25 Epic Fan Reimaginings Of Gen 2 Pokémon Characters

If there was any game fandom that would be considered to have an amount of fan art that was actually worth cataloging, it would be Pokémon. And we all know why that is, people; there is no use denying that we all like to imagine the characters of the long-running franchise in different ways. Whether it be in different styles, different species, or a simple makeover of their design, there’s a lot of creativity to be found when it comes to the fan art of this fandom.

The thing is, the majority of these pieces tackle the more popular characters of the franchise or characters that look really pretty in different designs. A majority of art that stands out are of characters from the Generation I game. For the less nerdy people who don’t understand, that’s the set of Pokémon games that have the classic characters like Charizard. It takes place in the Kanto region. Really, the amount of fan art of the first three starters and their evolutions could fill volumes of books.

While there is art that tackles other generations, how about the generation that not many seem to take on, Generation II? From the different gym leaders to the fun legendary Pokémon dished out for the franchise, there are quite a bit of fun pictures that fans have created for different characters. From Pokémon getting redesigned to different human characters getting placed into different roles, the world of reimagined art is a vast one and there are times when fans dish out some surprising pieces, such as these.

25 A Contest-Worthy Pair

via: cosmopoliturtle.tumblr.com

Slugma and Magcargo may not seem like the typical Pokémon you would bring to a Pokémon contest, but a good makeover can do a lot. Just look at this design by Harris. They look like they could make a beautiful painting with the colors they’re sporting now. And can you just imagine the light show that would happen with that big gem that Magcargo is featuring? Basically, with the way the two are looking now, they could conduct a rather artistic performance.

24 He Seems The Type

via: kt-exreplica.deviantart.com

The way that Falkner is styled in the game, it’s easy to see him as a sort of swordsman, or most likely an archer with his overall style in the game. From the looks of this, KT-ExReplica agrees and gave a dash of creativity by adding in a JRPG element for the character. The whole feather design, while simply placed on the bow, give’s a nice touch to the character’s specialty in Flying-type Pokémon. Now just imagine him being high up on a cliff or even using his Pokémon to take down his enemies and the image is complete.

23 It's A New Species Of Kangaroo

via: susiron.deviantart.com

Realistic renditions of a Pokémon ain’t all that new, but with Susiron’s design here, it seems completely different. Honestly, with Ampharos’ look, a realistic rendition should either come off as interesting or highly weird. With this design, it comes off more like a new animal species inspired by Ampharos’ design more than anything. That tail, those ears, even the way the snout is shaped. All that’s missing is a pouch and maybe a change in coloring and this could be considered a new type of kangaroo with claws and a tail that could knock out a predator.

22 This Is A Dangerous Combo Right Here

via: tavini1.deviantart.com

We all know Celebi as this adorable legendary Pokemon. The same can be said about Mew, Jirachi, and Manaphy. Fuse them together, however, and add in a layer of darkness, and you can say goodbye to any possible cuteness. Instead, say hello to fear. Look at those eyes! Tavini1 didn’t create fusion. No, they basically created a new type of fairy-like Pokémon that, instead of inciting awe over its cuteness, would have a person questioning whether they were its next prey. They may seem tiny, but you can feel the nope factor all over this.

21 Seems A Bit... Dangerous?

via: zerochan.net

What? Just look at that suit and smirk and tell me he doesn’t have a danger vibe going on. Really, all he’s missing is a gun or holster, and there’d be no question he’s part of a dangerous group. With the way that Hericide designed him here, he would most definitely be the type to fool people with a smile or lure them into a false sense of peace at least. Heck, he would be the type that’d have a truly chilling smile.

20  Say Hello To His Little Friend

via: shawnnl.deviantart.com

Will is mainly known as a suave and charming gentleman who looks like he could fit into a masquerade party or a theater. With that in mind, you would think he’d have something covert or long-ranged as a weapon. Think again, as ShawnnL literally has Will handling the big guns here. Just look at the thing; the blast it’d give would have the opponent nonexistent with a single shot. Heck, with the size of the thing, it might cause a shockwave to knock out other enemies in the process.

19 He's Got A Blazing Hot Fire

via: shawnnl.deviantart.com

You know what there’s not more enough of in Pokémon fan art? Older characters being awesome. Look at this art of Blaine by ShawnnL. Not only is he living up to a part of his nickname here, but he also looks like a veteran warrior that nobody would expect to get into the fray. Rather than the “Hotheaded Quizmaster,” he’d be something like the “The Blazing Striker,” or maybe something that would fit the artist’s design. One minute he’s doing research in a library, the next he’s jumping into the field and conquering the battle.

