25 Epic Fan Reimaginings Of Disney Characters

It's amazing to imagine animated characters in different settings. Here are 25 epic reimaginings of Disney characters!

Ah, Disney. Whether you love it or you hate it, this company has probably had some effect on you. It’s been around for almost a century, and it’s not stopping anytime soon. (Hey, as long as they come out with good movies, no complaints here.)

What’s cool about Disney is their dedication to making entertainment for the whole family. When they get it right, they come out with awesome movies and TV shows that are both enjoyable to kids and adults. That’s not easy to do, and while Disney doesn’t succeed all the time, the ones they do right are pretty amazing.

But what really makes these movies and shows amazing are the characters. None of the Disney’s work would be half as good without the interesting, entertaining, or creepy characters in them. For most of us, it’s these awesome characters that keep us going back to Disney. Whether you love a good classic villain like Maleficent, or a hilarious joker like Nick Wilde, Disney has something for you.

So, what do fans do when they find characters they love? They make amazing fan art! And with fan art, you can make your favorite characters look even more awesome and epic, even if they may not have been in the actual movie or show. That’s the fun of creating your own fan art.

So here are 25 epic redesigns of Disney characters. Let’s have some fun with Disney!

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25 Those Poor Unfortunate Souls

Via: phill-art.deviantart.com

Ursula already is a rather fabulous villain. She’s never really subtle in letting us know that her “deal” with Ariel is going to go sour pretty quickly. And her song is an amazing mixture of entertaining and menacing.

This art piece decides to make Ursula even more epic by making her a Sith, and she looks absolutely stunning and spooky. This is one Sith I wouldn’t want to go up against. (You wouldn’t want to face a Sith anyway, but you get my point.)

Art by Phill-Art.

24 She’s A Survivor

Via: ceciliasal.deviantart.com

Mabel from Gravity Falls is a great mixture of light-hearted silliness, and strong compassion. She’s not afraid to be her strange self, and her imagination knows no bounds. And you don’t mess with her family because she will fight you.

This Mabel has been through some heavy stuff. 

Mable as a post-apocalyptic survivor is pretty cool. This version of her shows that while Mabel may not take a lot of things seriously, she knows how to hold her own in a serious situation. And let’s not forget that she’s awesome with that grappling hook.

Art by Ceciliasal.

23 They’re The Best Cop Duo

Via: thelivingshadow.deviantart.com

I personally would love to see a TV series starring Nick and Judy. They make such a great team, and it would be fun to see them working together and solving various crimes in Zootopia. Plus, I live for their friendly banter.

These two don’t need much help in looking epic and awesome, but this artist decided to give them a bit of a cyberpunk feel, and they look amazing! I love the use of colors in the background and the cop duo are just stunning.

Art by TheLivingShadow.

22 The Sidekicks Are Battling It Out

Via: mistrel-fox.deviantart.com

Compared to Kim Possible, Ron Stoppable is quite a bit less epic. He’s very much the hapless sidekick, but he does help out Kim when he can. And sometimes he can be pretty helpful!

I love this fanart of Ron going up against Shego. It’s the sidekicks duking it out (though we know that Shego would take him down). It’s cool to see Ron with some powers of his own (he does have the Mystical Monkey Power). This version of Ron is pretty awesome!

Art by Mistrel-Fox.

21 It's The Battle For The Ages

Via: mattrhodes.deviantart.com

Who wouldn’t want to see different Disney villains fighting? The idea of a few of the big baddies in an epic battle is a pretty cool one. And this artist definitely does the whole scene justice.

That's a lot of destruction. 

I love everything about this art piece. There’s so much going on, and it’s amazing. Seeing some of our brave heroes fleeing from the destruction is poignant and interesting. And that villain battle going on in the background is just spectacular. Now I want to see this kind of a crossover.

Art by Mattrhodes.

20 This Jedi Isn’t Messing Around

Via: phill-art.deviantart.com

What’s pretty cool about Jasmine is that she wasn’t afraid to speak her thoughts and fight against tradition. And when she set her mind to something, nothing was going to stop her. She’s a pretty awesome princess.

And Jasmine as a Jedi looks absolutely amazing! That tattoo on her stomach is incredible, and you can tell that she’s ready to take down villains. Jasmine would definitely be the acrobatic type of Jedi. She would dance circles around her enemies. And Raja’s new design looks stunning!

Art by Phill-Art.

19 Don’t Mess With This Possessed Kid

Via: tybay.deviantart.com

At first glance, Dipper from Gravity Falls may not look like much, but don’t count him out. He may be a kid obsessed with the supernatural, but when push comes to shove, you can count on him to be there for his family. And the kid is a lot tougher than you think.

