20 Epic Fan Reimaginings Of Nickelodeon Characters

Ah, Nickelodeon. This company was a big part of many of our childhoods. It’s known for pushing the limits on kids shows and experimenting with new styles. And whether they succeeded or not, you can agree that their results were pretty memorable.

Nickelodeon is also a bit infamous for creating some of the most controversial kid's cartoons like The Ren and Stimpy Show, and Rocko’s Modern World. These cartoons definitely had a lot of grown-up content for supposedly being a “kids” cartoon.

My favorite Nickelodeon series would definitely have to be Avatar: The Last Airbender. This show changed a lot of things for American animation, and it showed us that you can create a strong TV series that appealed to both kids and adults. Practically everything about that cartoon was perfect including characters, the story, the animation, and the music. It was definitely one of Nickelodeon’s masterpieces.

Over the years, Nickelodeon’s shows have gained a lot of fans. And with that comes a lot of fanart! Fans love to show off their love of these crazy cartoons through making their own art of their favorite characters. What’s cool about making fanart is that you can make these characters look however you want.

And some fans decided to give these Nickelodeon characters more of an edge. So here are 20 Nickelodeon characters that have gotten a bit of an epic upgrade. Let’s have some fun!

Think we missed some great fanart? Make sure to let us know in the comments section below!

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20 Did Bikini Bottom Get Destroyed?

Via: headbangking.deviantart.com

While I don’t get how this series got so popular, you have to admit that SpongeBob has become a very memorable character. And SpongeBob merchandise is everywhere! Whether you love or hate the series, you probably at least know about it.

It’s hard to imagine SpongeBob as anything epic or intense. The guy is pretty harmless and happy-go-lucky. But this artist decided to go with a slightly gritty look for the sponge. Having SpongeBob and Patrick in a post-apocalyptic situation is interesting, and this is probably how they’d react. Though I don’t know if SpongeBob would take the apocalypse seriously. (Or anything for that matter.)

Art by HeadbangKing.

19 It’s A More Modern TMNT

Via: dorsk188.deviantart.com

The characters from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have gone through quite a few changes over the years. And when Nickelodeon got these turtles, they decided to create a group of mutant teenagers that were both funny and intense. The show could make you laugh, and it could hit you right in the feels.

Depending on the episode, these brothers could be pretty epic. But this artist decided to take the group and give them even more of an edge. This cyberpunk feel to the art piece is really fun and gives us a new look at the turtle brothers and April that we haven’t really seen before. They all look pretty awesome and ready to take on the world.

Art by Dorsk188.

18 This Kids Are Up To No Good

Via: acaciathorn.deviantart.com

What’s fun about Jimmy Neutron is that he is a complete genius, but he’s still kid, so his adventures are this great mixture of crazy sci-fi situations and dealing with things like the mean next-door neighbor. These kids are all unique and pretty entertaining.

These kids would make pretty crazy criminals. 

This artist decided to give Jimmy and his gang a more dangerous edge. This version is what the kids would be like as older criminals, and it’s an interesting look. If you think about it, Jimmy could do some pretty serious damage with his inventions if he decided to go down the criminal path. They all look pretty different and intense.

Art by AcaciaThorn.

17 That’s One Crazy Battle

Via: theartrix.deviantart.com

Timmy and Vicky from Fairly OddParents have an interesting relationship, mostly that Vicky is the babysitter who bullies him relentlessly. (And yet a lot of people ship these two, which is all kinds of wrong in my opinion). In general, these two seem to hate each other and are constantly finding ways to make each other miserable.

This artist decided to take this antagonistic relationship to a whole new level, putting them in a post-apocalyptic situation. Whatever happened here apparently drove Vicky and Timmy to the limit. They look pretty cool, and I would love to see how this scene would play out. My money’s on Timmy.

Art by Theartrix.

16 He’s The Coolest Old Man

Via: tealnk.deviantart.com

You could argue that Iroh is one of the best mentor characters to come out of Avatar: The Last Airbender series. He’s an amazing man who never gave up on his wayward nephew and was often guiding others and giving advice when needed. In general, he’s a rather kind old man who’s seen much and understands more than you think.

But Iroh is also not one to mess with. This guy is crazy powerful, and this artist decided to capture that moment when he took Ba Sing Se from the Fire Nation. Iroh may be old, but don’t count him out. He will do what needs to be done.

Art by Tealnk.