18 Don't Let The Cuteness Fool You

via: zerochan.net

The thing about magical girls is that, while they look cute, they pack quite the punch. Seeing how Kris basically has a very little backstory, there are a lot of ways fans could imagine this character. To have her as a magical girl is certainly an upgrade from her usual vibe as a trainer character. Courtesy of pcj, this picture alone has a lot to say. Who else thinks that that staff could finish things with one blast? The thing is bigger than she is; it would be a big surprise if it didn’t dish out something awesome.

17 He's A Man With Secrets

via: tamtamdi.deviantart.com

You know how you can tell a character is hiding something based on how they act or how they look? This right here is exactly the kind of character you would expect to be hiding all kinds of information. There’s a whole lot of creativity and character to be found in this piece, courtesy of tamtamdi. Just with the way that mustache looks, you can already hear him with a croaky voice and making deals in some weird establishment.

16 A Different Sort Of Warrior

via: tamtamdi.deviantart.com

To be honest, this one kind of stumped me. Obviously, tamtamdi created a warrior-type character for Donphan’s transformation, but there’s just something different about this one. It could be because of the armor and weapons being styled from the Pokémon’s trunk and tusks which makes it look different. And yet, what else can be said other than that he’s a warrior? Think about it; there’s all kind of warrior types, and this one doesn’t seem to fit a certain box. You could say that the caption says it all.

15 Smell The Crossover

via: pinterest.com

Admit it, the second you saw this, you thought it was Zord, didn't you? Of course, anyone who knows Power Rangers would immediately connect this piece to the series; just look at it. With all those gear designs, you can easily see this mecha transforming into the limb of a Megazord. Imagine it now, with those antlers... it could be something like a beam weapon or form some sort of sword. Given the record of the series and the creativity, it could happen.

14 This Is More Than An Upgrade

via: pixiv.net

Clearly, this design was made with Scizor’s Mega Evolution in mind. Actually, pureboy may have got the right idea with this one. Sure, the whole mecha element wouldn’t really fit in with the Pokémon world, but you have to admit it’s a cool look for the character. And let’s not even get started on what their moves would look like, with those cannons they’re rocking! Maybe, if there were would be a few details changed, this really would be a real upgrade for the Pokémon’s evolution.

13 From Rival To Assassin

via: elk64.deviantart.com

Given that Silver is not the most discreet or even that high class of a villain in the games, the idea of him as this elite assassin doesn’t seem all that plausible. And yet, if you think about it, it would make for a perfect ruse. It also helps that he looks the part, with ELK64’s design here. Using his bratty persona, he would have people distracted while he had clones working in the shadows. He’d be the two-faced ninja that no one would expect. Besides, he looks like he’d fit right in the group like this.

12 Two True And Pure Queens Right Here

via: littlepaperforest.com

This right here is truly fitting rendition for the two Pokémon, done by Nikkie Stinchecomb. There is plenty of art that has certain Pokémon as cute or curvacious ladies, but this right here is a lovely piece that not only gives a great fantasy feel to fit the Pokémon types, but gives a graceful but strong figure to them. The contrast in their styles also adds a nice touch in showing their difference in character. Basically, they’re lovely ladies who would gain who knows how many followers/worshippers without question.

11 That Ain't What You Think

via: zerochan.net

Usually, Eusine’s outfit has him looking like some sort of magician. With Chibiterasuchan’s design here, he actually looks like a figure who was actually around when the Legendaries weren’t even named Legendaries yet. There’s no question that, like this, the researcher would be one dangerous figure, especially since we all know what exactly is on his cheek. He’d be that mysterious gentleman that’d have a flair for the dramatic. The way that his eyes, hair, and ears are styled, he’d make for a theatric vampire.

10 It's Agent J

via: vivivoovoo.deviantart.com

Jasmine is mainly known as the shy, compassionate gym leader in the game. Now, what if that was what she wanted people to think? After all, secret agents are those that you least expect. Sure, she is a gym leader, but her wielding guns and taking down criminals is not an image you would not associate with her. And that is what makes ViViVooVoo’s drawing even better. You can just see her taking a walk one day and then, when she turns a corner, ends up getting into a fight. It’d be something straight out of an action film.

