Epic Is Blocking Accounts That Buy Too Many Games... During Its Mega-Sale

We're not sure what the logic is here, but Epic has lured gamers to its store with the announcement of a mega-sale, but it doesn't want them to go wild and splurge on as many games as possible.

According to a report from Gamerevolution, some users have complained about their accounts being blocked while trying to add to their purchases and have to wait for a reply from support.

So getting as many items as one can while they're on the cheap is somehow not encouraged by Epic Games, although you're probably more likely to succeed on that front if you take your time.

Epic claims the blocking of accounts is a result of its anti-fraud protection. However, hardly anyone would look to make several separate purchases in succession if, say, there was a shopping cart. “This was a result of our aggressive fraud rules,” senior PR for Epic, Nick Chester explains. “If players run into this issue, they should contact player support so we can investigate.”

Twitch streamer Patrick Boivin called out the store on Twitter after having his account blocked. "Sorry but your account is blocked from making purchases," a notification read. "Please contact customer service."

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Boivin claims that he only tried buying five games, which isn't that big of a deal considering there's a sale going on.

All of this could be solved with the implementation of a shopping cart, and having to go through conversations with support simply because there isn't one has to be frustrating for gamers. Epic likely didn't consider how difficult the combination of an anti-fraud system and a non-shopping cart system would make life for customers looking to stock up on knock-down price titles.

For now, it appears that attempting to purchase more than five games - even during a sale -  triggers the store's fraud detection systems. The company's public roadmap does make mention of a shopping cart, but that is described as a "long term" goal that could be more than six months away.

Meanwhile, gamers aren't the only ones upset by the sale. A few publishers have pulled their games from the sale, with 2K notably leaving pre-orders of Borderlands 3 out, which makes sense since having a game go on sale months ahead of its launch just can't be good for business.

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