fight.

Art by Jennifer Stolzer.

3 This Duo Would Catch All The Bad Guys

Via: theartrix.deviantart.com

People don’t really talk about Fillmore! that much anymore, which is kind of sad. The series may have been a bit melodramatic, but it was still pretty fun and captured the atmosphere of those classic cop shows from the 60s. And Ingrid and Fillmore were at the center of it all. It was so fun to see these two friends work to make their school safe.

These two would make an awesome cop show! 

This art piece captures an older Fillmore and Ingrid, and they both look pretty epic. I can imagine these two going on to police work when they got older and they would be amazing partners. I would totally watch a show about these two solving crimes and catching criminals in a grown-up setting.

Art by TheArtrix.

2 Let’s Get (More) Dangerous!

Via: oritey.deviantart.com

Darkwing Duck is an interesting guy. He may have a massive ego and can be a bit reckless, but he has a good heart and is willing to do what it takes to bring bad guys to justice. It’s also really cute to see his relationship with his adopted daughter. They do bicker a lot, but when it comes down to it, they’re always there for each other.

Darkwing Duck doesn’t actually need much help to look pretty epic, but this artist decided to give him more of an edge. And this piece looks amazing! I love the use of color and shading; it adds a lot more drama to the character. Don’t mess with this duck!

Art by Oritey.

1 He’s A Dangerous Agent

Via: c2ndy2c1.tumblr.com

If you told me I’d enjoy a subplot of a cartoon that revolved around a platypus secret agent stopping supervillains from trying to take over the Tri-State Area, I would’ve thought you were nuts. But that’s the story behind Perry the Platypus in Phineas and Ferb. And somehow, this subplot in the series became my favorite part of the series.

Perry is already a pretty awesome character, but he doesn’t really look super intimidating since he’s, well, a platypus. So, this artist decided to do a human version of Perry and give him a more dangerous flair. And this version of Perry is both impressive and intimidating. Don’t make this agent mad.

Art by C2ndy2c1.

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