15 Don’t Mess With This Brawler

Via: deviantart.com

In the 2012 TMNT series, Raph was known as the hothead with a soft side. Raph was the epitome of tough and brutal, but he also showed to be caring and protective of those important to him. And his fear of bugs was both entertaining and endearing.

Raph may act tough, but he's really a softie. 

Raph doesn’t need much help to look epic, but this artist decided to go a different route and portray this turtle in a more realistic and classic way. And he looks amazing. This version of Raph looks like he could take you down with ease. The design is simple, and yet it gives Raph an aura of power and danger. Don’t make this turtle angry.

14 He’s Got The Power (Of The Elements)

Via odical.deviantart.com

I think a lot of people in Avatar: The Last Airbender were confused when they found out that the latest Avatar, the supposed savior of their world, was a twelve-year-old boy. Aang is about as threatening as a turtle-duck, and many probably didn’t take him seriously. But this kid is more powerful than you think.

Aang does have a few pretty epic moments in the series, and this artist decided to capture Aang in all his powerful glory. I love the colors in this art piece, and they really showcase Aang’s power. This kid really did change the world and it’s more apparent in this art.

Art by Odical.

13 He’s Going Ghost

Via: ciarra.deviantart.com

Sometimes we forget that Danny was only fourteen when he got his ghost powers. And not long after that, he started fighting the ghosts that were threatening Amity Park. That’s young. I can only imagine what these ghosts were thinking when they had to go up against what was essentially a kid. (No wonder a lot of them called him “Ghost Child.”)

But this art piece decided to capture an older Danny in a seriously awesome light. Danny with a sword is pretty amazing and I love the contrasting greens and blacks the artist uses. This Danny looks like the powerful being he really is.

Art by Ciarra.

12 He’s More Powerful Than You Think

Via: solkorra.deviantart.com

Bolin is a pretty cool character in Avatar: Legend of Korra. The guy is optimistic, kind and pretty funny. When you first look at him, he may not look like much, and he gives off this harmless air. He seems more like a guy that would hug you rather than take you down.

Bolin may be friendly, but he'll take you down in a heartbeat. 

But Bolin is more powerful than he seems, and that’s what this artist decided to portray. This art piece shows Bolin as a seriously powerful earth bender. I also love the look in his eyes. He looks determined to fight and win. While Bolin isn’t really the fighting type, he will do it if he has to.

Art by Solkorra.

11 He’s The Fearless Leader, Alright

Via: deviantart.com

Leo has been the leader of the group of turtle brothers in practically every version of TMNT. And he’s pretty well-suited to it. He’s calm under pressure, he has a good knowledge of his brother’s strengths and weaknesses, and he has the drive to do what’s right.

Leo has had a lot of awesome moments in TMNT, but this version takes a different look at him. This art piece makes him look rather regal. He looks like one of those noble samurai warriors. The more realistic look to him is also pretty awesome, and it reminds us of how different these mutant brothers really are compared to humans, but they’re still amazing!

10 He’s A Dangerous Alien

Via: kamatha.tumblr.com

Zim is out to take over Earth for the glory of his home planet. But things aren’t really going according to plan. While this alien has big plans and ideas, he tends to get thwarted by simple things. And that’s what makes him and the show Invader Zim pretty entertaining.

Zim’s design isn’t very intimidating in general, so it would make sense that people don’t really take him seriously. But this artist decided to make him look more threatening and powerful. And they succeeded. I would hate to have to go up against this version of Zim. He might actually take over the world like this.

Art by Kamatha.

9 This Football Head Got A New Look

Via: widowmura.deviantart.com

Hey Arnold! has quite a few interesting characters. they may just be kids trying to survive middle school, but they’re all unique and entertaining. And Arnold is seen as a friend to pretty much everyone. The kid is kind and accepting of most people, which is pretty cool.

Arnold as a savage warrior looks pretty cool. 

But this art piece shows Arnold in a very different light. This jungle warrior version of Arnold definitely gives him a much more dangerous air. I love the outfit the artist put him in and all the different details on it. And those eyes are just captivating. He really looks like this savage and dangerous warrior that you don’t want to mess with.

Art by WidowMura.

8 They Look Like They Had Fun

via: robgrafix.deviantart.com

What I love about Usagi is that he’s this noble and skilled samurai that just wanders around, helping those in need. And while he has his own comic series, he’s shown up in various versions of TMNT. I love seeing him react to the turtle brothers and their antics.

This art piece of Usagi and Raph is seriously intense. It’s a shame we don’t see Usagi and Raph interacting much because I think they would make an amazing team. And this artist thought so too. It looks like they just came out of a pretty brutal fight. You can feel the power and the danger radiating off the two.