9 A Fitting Combination

via: alpacapala.deviantart.com

It’s one thing to be in tune with your Pokémon, but this here is taking things to a whole new level. The way it looks so natural on her… it’s hard to choose whether to be scared or awed; both are an option. Alpacapala basically made a perfect fusion for this character. Really, it makes a spooky sort of sense that she would have fused with Ariados rather than Venomoth or Crobat. The idea of her scuttling in the shadows and catching her enemies unaware through her webs is more than fitting with her ninja persona.

8 Taking On A New Meaning To Ogre Of A Man

via: tamtamdi.deviantart.com

There is no shortage of Pokémon being reimagined into humans, or at the very least human-life figures. This piece by tamtamdi, though, seems to take a whole different route from the usual humanoid look. Okay, yes, the figure is humanoid, but this seems more like an ogre than anything. The large jaw with fangs, those large hands and feet... he’s like a warrior character right out of a fantasy novel. Just imagine, with those manacles he’s sporting, he’d make for one intimidating arena fighter.

7 They Have Taken On The Way Of The Sword

via: pinterest.com

You would think that with Pokémon and their moves, a weapon would be awkward or hilarious in their clutches. Clearly, that is not the case for this Quilava. This is a fire type Pokémon that’s clearly seen things. With shadows like those, you can tell this is a character who's taken a single goal. Not only that, this is a character that would have a gritty demeanor and some amazing sword fighting scenes waiting to happen. You have to admit, the jagged and shadowed design the Pokémon is sporting here fits the whole profile.

6 This Assassin Needs No Weapons

via: hisako.deviantart.com

Pokémon of all kinds have gotten styled in all kinds of outfits. Usually, they end up looking like cute little mascots or funny little figures. With the right Pokémon, hisako managed to create a rather believable looking Pokémon assassin. Just look at this: Sneasel is working the outfit like they were made for the role. The way that their claws are looking, this is one assassin that’s more than equipped. In addition, the way that the artist styled the Dark Pokemon here, they look like a prime character for an epic.

5 Watch Out, She's Got A Dangerous Bite

via: chemical-exorcist.deviantart.com

The way Clair is described in the game, it’d be no surprise that if she were to become a vampire character, she’d be one powerful figure; heck, she could even become some sort of vampire queen. The way that Chemical-Exorcist designed her certainly supports the idea. With those shadowed eyes, pale skin, and the billowing cloak, the image of her sitting on a throne while presenting as a beautiful but dangerous figure is more than believable. For sure those nails could turn into claws; yikes.

4 And Now We've Entered Into The Creepy Zone

via: instagram.com

Heroes have gone through all kinds of imaginings, but having one as a figure worth a creepypasta story? Now that’s different. Gold has been described as a careless character who's got ingenuity and a skill for breeding. The way that Jordan Persegati has him looking here, he’s more like a twisted figure who got involved in some sort of incident involving metal. Okay, yes, that’s pretty obvious; but you have to admit that this is one chilling photo. And to make it worse, it fits him.

3 Say Hello To Nightmare Fuel

via: yandere-yuno.deviantart.com

Being a dragon-like Pokémon, you would think that a realistic rendition of Gyarados would be some sort of funky reptilian-like animal, right? Nope; apparently, yandere-Yuno decided to turn this water Pokémon into a way too plausible monster of the sea. Have you seen the creatures people discover in the dark depths of the sea? With those large fins, crown, and fangs, this might be the next creature to be discovered. You never know; something like this, though maybe not as large, may just exist in the darkest depths people can’t explore. Feel the nightmare fuel seeping in now?

2 They're Flying With New Wings

via: woelfinnishi.deviantart.com

For many, Lugia was the first legendary that they have encountered. Given the Pokémon’s theme, they became more than memorable. To have them reimagined them in a realistic sense, well, WoelfinNishi hit the nail on the head with this piece here. Lugia does look at first like they would make for some type of dragon, but with the look of their wings, the artist got real clever with their design and basically has Lugia as a being meant to rule both the sky and sea.

1 Behold True Majesty

via: woelfinnishi.deviantart.com

Out of every character on this list, this is one character whose transformation fits them better than their original design. Don’t get me wrong, Suicune is plenty regal, and them being wolf-like fits his being in the forest. However, with the realistic image that WoelfinNishi here, there’s a real majestic quality given to the Pokémon. Honestly, they look like they’re sporting a crown and cape here, and it suits them really well. What’s more, with them also looking like a lion, they would for sure gain a kingly title.

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