This artist has created an amazing interpretation of Dipper when he’s possessed by Bill, the dream demon. To see this normally sweet boy turn into a powerful, possessed guy is a bit jarring. You definitely don’t want to make him angry.

Art by Tybay.

18 He Looks Rather Noble

Via: eric3dee.deviantart.com

Most people think of Baloo as the carefree bear from The Jungle Book. And some may remember him from TaleSpin as a cargo pilot. Either way, Baloo is a pretty cool guy who doesn’t let much get to him.

Don't mess with this Baloo. 

What I like about this art piece is that it makes Baloo look rather regal. Baloo isn’t exactly the polished and sophisticated type, so seeing him like this is a pretty cool change. And the expression on his face is rather intense. He looks like he’s ready to take on the world.

Art by Eric3Dee.

17 She’s The Best Glitch

Via: marcusthomas.deviantart.com

Vanellope got mixed reactions from fans. Some really liked her, while others found her annoying. Either way, this racer definitely made her mark in the animation world. She’s a pretty tough girl and doesn’t let people tell her no.

I like this art piece because it showcases Vanellope’s awesome glitching powers. The fact that she can basically teleport herself is so cool, and this artist took full advantage of that. This Vanellope is intense and ready to take on the virtual world.

Art by MarcusThomas.

16 The Brain Is A Powerful Thing

Via: christianamiel21.deviantart.com

It’s really incredible how smart Hiro is. This kid created a whole new technology and essentially helped create his own superhero team. And considering the poor boy lost his brother, he’s pretty strong.

Since Hiro’s still a kid, it’s a little hard to see him as anything epic. But this artist did a great job of giving Hiro more of an edge. This does look like an older Hiro, and he looks pretty awesome. Any bad guys should watch out for this guy!

Art by Christianamiel21.

15 He’s Your Worst Dream

Via: elentori.deviantart.com

Who would’ve thought a triangle would make such a funny and scary villain? Bill Cipher from Gravity Falls is a seriously powerful demon, but you wouldn’t think it based on his initial design.

Human Bill is pretty spooky. 

It’s popular for artists to redesign Bill as a human and this artist managed to create a seriously epic and scary version of the dream demon. This version really is quite intimidating and shows you just what Bill is capable of. (Just don’t make any deals with him and you’ll probably be okay.)

Art by Elentori.

14 Beautiful And Strong

Via: dizzy-kei.tumblr.com

What’s impressive about Cinderella is that despite everything she’s gone through, she’s still a very kind person to everyone she meets. That’s not easy to do, and she’s a very brave woman to put up with everything.

Cinderella as a Keyblade Warrior looks pretty awesome! She’s taking sophistication to a whole new level. The artist shows us that a lady can be both strong and beautiful. She looks like she can take on the world.

Art by Dizzy-Kei.

13 That’s Some Powerful Hair

Via: phill-art.deviantart.com

Rapunzel is such a sweetheart; it really is impossible to dislike this girl. She’s so full of life and energy and she just wants to see the world and try new things. But don’t count her out in a fight because she will find a creative way to take you down.

We’ve got another Jedi princess here and she looks amazing! I love the idea of using her hair as a weapon (I always wished the movie had done more with that concept). This version of Rapunzel looks like she will take you out without hesitation.

Art by Phill-Art.

12 An Underwater Warrior

Via: dhk88.deviantart.com

You can’t blame Ariel for wanting to explore an unknown world to her. Sure, she did more or less sell her soul to a sea witch, but come one, teenagers do stupid things sometimes, right?

I love how regal and powerful Ariel looks. 

This version of Ariel looks absolutely fantastic and intimidating. I can imagine that this is what she would be like if she stayed in the sea. The armor on her makes her look both regal and intense. This Ariel is ready to go to war, and nothing will stop her from protecting her kingdom.

Art by Dhk88.

11 Don’t Get Between Him And His Money

Via: kicsterash.deviantart.com

Scrooge is an interesting character, since he’s not strictly good or bad. He has good intentions and does care about his loved ones, but he tends to let his love of money and adventure get in the way.

And this art piece shows Scrooge in one of his more dynamic moments. In Ducktales, Scrooge was all about the adventure, and if there was danger, all the better. He looks seriously so awesome here. Whoever ticked him off had better start praying.

Art by Kicsterash.

10 Don’t Count This Old Man Out

Via: zapekanka.deviantart.com

Throughout most of Gravity Falls, Stan comes off as this old con man who just runs a tourist trap place. He doesn’t seem like the epic or powerful type. But as the series progresses, we see how strong Stan actually is.

And this artist decided to capture Stan in his zombie slaying glory. This version of Stan looks so intense and strong. He doesn’t care if his enemies are weird magical entities; if they’re threatening his family, they’re going down.

Art by Zapekanka.