Art by Robgrafix.

7 They’re Wild Children

Via: blackmasqurade.deviantart.com

The Thornberrys definitely lead interesting lives, and their adventures are pretty amazing. The fact that Eliza, the main character, can talk to animals just makes things even crazier. What I like about the show is that while this family doesn’t always get along, they’re there for each other when it counts.

But this art piece shows the Thornberry kids in a bit of a different light. Basically, this is what would happen if you took the Thornberrys and put them in a cyberpunk type of setting. I love the intense looks they all have. Whatever they’re planning on doing, you know it’s going to be big and dangerous. And you know they’ll succeed. The world should watch out for these kids!

6 Gir, What Happened to You?

Via: cindycandy100.deviantart.com

Gir is probably the most popular character in Invader Zim. This quirky robot is almost impossible to not like. He’s funny, he’s weird, and he’s just too pure for this world. He balances out Zim’s megalomaniac personality pretty well (though he’s usually the reason why most of Zim’s plans fail).

Gir is just too funny to be scary. 

It’s hard to imagine Gir as anything intimidating or intense. But this artist decided to make an interesting mashup with Gir and Venom. And the results are pretty spooky. Poor Zim doesn’t stand a chance. Though now I’m curious to see how Gir and Venom would work together. Would Gir drive Venom crazy? (Probably.)

Art by CindyCandy100.

5 He’s A Spooky Genius

Via: dragona15.deviantart.com

In practically every version of TMNT, Donnie is known to be the smart one. He’s always messing around with technology, and he’s usually the guy everyone goes to when they need science help. What I liked about the 2012 Nick version of Donnie was that he had a bit of a temper. It was fun to see this genius lose his cool every now and then.

This art piece of Donnie is pretty spooky. It takes his look when he and his brothers do their spiritual quest in the woods and takes it up a notch. Here, Donnie looks like something out of a horror film, and he looks pretty amazing! I wouldn’t want to go up against him in a fight.

Art by Dragona15.

4 She’s Going Exploring

Via: genaminna.deviantart.com

For a long time, we didn’t know anything about Arnold’s parents or what happened to them. And then Hey Arnold! The Jungle Movie came out and we found out why they disappeared. The fact that Arnold’s parents were humanitarians does explain a lot about Arnold.

I like this version of Stella, Arnold’s mother. Doing a mashup of her and Lara Croft from Tomb Raider was a pretty cool idea, and this artist went above and beyond. It would be cool to see Arnold’s mom going on these adventures and exploring ruins. But I think they’re just going to take a break and spend some well-deserved time together.

Art by Genaminna.

3 She’ll Take You Down

Via: tommysimms.deviantart.com

I’ll admit that Angelica is my least favorite character in Rugrats. She was always such a brat, and her loud and annoying voice didn’t really help matters. But she has remained fairly popular with fans, and we do get some fun fanart of her.

This Angelica is pretty intimidating. 

And this artist decided to make an older Angelica as a tough girl with a gun. I could see Angelica going into something like police work. She would be a seriously tough cop who wouldn’t let anyone push her around. Or if she went to the dark side, she would make a pretty impressive criminal. Either way, you probably don’t want to go up against her.

2 That’s One Protective Sister

Via: promsien.tumblr.com

Jazz is a pretty interesting character in Danny Phantom. She starts off as the overbearing sister of Danny, but as she gets more involved in the whole ghost fighting thing, we see how resourceful she can be. This girl may not have any powers, but put an gun in her hands, and she’s unstoppable.

I love what this artist did, as it shows Jazz in an awesome tech suit. We know how protective Jazz can be of Danny, so to see her defending Danny is always fun. She looks like she’s ready to end whoever hurt her little brother. You really don’t want to get between this girl and her family.

1 He’s Not So Silly Anymore

Via: recklesshero.deviantart.com

Mikey is probably the most popular of the turtle brothers in TMNT, and I can’t blame fans. He’s funny, he’s energetic, and he’s pretty compassionate. He’s really the heart of the group and all of his brothers are fiercely protective of him, especially in the 2012 series.

It’s hard to imagine Mikey as anything intimidating or epic, but this artist took on the challenge. And this Mikey looks pretty incredible. He definitely looks older and more battle-worn. He could take you down in a second without breaking a sweat. I think I’d rather have the happy, more light-hearted Mikey, but this version is pretty awesome.

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