9 I Would Watch This Mashup

Via: renny08.deviantart.com

Donald Duck is an interesting guy. He means well, but his temper often gets the best of him and tends to put him in difficult situations. Plus, this duck just has the worst luck in the world. But it is touching how he decided to take care of his nephews.

Donald and Mickey as superheroes is a cool concept. 

Donald Duck as a superhero is a pretty fun idea, and I like what this artist did with him and Mickey. I don’t know if Donald would make a good Iron Man (or Iron Duck?), but it would be interesting to see how that turned out.

Art by Renny08.

8 She’s Beauty, She’s Grace, She’ll Get Them In The Face

Via: rossdraws.deviantart.com

Mulan is one of my favorite Disney Princesses. She dared to go against tradition and learned how to fight in order to protect her injured father and to prove herself. And she became a pretty formidable warrior.

This art piece of Mulan is absolutely gorgeous and epic! Mulan has this more mystical air to her and the colors in this piece are phenomenal. She really is embodying the spirit of the dragon and everything from her design to the background makes her look like the amazing warrior she is.

Art by RossDraws.

7 She’s Not So Nice Now

Via: fanartexhibit.wordpress.com

It’s hard to imagine Snow White in anything epic, since this princess was about as harmless as you could get. She’s very sweet and kind, which is good. And the fact that she can charm practically any animal is pretty cool.

This artist decided to go a different direction with Snow White and turn her into a fighter. And the result is different, but interesting. This version of Snow White looks like she can take you down with ease and be ready for round two. You don’t want to mess with this princess.

6 Not So Timid Anymore

Via: serpyra.deviantart.com

It’s funny that even though Wasabi is the biggest guy in the group of superheroes, he’s probably the meekest guy. This dude is one giant ball of anxiety. But it is cool to see him grow more confident in himself throughout the movie. He doesn’t like to fight, but he will in a pinch.

This Wasabi isn't afraid to fight. 

I like how this art piece shows Wasabi’s more confident side. Here, he’s not the anxious college student that has to have everything in place. Instead, he’s the strong superhero that’s ready to protect his city and his friends.

Art by Serpyra.

5 Think She Still Reads Books In Space?

Via: phill-art.deviantart.com

What I liked about Belle is that she’s quite compassionate even when she doesn’t need to be. And her emotional strength is really impressive. She’s the one who stands up to the Beast and to Gaston. That takes guts.

Yes, we’ve got another Jedi princess, and Belle as a Jedi looks awesome! I like that the artist portrayed her to be intimidating in a subtle way. She’s not flashy, but if you did fight her, you would very likely lose. Badly. And Beast’s redesign also looks amazing. I would totally watch the two travel the galaxy.

Art by Phill-Art.

4 Things Got Dangerous

Via: kriolin.deviantart.com

It’s hard to imagine Chip and Dale as anything but the cute little chipmunks. Even in their show Chip n’ Dale Rescue Rangers, they were pretty mild still. Yeah, they went on adventures, but they were still the cute chipmunks.

This artist decided to change that and make the two a bit darker. And it looks pretty cool. I’m getting a huge film noir vibe off the piece and the chipmunk brothers look ready to take on the criminal underworld. Good luck, you two!

Art by Kriolin.

3 Don’t Mess With The Nerd

Via: tybay.deviantart.com

Considering what a huge nerd Ford from Gravity Falls is, it’s surprising that out of the two brothers, he ends up becoming the one that’s a bit more intimidating. This guy has spent decades hopping dimensions and trying to survive. Ford is one tough dude.

A possessed Ford is a spooky Ford. 

And this artist created a truly spooky piece of Ford. This is Ford being possessed by Bill, so it makes sense why he’s super creepy. But everything from the lighting to the dark colors just makes this man drip with menace and terror.

Art by Tybay.

2 She’s Gone Wild

Via: dreemers.deviantart.com

What’s funny about Jane is that she’s this well-bred British woman who’s completely out of her element in the jungle. And yet she ends up staying with Tarzan and becomes part of the jungle. You have to give her credit for adapting pretty well.

This version of Jane would be an interesting one, since it shows Jane taking to the jungle even more. I love this design of her since it gives her this dangerous air. She may have grown up in the city, but her heart belongs in the jungle.

Art by Dreemers.

1 It’s Bat... Mouse?

Via: yoannduran.deviantart.com

Mickey is about the least intimidating character you can possibly think of in Disney. He’s just a friendly guy who’s pretty resourceful in a tight situation.

But this artist decided to take Mickey and give him a darker look. And what better way to do that then do a mashup with Batman? Mickey as Batman is a strange sight, but he does look pretty cool. And I love the new bat signal. (Mouse signal? Bat-Mouse signal? Eh, whatever). Any bad guys better watch out for this guy!

Art by Yoannduran.

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